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Multiple Residential Vertical Wind Turbine , Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Generator 3KW 48V

Multiple Residential Vertical Wind Turbine , Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Generator 3KW 48V

Brand Name:URILIC
Certification:CE, ISO9001, IEC61400
Model Number:Multiple Wind Turbines 3KW 48V
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Multiple Wind Turbines 3KW 48V Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Generator For Home


Through the research of the URILIC technical team, it is found that a multi-layer vertical-axis wind turbine can be arranged to achieve a smaller footprint and double the power generation. Due to the experience of the wind turbine, the wing of another wind turbine adjacent to it can also receive and rotate. In the horizontal axis generator on the side of the fan, the generator wing behind the pneumatic foot cannot rotate normally.

First, the middle wind turbine is designed to rotate in a clockwise direction, while the other two vertical axis wind turbines rotate in a counterclockwise direction. When the vertical axis wind turbine is designed such that the vibrations of the vertical axis wind turbine are partially offset by each other. Extend the life of the generator.

Quick Detail:

Name :100048 Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Color:Red & blue, Sliver and customrized
Magnetic levitation technology
Independent of the direction of the wind
Startup at low wind speed of 1m/s
Higher efficiency compared to traditional HAWT
Works even in turbulence
Visually pleasing appearance
Turbine construction is resistant to gale 60m/s (132MPH)
Robustness and adaptation to all possible environmental conditions thanks to material of aluminum alloy or stainless steel
Design life: at least 20 years
Noise: Tested by China National Machinery Quality Inspection Centre at 12m/s: <40db

Application :street lighting system and Home Use

Design Features:

  • No gear design: no need to replace worn or broken teeth
  • Brushless: no high-failure items and required motor brushes, regularly replaced
  • Bearing design: no lubrication or replacement of worn bearings
  • No yaw or collapse mechanism: Allows peak power output at any wind speed
  • No cogging torque when cutting at low wind speed
  • Direct Drive: Extend Product Lifetime
  • The blade can start to rotate only at a wind speed of 1 m/s
  • Space-saving aerodynamic body
  • Industrial quality structure

Product Details:

Rated power1000W
Number of blades3
Leaf materialAluminum alloy
Wind Generator Weight57kg
Height/Diameter (mm)1500/Φ1760
Ambient Temperature-40~50°C
Start wind speed1.3 m/s
cut into the wind4 m/s
Rated wind speed13 m/s
Cut out wind speed16 m/s
Can withstand extreme wind speed65 m/s

Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Application Range: Remote Area, Independent house, Comespondence base, Ships power source, Electricity of Agriculture and fishery, Street light, Electricity of community, Landscape education of windpower and electricity, System of wing-hydraulic generation, Trafic signal, Building of public electricity, Army island independence.

Our 1000W Maglev wind turbine mainly designed for hybrid street lighting use, the wind turbine is easy starting up, light weight and small in size. While the hybrid street lighting system installed, you can find it’s a beautiful view for the urban city as well as the following benefits. The wind and solar hybrid street light road lighting is a power generation application system that uses the energy generated by the solar panel assembly and the wind power generator to be stored in the battery pack and uses the electrical energy for road illumination. It is a wind Power generator and a solar panel assembly that jointly generating electricity.

China Multiple Residential Vertical Wind Turbine , Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Generator 3KW 48V supplier

Multiple Residential Vertical Wind Turbine , Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Generator 3KW 48V

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