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Low-priced Factory Industrial Style Storage Cabinet With Doors File Cabinet

Low-priced Factory Industrial Style Storage Cabinet With Doors File Cabinet

Brand Name:Ekintop
Model Number:K666
Minimum Order Quantity:negotiated
Delivery Time:15 work day
Payment Terms:L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Location: Foshan China
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Product Details

Low-priced Factory Industrial Style Storage Cabinet with Doors File Cabinet

Product Description:

Product Name:Low-priced Factory Industrial Style Storage Cabinet with Doors File Cabinet
Model Number:K666
Usage:Office Furniture
Specific Use:File Cabinet
Style:Modern Style

Quick Details:

1.Digital File Storage: With the increasing digitization of documents, electronic file storage systems have gained popularity. However, physical file cabinets still play a crucial role in organizing and storing hard copies of important documents, as well as serving as backup storage. Integrating digital and physical file storage systems can provide a comprehensive and efficient approach to document management.

2.File Cabinet Locking Mechanisms: File cabinets may feature various locking mechanisms to secure the contents. Key locks are the most common type and utilize a key to lock and unlock the cabinet. Combination locks require a specific sequence of numbers or symbols to be entered to open the cabinet. Electronic locks use keypad or biometric technology, such as fingerprint scanning, for access control. The choice of locking mechanism depends on the desired level of security and convenience.

3.Vertical vs. Lateral File Cabinets: Vertical and lateral file cabinets are the two main types of file cabinets available. Vertical file cabinets have drawers that extend vertically from the cabinet's base, with one or more drawers stacked on top of each other. They are ideal for offices with limited floor space. Lateral file cabinets, on the other hand, have drawers that extend horizontally from the cabinet's side and are often wider than vertical cabinets. Lateral cabinets are convenient for organizing and accessing files while offering a larger surface area for additional storage or workspace on top.


1.Cultural Significance: File cabinets have a cultural significance as a symbol of organization and professionalism. They represent the importance placed on record-keeping, documentation, and efficient information management. The presence of file cabinets in an office can instill a sense of seriousness and commitment to maintaining accurate and reliable records.

2.Legacy Document Preservation: File cabinets are ideal for preserving historical or legacy documents that hold significant value for an organization. By using acid-free folders or archival materials, file cabinets can protect delicate or aging documents, ensuring their long-term preservation and maintaining the organization's historical records.

3.Backup for Digital Disasters: While digital storage has become the norm, file cabinets serve as a backup in case of digital disasters such as data corruption, system crashes, or cyber-attacks. Having physical copies of important documents stored in file cabinets ensures that critical information is protected and can be recovered in the event of a digital disaster.


1.Scalability: File cabinets offer scalability, allowing organizations to expand their storage capacity as needed. Additional file cabinets can be easily added to accommodate growing document volumes without significant disruption to the existing filing system. This flexibility ensures that the filing system can adapt to the changing needs of the organization.

2.Improved Focus and Concentration: Having a dedicated space for organizing files in file cabinets helps create a clean and clutter-free work environment. This, in turn, promotes improved focus and concentration for employees. When the workspace is organized, it reduces distractions and allows individuals to concentrate on their tasks more effectively.

3.Offline Access: File cabinets provide offline access to documents, which can be crucial in situations where there's limited or no internet connectivity. In remote areas or during network outages, having physical copies of important documents in file cabinets ensures that critical information is still accessible and can be relied upon.

About more:
1. Multiple sizes and colors available:
This file cabinet bookcase offers multiple sizes and colors to choose from, so you can select the right size and color for your needs and preferences. If you need a larger storage space, you can choose a larger cabinet or combine multiple cabinets to meet your needs.
2. Safe and stable materials and construction:
The materials chosen for the cabinet have good durability and are not easy to deform or age after long time use. The structure of the cabinet is sturdy and stable, which can withstand the pressure of a large number of items and ensure the stability and safety of the storage space. In addition, the glass doors and locks of the cabinets have good sealing performance, ensuring that your documents and books are protected from environmental factors such as dust and humidity.
3. Multi-scenario Applicability:
The file cabinet bookshelf has a wide range of applicability and can be used in various scenarios such as office, home study, school and so on. It can be used as part of a personal workstation or as part of a shared workspace. Whether in a professional setting or a home environment, it can fulfill your storage and management needs and increase your productivity.
4. Flexible Customization & Decoration:
This filing cabinet bookcase offers a wide range of sizes, colors, and configuration options, giving users the flexibility to customize it to their individual needs. Whether you need a large-capacity cabinet or a small, sophisticated bookcase, you'll find a style that suits your needs. In addition, the top of the cabinet can be used to place decorations, greenery, etc., adding beauty and personalization to your office or study.

China Low-priced Factory Industrial Style Storage Cabinet With Doors File Cabinet supplier

Low-priced Factory Industrial Style Storage Cabinet With Doors File Cabinet

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