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2ml Oral Sampling DNA Collection Kit Medical Sterile Diagnostic Tool

2ml Oral Sampling DNA Collection Kit Medical Sterile Diagnostic Tool

Place of Origin:China
Material Science:Nylon Flocked
Certificates:CE, ISO
Packaging:1set/box, 100boxes/carton
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Location: Shenzhen Guangdong China
Address: Shangnan East Road, Huangpu Community, Xinqiao Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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2ml Oral Sampling DNA Collection Kit Medical Sterile Diagnostic Tool

DNA Collection Box Diagnostic Tool Sterile Medical DNA Test Oral Sampling Flocked Swab Stick Sample Collection Kit

product description:

DNA collection kits are used for genetic testing. The purpose of genetic testing is to know and prevent major diseases as early as possible, so that diseases that would otherwise occur will no longer occur under early prevention. For example, the incidence of malignant tumors is gradually increasing, and the follow-up treatment is not effective. Genetic testing is to find out the susceptibility genes of malignant tumors and other diseases by examining the individual genetic defects found when the body is in a healthy state, and then conduct scientific health assessments and formulate the best health care methods and lifestyles. Try to avoid and prevent the occurrence of these major diseases.


All-in-one system for self-collection of DNA samples at home, collection, stable transport, storage and extraction of human DNA from high-quality oral samples.

Product Usage:

Applications: PCR, SNP, genotyping, microarray, next-generation sequencing and whole-genome sequencing, etc.

Product Instructions:

Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before giving a saliva sample.

1. Open the box, fill out the application form, and paste the barcode on the top of the form.

2. Peel open a bag and hold the end of the swab stem.

3. Gently wipe the left cheek 30 times with the tip of the cotton swab up and down, then rotate the swab away from the teeth and throat.

4. Hold one collection tube upright. Remove the cap, insert the flocked tip of the cotton swab into the tube, and bend the swab at the molded break point on the edge of the tube.

5. Discard the swab shaft and cap the tube tightly.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 to collect the oral specimen of the right cheek. And fill in and paste the barcode on the return bag, put 2 collection tubes into the bag.


1. Wash with water when the stabilizer comes into contact with eyes or skin. Do not ingest.

2. Requirement: The swab does not touch the teeth or throat

3. Cap the tube tightly after collection, there is no leakage. 30 days Validity of DNA samples.

Packing: 1 set/box

Storage and Shelf Life

Storage: normal temperature (15-30℃)

Shelf life: 12 months

Material ScienceNylon Flocked
CertificatesCE, ISO
Packaging1set/box, 100boxes/carton
FunctionThe sample stays close to the surface for fast and complete elution
Flocked Tip(mm):Width Taper to 5.0,Thickness Taper To 5.0,Length 16

Product parameters:

Sampling Kit Instructions (1:1)

1 disposable sampling swab

1 sample collection tube (2ml, the tube contains preservation solution)

1 return bag

2 barcodes

dna testing application form

Who can get genetic testing?

1, people with a family history of disease;

2, people with bad living habits;

3. People who have been exposed to chemical pollution, heavy metal pollution, nuclear pollution and exposure to toxic and harmful substances for a long time;

4, concerned about healthy friends;

When many diseases are diagnosed, everything is too late. Do a good job in disease prevention and let us stay healthy longer!

China 2ml Oral Sampling DNA Collection Kit Medical Sterile Diagnostic Tool supplier

2ml Oral Sampling DNA Collection Kit Medical Sterile Diagnostic Tool

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