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3900W Rated Power Precision Air Conditioners High Reliability

3900W Rated Power Precision Air Conditioners High Reliability

Brand Name:Coolent
Model Number:CYA T55-T100
Minimum Order Quantity:1
Delivery Time:4W
Payment Terms:T/T
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Product Details

Low Cost And High Reliability 1800W Rated Power Precision Air Conditioners

Product Introduction

The CyberMaster series is an air conditioner series developed for small and medium communication data centers. With high-efficiency condenser and control system, it can well control the temperature and humidity of the machine room and ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. And there are a variety of cooling capacity models, which can be flexibly selected according to the actual situation of the client room. Each air-cooled CyberMaster series system consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is required to be installed inside the equipment room and the outdoor unit to be installed on the outdoor side. The corresponding heater and humidifier models can be selected according to the actual needs of customers.


Technical Features

1. High reliability, high flexibility, low cost throughout life

2. Removable and transportable structure, 100% full frontal maintenance, saving space in the machine room

3, Emerson Copeland high-efficiency scroll compressor, suitable for environmentally friendly refrigerants

4. Self-tension adjustable fan to meet the needs of different external pressure

5. Large area V-type evaporator, fast dehumidification design, to ensure energy saving

6. ​​Unique high-efficiency far-infrared humidification system, fast humidification speed, adapt to poor water quality, low maintenance

7. Large screen full Chinese graphic display

8. iCOM powerful joint control and communication functions

9. Brand new air-cooled full-speed condenser with low noise


Precise and reliable
Careful design, strict laboratory testing and comprehensive quality control ensure the unit has excellent reliability;The unit uses parts of world-renowned brands to ensure the high reliability and service life of the whole machine.
Energy saving and high efficiency

Energy saving and high efficiency
Save a lot of energy consumption in a reasonable and feasible way, and make full use of natural resources;
The unit uses a high-efficiency fan and a fully enclosed compressor system to reduce operating costs and always pay attention to energy efficiency.

Multiple air supply
The air supply method of the air-conditioned room depends on the source and distribution characteristics of the heat in the room. According to the dense arrangement of equipment in the computer room, the number of cables and bridges, and the wiring method, the air supply method of the air conditioner is divided into lower delivery, upper return, top feed back, top feed side back, side feed side back.

Static pressure box air supply
The air conditioner in the computer room usually does not use pipes, but uses the space at the lower part of the raised floor or the upper part of the ceiling as the return air of the static pressure box. static pressure is equal.


    • Computer room and data center
    • Switch room and mobile center station in telecommunication
    • High-tech environment and lab
    • Industrial automation control room and precision manufacturing workshop
    • Standard test room and calibration center
    • UPS and battery room
    • Test room in hospital
    • Biochemical culture chamber

    Technical Parameters

    Model: CYAT26D/UT31D/UT35D/UT41D/UT45D/UT50D/UT55D/UT61D/UT70D/UT76D/UT85D/UT90D/UT100D/U
    Power Supply380V 3Ph-50HZ
    Air DischargeUpflow/Downflow
    Cooling Capacity :24℃/50%RH
    Total Capacity (1)KW26.931.935.941.945.350.555.461.470.576.285.590.8102
    Air Flowm3/h800095001000011500130001550016000175001850020500225002350024200
    Compressor Hermetic scroll
    Compressor quantityPC2222222222222
    Fan Section Centrifugal fan (Optional EC)
    Fan quantityPC2222222223333
    Rated currentA4.
    Rated powerW1600160018001800200020003000330039003900540063006300
    Total heating capacityKW66699999912121212
    Humidifier Section Electrode type
    Rated CurrentA6666151515151515151515
    Condenser Model2*582*582*582*582*802*802*1002*1002*1202*1502*1502*1652*180


    Factory Details

    Packing & Delivery


    China 3900W Rated Power Precision Air Conditioners High Reliability supplier

    3900W Rated Power Precision Air Conditioners High Reliability

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