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Engine Oil Pressure Switch Sensor 8 97176230 0 8971762300 ISUZU DMAX 4JJ1

Engine Oil Pressure Switch Sensor 8 97176230 0 8971762300 ISUZU DMAX 4JJ1

Model Number:WW90011-1
Minimum Order Quantity:20PCS
Delivery Time:5-25 work days
Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Place of Origin:CHINA
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Location: Guangzhou China
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Engine Oil Pressure Switch Sensor 8 97176230 0 8971762300 ISUZU DMAX 4JJ1

Part No.WW90011-1
OEM No.8 97176230 0 8971762300
DescriptionOil pressure sending unit E3

WW90011-1 8971762300 Oil pressure sending unit E3 DMAX 4JJ1

More Parts:

Part NameOEM No.Part NameModel
WW900098978551870 8943625240Brake light switchNKR94 NKR NPR
WW900108982421731 8971659470Exhaust brake sending unit600P NKR55 NPR NQR
89732899318973289931OIL SENSOR700P 4HK1
89707294708970729470SWITCH,OIL PRESSURENKR NPR 600P NKR55
89717103008971710300SENSOR,VACUUM600 4KH1 NPR 4JH1
89706978608970697860SENSOR,THERMOSTAT600 4KH1 NPR 4JH1
89801390608980139060SENSOR(RESISTOR)700P 4HK1
89806537708980653770SENSOR(AIR FLOW)700P 4HK1
89760196708976019670SENSOR(AIR FLOW)700P 4HK1
WW900119-82720209-0Oil pressure sending unit700P 4HK1 NQR 4HF1 4HG1
WW90011-18971762300Oil pressure sending unit E34HG1/4HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW900128972565250SENSOR, VEHICLE SPD600P 4JH1 4KH1 4HG1
89423786108942378610Temperature sensor600P/4KH1
WW90013Temperature sensorTemperature sensor4HG1 NKR 100P
WW900148980238830Temperature sensor 4HK1700 4HK1 NPR NQR
WW90015Rectifier Euro 1Rectifier Euro 14HG1
WW90016Rectifier Euro 2Rectifier Euro 24HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW90017Rectifier + Alternator regulator Euro 1Rectifier + Alternator regulator Euro 14HG1
WW90018Rectifier + Alternator regulator Euro 2Rectifier + Alternator regulator Euro 24HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW90019Ignition switch assyIgnition switch assy4HG1/4HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW900208972024750 8972024760Caution switchNPR 4HE1 8P
89738692208973869220SWITCH(HAZARD LIGHT)700P
WW90021Windscreen wiper motor assyWindscreen wiper motor assy4HG1
89785513908978551390Wipper pump700P/4HK1
WW90022Wipper pumpWipper pumpNKR55
WW900238971724150Alternator tension strip Euro 14HG1
WW900248971640892Alternator tension strip Euro 2700P NPR 4HF1
WW900258943390733Alternator vacuum pump hoseNPR 4HF1
WW900268973835170 8973835210COMBINATION SWITCHNPR/NQR
WW900278944686640Fuse 60 A4HG1
WW900288944686620Fuse 40 A4HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW90029 Alternator regulator Euro 24HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW90030 Alternator regulator Euro 14HG1
WW900318972649470Relay(Starter ) 24V700P 4HK1 4P
WW900328941565890Alternator oil seal 15*32*7,5/9NPR NKR
WW900338971093641 8980700800Electric horn, HIGH NOTENPR FSR 6BD1 FTR
WW900348971722112 8970324642 8970655260Starter 4HF1 24V 3.5KNPR66/4HF1
89719230108971923010Starter stator 4HF14HF1
89719229908971922990Starter armature 4HF1 Z=11 L=181mm4HF1
89723056208972305620Starter brush assembly 4HF14HF1
89721756908972175690Starter solenoid4HF1
WW900358980549840Starter Hitachi type 24V 4.5K700P/4HK1
WW900368973027010Alternator stator E24HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW900378971928500Alternator stator E14HG1
WW900388972305580Starter stator4HG1/4HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW900398972286710Alternator vacuum pump pipeNPR/4HF1
89722867008972286700Alternator vacuum pump pipeNPR/4HG1
WW90040Cabin heater blower motor brush setCabin heater blower motor brush set4HG1/4HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW900418970843560Alternator brush set4HG1/4HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW900428941529730 8972305600Starter brush setNKR 4HG1/4HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW900438941674300 8970256700Starter brush assembly4HG1/4HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW900448980008491Guage bord / speedo metre4HG1-T
WW90045 Alternator motor armature Euro14HG1
WW900468973027000Alternator motor armature Euro24HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW900478971922990Starter armature short Z=11 L=195MM4HG1/4HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW90047/H8972305570Starter armature Hitachi4HG1/4HG1-T/4HE1/4HK1
WW900528973600840Relay; turn light 24VNPR66 4HF1 3P
89736398308973639830POWER RELAY (WIPER) 24VNPR66 4HF1
18347006001834700600RELAY FVR CXZ FRRCXZ FRR
89724005708972400570AIR FLOW METER600P 4KH1 NPR 4JH1
89724069908972406990VALVE,VAC REGULATING600P 4KH1 NPR 4JH1

