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Q345 Metal Beam Crash Barrier Roller Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Material

Q345 Metal Beam Crash Barrier Roller Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Material

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Model Number:RG-SA
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Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Metal Beam Crash Barrier Roller Safety Barrier Box Beam Guardrail


The rotating crash barrier is composed of rotating barrel, crossbeam, column, reflective strip, casing, swing ring and connecting parts. When the rotating collision barrier is out of control vehicle impact, its rotating barrel in the impact force rotating, can slow down the lateral impact speed of the out-of-control vehicle, and drive the out-of-control vehicle back to the correct direction of travel. The rotating collision barrier can not only be used as road side guardrail, central divider guardrail, but also as a small bridge, channel, bridge guardrail of open culvert, its guiding performance, buffering performance compared to traditional guardrail products have a breakthrough improvement. In addition, the rotating collision barrier has all-weather guidance performance and reduced transverse width requirements, has the maximum buffer deformation length of flexible guardrail and has the transverse deformation characteristics of semi-rigid guardrail. The results of the crash tests show that the RG-SA and RG-SB-2 rotating barriers have a SB (SBm) crashworthiness rating. The comparison with other guardrail crash test results shows that the rotating guardrail has advantages in occupant acceleration, exit angle, exit speed and lateral deformation index.

As a new type of guardrail, the rotating tunnel entrance guardrail has been used in recent years. The main component of the rotating barrel is a flexible material made of polyethylene and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer), which can be used as a longitudinal energy-absorbing structure. In the process of collision between the vehicle and the guardrail, the rotating barrel can drive the vehicle through its own rotation, reducing the collision angle between the vehicle and the guardrail, thus reducing the lateral force generated in the process of impact. The rotating guardrail turns the sliding friction between the normal guardrail and the vehicle into a smaller rolling friction. The rotating tunnel entrance guardrail not only reduces the acceleration of each component of the collision vehicle, reducing the injury to personnel and reducing the degree of vehicle deformation, but also reduces the collision time and increases the vehicle exit speed. In addition, it reduces the vehicle's handling resistance in a collision, helping the driver to operate the vehicle quickly away from the guardrail to complete the guidance. Rotating guardrail in the collision barrel colour setting can be customized according to the needs of red, yellow or other colours, to form a visual impact on the driver, with excellent guidance function.

The rotating guardrail is mainly composed of column, swing circle, rotating barrel, cross beam, waveform beam, reflective strip and corresponding connecting parts. The rotating barrel is made of a composite material of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) and polyurethane, which is elastic, impact resistant and wear resistant and can effectively prevent the rotating barrel from being shattered upon impact. The resilience of the barrel also ensures that it can be quickly restored to its original state after a severe impact. The barrel chosen by Suzhou Bypass Expressway Co., Ltd. is orange, which has a high brightness reflection effect and eye catching function, which can effectively improve the driver's attention and reduce the incidence of accidents, thus ensuring the safety of vehicles.


(1) Fast opening.

The pluggable and removable structure enables 12 m (2 sections) to be opened and pushed in 3 minutes in case of emergency, far better than the norm of 10 m in 10 minutes.
(2) Safety upgrade.

Through rotational friction, the instantaneous impact energy is transformed into rotational energy and friction energy, effectively reducing the damage to the vehicle and the degree of injury to personnel.
(3) Material saving.

The simple shape of the product greatly saves material costs, using about 78 kg of material per linear metre, which is 50% to 80% of the material used in similar products in the current market.

(4) Beautiful shape.

The beautiful shape and beautiful rotating barrels have a good sight line guidance function, which can improve the road appearance and effectively ease the
The effect is more obvious especially at night and in rainy days.
(5) Easy to install.

The compact design of the product allows for easy installation on site after the unit has been assembled, greatly reducing the time spent on site and effectively reducing the risk of road-related operations.
(6) Simple maintenance.

The rotating bucket is made of EVA composite material, which is resistant to chemical corrosion, ageing and weathering, and is not easily damaged by vehicle impact, and does not need to be replaced during its service life (10 years).

China Q345 Metal Beam Crash Barrier Roller Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Material supplier

Q345 Metal Beam Crash Barrier Roller Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Material

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