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CCD Industrial Color Sorting Machine Plastic Color Sorter For Minerals Ore Glass

CCD Industrial Color Sorting Machine Plastic Color Sorter For Minerals Ore Glass

Brand Name:Yating
Model Number:YTLX600/YTLX1200
Minimum Order Quantity:1set
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Plastic Sorter Machine,CCD Industrial Color Sorter for Minerals.Ore and Glass


1. The independently developed software system and closed machine structure of ore color concentrator, the main internal components are imported components, which can meet the requirements of severe environment such as high dust, high pollution and high corrosion in industry and mining, with wider application range and longer service life.

2. The 32-bit true color image processing method is adopted, and mathematical morphology is applied based on HSI color space, so as to achieve better sorting effect and improve the flexibility and sorting ability of color sorter operation.

3. High precision full-color array CCD sensor technology can detect the fine color difference of about 0.02mm2; according to the different characteristics of ore, the unique image processing method is used to ensure the accurate identification of ore and other selected materials.

4. The unit output is high and the precision is high. The output of some models has exceeded 40 tons / hour, which is 4-5 times of that of domestic similar manufacturers. It is suitable for large and medium-sized mining enterprises to meet the requirements of high output and precision in beneficiation.

5. The selection range of materials is large, the size of separation materials is from 40 mesh to 10 cm, which avoids the repeated crushing adopted by users to use the color separation machine, reduces the damage and reduces the waste of resources.

6. Double layer crawler type flexible material transportation, with higher color selection accuracy and lower output ratio.

7. The world's first research and development of the same size particles of the manufacturer, a color separator can meet the requirements of large size differences in material separation at the same time.

8. The vibration feeding part and the main part of the equipment adopt the split structure to avoid the impact of the vibration produced in the feeding process on the main machine and make the equipment run more stable.

9. The unique modular design and the self maintenance function of the combination of automatic dust removal and automatic spray ensure the continuous and long-term working state of the equipment.

10. The contact part between the machine body and the material is equipped with a protective layer, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and easy to replace, so as to ensure the long service life of the whole machine.

1. Non-metallic Minerals:Potassium Feldspar,Quartz,Talc,Phosphate,Calcite,Dolomite,Alusite,Fluorite,Vermiculite,Mica,
2. Bentonite,Kaolin,Barite,Feldspar,Calcium Carbonate,Pebbles,Cryolite,Garnet,Limestone,Manganese Ore,etc.

3. Black Ore:Monocrystalline Silicon,Polycrystalline Silicon.
4. Nonferrous Ore:Copper,Antimony,Mercury,Lead,Zinc,Tin,Nickel,Magnesium,Cobalt,Aluminum,Bismuth and Silica.

5. Precious Metals:Gold,Silver,Zirconium,Tungsten,Molybdenum,Tantalum and Niobium.
6. Glass:Broken Glass,Colored Glass.

Number of Layersingledouble
Dimension(LxWxH) mm3800x1880x15503800x1880x1650
Power Supply220V 50/60Hz220V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption<3kw<3kw

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China CCD Industrial Color Sorting Machine Plastic Color Sorter  For Minerals Ore Glass supplier

CCD Industrial Color Sorting Machine Plastic Color Sorter For Minerals Ore Glass

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