KP-117 40022-58027 KP-214 9-88511502-0 KP-312 04043-2005 KP-416 0431-55051 KP-506
KP-120 40022-76025 KP-215 9-85582616-0 KP-314 04043-2007 KP-418 04431-35020 KP-512 14501-21401
KP-121 40022-25675 KP-216 9-85582613-0 KP-315 99536-60304 KP-419 04431-36015 KP-514 13501-11401
KP-122 40022-14825 KP-217 9-88511501-0 KP-316 04043-2003 KP-420 04431-36020 KP-516
KP-123 40022-C0425 KP-218 9-88511505-0 KP-317 04043-2002 KP-422 04431-36011 KP-518 MT 047774
KP-124 40022-B5025 KP-219 9-88511503-0 KP-318 04043-2006 KP-423 04431-36012 KP-519 MB 025124
KP-125 40022-76028 KP-220 9-88511506-0 KP-319 04043-2009 KP-415 0431-55051 KP-520 MC 810252
KP-126 40022-76029 KP-221 9-88511507-0 KP-320 04043-2020 KP-424 04431-36014 KP-521 11001-24101
KP-127 40025-90027 KP-222 1-87830039-1 KP-321 04043-2010 KP-425 04431-36030 KP-522 MB 025128
KP-129 40025-90228 KP-223 1-87830804-0 KP-322 04043-2039 KP-426 04431-25010 KP-523 14001-24400
KP-130 04431-36030 KP-224 1-87830064-0 KP-323 04043-2025 KP-427 04431-36040 KP-524 MB 025267
KP-132 40022-J5125 KP-225 9-88511505-0 KP-324 04043-2030/2036 KP-428 04431-25020 KP-525 MB 294036
KP-133 40025-Z5025 KP-226 9-88511503-0 KP-325 04043-2059 KP-430 04431-36050 KP-526 MB 294037
KP-134 40025-90427 KP-227 9-88511506-0 KP-326 04043-2041 KP-431 04431-36051 KP-527 MB 290438
400025-NA429 KP-228 9-88511507-0 KP-327 04043-2043 KP-433 04431-36041 KP-528 MC 999190
KP-136 40025-90629 KP-229 1-87830039-1 KP-329 04043-2053 KP-473 KP-529 MC 999187
KP-137 40025-90725 KP-230 5-87830080-0 KP-330 04043-2064 KP-530 MC 999420
KP-138 40025-90827 KP-231 1-87830064-0 KP-531 MC 811604
KP-139 40025-90825 KP-232 1-87830221-0 KP-532 MC 811025
KP-140 40025-90927 KP-233 5-87830978-0 KP-533 MC 999193
KP-141 40025-90925 KP-234 1-87830615-0 KIA 2T KP-534 MB 294272
KP-235 1-87830716-0 KP-535 MB294273
KP-142 40025-91225 KP-236 1-87830717-0 MODERN 3.9T KP-536 MB 294274
KP-143 40025-Z5029 MODERN 15T KP-537 MB 294275
KP-144 40025-91326 KP123 40022-CO425 KINGLONG KP-538 MC 999970
KP-146 40025-91325 KP124 40022-B5025 8G4211 KP-539 MC 999980
KP-147 40022-30T25 KP129 40025-90228/90426 Bedford KP-540 MC 999984
KP-149 40025-NA328 KP130 04431-36030 DAEWOO KP-541 MC 999971
KP-150 40025-91427 KP132 40022-J5125/7 KP-542 MC 998766
KP-151 40025-02D25 KP133 40025-Z5025/7/8 KP-543 MC 999344
KP134 40025-90429/7 KP-544 MC 999974
KP-138 4002590827 KP-545 MC 999986
KP-139 40025-90826 KP-546 MC995305
KP-140 40025-90927/6 KP-547 MC993611
KP-141 40025-91028 KP-548 MC 998681
KP-143 40025-Z5028 KP-602 0559 99 330 KP-549 MC 997284
KP-144 40025-91326 KP-605 1316 99 330 KP-550 MC 994307
KP-146 40025-91325 KP-705 04431-87302 KP-553
KP-147 40022-30T25 KP-706 04431-87303
KP-149 40025-91425 KP-707 04431-87304
KP-151 40025-01D29/5

The mechanism that moves the window up and down is called the window regulator. In some cars, the window motor comes with the window regulator as one unit ; in others, the window motor can be replaced separately.
There are two basic types of window regulators: the cable type and the gear-drive type
There is one window regulator in each door. A window regulator doesn't need any maintenance or adjustment. If it fails, the failed part or the whole unit must be replaced.
Window regulator problems
A broken window regulator cable can cause the window to jam or fall down inside the door. See this example, where the cable broke and the power window stopped working.
Worn out cable guides or a frayed window regulator cable can cause abnormal noises when the window is moving. For the same reason, the window may not go up or down all the way.
In cold temperatures, the window may freeze in closed position. When the window switch is operated down, the window can separate from the window regulator.
Window regulatorToyota gear-drive-type window regulatorIf this happens, in some cars, the window can be re-secured without replacing parts, in others the window regulator might need to be replaced.


1.Q:What is your terms of payment?
A:T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery. We will send you the packing list and the photos of the products before your payment.

2.Q:Do you have MOQ request?
A: We don’t have MOQ request. We are wholesaler for ISUZU Truck spare parts, we have a large stock of products.

3.Q: What is the delivery time?
A: The delivery is depends on the storage. If the items we have in stock, we can make delivery within 7days. For the items need to be ordered the delivery is betwen20-45 days.

4.Q.:Can you produce according to the samples?
A: Clients’sample is welcome. We are able to produce the specific products according to your sample.

5.Q: Can l get a lower price if l order large quantities?
A: Yes, cheaper prices with bigger amount of order.

China Engine Oil Pressure Switch Sensor 8 97176230 0 8971762300 ISUZU DMAX 4JJ1 supplier

Engine Oil Pressure Switch Sensor 8 97176230 0 8971762300 ISUZU DMAX 4JJ1

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