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2.25m2 Freeze Drying Machine For Fruit, Food And Vegetable Preservation

2.25m2 Freeze Drying Machine For Fruit, Food And Vegetable Preservation

Brand Name:HUATAO
Model Number:HT-Freeze Dryer Machine
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Product Details

HT-200FDA-Y 2.25㎡ Freeze Drying Machine For Fruit, Food And Vegetable Preservation

Product Description of Freeze Dryer Machine

The HT-200FDA-Y Freeze Drying Machine is a cutting-edge apparatus designed for pharmaceutical applications, adhering to stringent FDA standards. With a 2.25m2 drying area, this machine excels in preserving biological samples, particularly blood. Its advanced technology ensures precise freeze-drying, maintaining the integrity of pharmaceutical formulations. Featuring user-friendly controls and compliance with regulatory requirements, the HT-200FDA-Y is pivotal in pharmaceutical research and production. This high-capacity freeze-drying unit guarantees the stability of sensitive pharmaceuticals, making it an essential asset for industries prioritizing quality, compliance, and advanced freeze-drying capabilities.

Technical Parameters of Freeze Dryer Machine

Product descriptionHT-200FDA-Y Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine
Shelf effective drying area2.25m2
Maximum water catch40kg/batch
Power supplyThree phase 380V/55Hz
Overall dimension2100*1400*2100mm
Largest dish of liquid21L
Installed power15Kw
Whole machine structureSpray-piece
Cast of outsourcingSpray-paint, the front shell is 304L stainless steel
Overall weight1800kg
Bin body (drying chamber)
Bin body materialSU304, 5mm thickness
Door lock typeHandle door lock
Opening angle>110℃
Storehouse door materialACRYLIC
Hull roughnessRa<0.5um
Heat preservation materialPolyurethane foam + insulation material
Plate layer
Layer plate materialSUS304
Number of layers5+1
Plate roughnessRa<0.4um
Stainless steel trayCustomized according to customer requirements
Layer spacing80mm
Layer size600*750mm
Shelf temperature- 50 ℃ - + 70 ℃
Temperature difference±1℃
Heating power2.4Kw/220V/50Hz
Water trap
Water catch trap materialSUS304
Shape of the trapCircular
Coil materialSUS304
Defrost wayElectric defrosing
Temperature sensorPt100
Maximum water catch40kg/batch
Cold trap minimum temperature≤-75℃ (no-load)

Main Features of Freeze Dryer Machine

1. Freeze-Drying Technology: Utilizes a process of freezing and then removing moisture by sublimation, preserving the structure and properties of the material.

2. Vacuum System: Creates a low-pressure environment for efficient sublimation of frozen water, facilitating dehydration.

3. Temperature Control: Precise temperature regulation to ensure optimal freeze-drying conditions for various materials.

4. Modular Design: Often comprises modular trays or shelves for flexible processing and batch drying of different quantities.

5. User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls and programmable settings for ease of operation.

6. Versatility: Applicable to various industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, and research.

7. High Capacity: Capable of handling large quantities of material for efficient production.

8. Preservation of Properties: Maintains the original structure, biochemical characteristics, and properties of the material being dried.

9. Vacuum Monitoring: Includes systems for monitoring and adjusting vacuum levels during the process.

10. Durable Construction: Built from materials resistant to corrosion and wear, ensuring longevity and reliability.

11. Condenser System: Efficient condensation of vaporized water for removal during the process.

12. Integrity Preservation: Preserves the integrity of sensitive materials, such as pharmaceuticals and biological samples.

13. Safety Features: Incorporates safety measures to protect both the equipment and the materials being processed.

14. Compliance with Standards: Adheres to industry regulations and standards, ensuring quality and safety.

Application Photos of Freeze Dryer Machine

China 2.25m2 Freeze Drying Machine For Fruit, Food And Vegetable Preservation supplier

2.25m2 Freeze Drying Machine For Fruit, Food And Vegetable Preservation

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