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1x2 2x2 Polarization Maintaining Filter Coupler 780nm/850nm/980nm/1030nm/1064nm

1x2 2x2 Polarization Maintaining Filter Coupler 780nm/850nm/980nm/1030nm/1064nm

Brand Name:GEZHI or OEM
Certification:CE RoHS,ISO9001
Model Number:1X2(2X2) PM Filter Coupler
Minimum Order Quantity:1pc
Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union
Place of Origin:China
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Location: Shenzhen Guangdong China
Address: 504,A Bld.,YiQuan Industry Park,FuQian Road No.434, FuCheng Street, Shenzhen, China 518110
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Product Details

Top-Ranking Suppliers 1x2,2x2 Polarization Maintaining Filter Coupler 780nm/850nm/980nm/1030nm/1064nm
Product Overview
Gezhi Photonics has the capability to connectorize the fibers of filter splitters with all standard connectors such as FC, SC, ST, LC etc. and finishes (Super PC, Ultra PC, Angled PC [APC] etc.). As a component integrator, We can construct additional components directly onto the coupler fibers. Examples include tunable filters, variable attenuators, or collimators. By building these devices directly onto the coupler fibers, Gezhi Photonics saves the customer the added cost and insertion loss of intermediate connectors and adapters, or the time and cost of fusion splicing. Directly built devices are also the best way to maintain the highest possible Polarization Extinction Ratios.

Product packaging

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*EDFA & Roman Amplifier
*Fiber Optical Instrument
*Fiber Sensor

*High Return Loss
*High Extinction Ratio
*Low Insertion Loss

Type/1x2 or 2x2
Center Wavelengthnm78085098010301064
Operating Wavelength Rangenm±10±20±20±20±20
Tap Coupling Ratio%1±0.5%, 5±1.0%, 10±2.0%, and 50%
Insertion LossdBIL related to Coupling Ratio
Excess LossdB1x2:≤0.8 ; 2x2:≤1.2
Uniformity(Only for 50/50)dB1x2:≤0.5 ; 2x2:≤0.8
Extinction RatiodB1x2:≥20 ; 2x2:≥18
Return LossdB≥50
Max Power Handling (CW)W0.5, 1, 2 or 5
Tensile LoadN≤5
Operating Temperature-5~+75
Storage Temperature-40~+85

Note:1. Customization is available. The connector default slow axis alignment key
Above specifications are for device without connector, If with connector, IL will be 0.3dB higher, return loss with be reduce 5dB and Extinction Ratio will reduce 2dB.
2.For >10W high power applications, we will use heat sink package
3.If there is pulse application, please be sure to inform us of pulse energy and peak power.


Ordering Information


①Wavelength:780=780nm; 850=850nm; 980=980nm; 1030=1030nm; 1064=1064nm; S=Specify
②Configuration Type:12=1x2, 22=2x2
③Coupling Ratio:50=50/50; 40=40/60; 30=30/70; 20=:20/80; 10=10/90; 01=1/99; S=Specify
④Working Axis:B=Both axis workiing, F=Slow Axis Working,Fast axis blocked
⑤Fiber Type:PM780; PM980; S=Specify
⑥Power Handling:0L=0.5W; 01=1W; 02=2W
⑦Package Dimensions:S1=5.5x35mm; S=Specify
⑧Pigtail Type:00=bare fiber; 09=900um loose tube
⑨Fiber Length:08=0.8m; 10=1m; S=Specify
⑩Connector Type:FA=FC/APC; FP=FC/UPC; SA=SC/APC; SP=SC/UPC; S=Specify
China 1x2 2x2 Polarization Maintaining Filter Coupler 780nm/850nm/980nm/1030nm/1064nm supplier

1x2 2x2 Polarization Maintaining Filter Coupler 780nm/850nm/980nm/1030nm/1064nm

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