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Bosean Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector With Embedded MCU Controller

Bosean Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector With Embedded MCU Controller

Brand Name:Bosean
Model Number:k-100
Minimum Order Quantity:1pcs
Delivery Time:3-8 WORK DAYS
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Location: Zhengzhou Henan China
Address: Ground floor, Block 10. Yida Technology New Park No. 16 JinZhan Road National High and new Technology Industry Development zone,Zhengzhou,450007
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Bosean new design High Sound Detector Industrial Detectors Gas Line Detector Carbon Monoxide Detection


K-100 portable carbon monoxide detection can make continuous detection to combustible and toxic gases.It is suitable for combustible and toxic gas leakage detection in underground pipe or mines,and keeps the workers safe, prevents the facilities from being destroyed.adopting excellent-quality sensor,makes detection in the way of natural diffusion. It has good sensitivity and reproducibility.The detector adopts embedded MCU controller, easy to operate.The shell adopts special high strength material and anti-smooth rubber, with the characters of water-proof and dust-proof.


Product typeK-100
Sampling methodDiffusion type(Sampling pump optional)
DisplayLarge LCD
Alarm methodAudio, Visual LED and Vibratory
Working environment-20ºC~50ºC
Power Supply3.7V Rechargeable lithium battery
Gas Sensor Life2 years
Charging timeLess than 5 hours
Data record1000pcs data storage
Working time8h continuously
Password protectionPassword protection and password modification
Explosion-proof gradeExib IIB T3 Gb
PrincipleElectrochemical and Catalytic sensor
Additional functionFlashlight
Humidity0-95%RH (no dew)
Shell materiaABS


The detector is suitable for explosion-proof, toxic gas leakage and rescue, underground pipelines, mines, metallurgy, power plants,chemicals, tunnels, etc., effectively avoiding the occurrence of poisoning accidents,ensuring the safety of workers and avoiding losses of production equipment.

Our customers and patent certificate

Measurable Gas Meter

NoDetecting GasGasMeasure RangeResolutionAlarm Point
(High / Low)
1Combustible GasEX0-100%LEL /0-100%VOL1%LEL/1%VOL20 / 50% LEL
2OxygenO20-25% /30%VOL0.1%VOL19.5% / 23.5%VOL
3Hydrogen SulfideH2S0-50/100/200/1000 ppm0.1 ppm10 / 20 ppm
4Carbon MonoxideCO0-500/1000/2000/5000 ppm1 ppm50 / 150 ppm
5Nitrogen DioxideNO20-20/50/1000 ppm0.1 ppm5 / 10 ppm
6Nitric OxideNO0-250/500/1000 ppm1 ppm50 / 150 ppm
7Carbon DioxideCO20-5000 ppm /0-1%/5%/10%VOL1 ppm/0.1%VOL1000 /2000 ppm
8Sulfur DioxideSO20-20/50/100/200/1000 ppm0.1 /1 ppm5 / 10 ppm
9ChlorineCL20-20/100/1000 ppm0.1 ppm5 / 10 ppm
10AmmoniaNH30-50/100/500/1000 ppm0.1 ppm20 / 50 ppm
11HydrogenH20-1000/5000 ppm1 ppm50 /150 ppm
12PhosphinePH30-5/20/50/100/500/1000 ppm0.1 ppm5 / 10 ppm
13Hydrogen ChlorideHCL0-20/500/1000 ppm0.01/0.1 ppm5 / 10 ppm
14Chlorine DioxideCLO20-10/50/100 ppm0.1 ppm5 / 10 ppm
15Hydrogen CyanideHCN0-50/100 ppm0.01/0.1 ppm10 / 20 ppm
16Ethylene OxideC2H4O0-10/20/50/100/200/500 ppm0.1 /1 ppm20 / 50 ppm
17OzoneO30-10/20/100 ppm0.1 ppm2 / 5 ppm
18FormaldehydeCH2O0-20/50/100 ppm0.1 /1 ppm5 / 10 ppm
19Hydrogen FluorideHF0-1/10/50/100 ppm0.01 /0.1 ppm2 / 5 ppm
20Methylbenzene0-1/10/20/50/100 ppm0.01 /0.1 ppm5 / 10 ppm

Note: The above table is a general parameter. If you need other gas and range, please contact our online customer service.

China Bosean Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector With Embedded MCU Controller supplier

Bosean Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector With Embedded MCU Controller

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