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Permanent Magnet Ferrite Produced By Automated Equipment For Fan Motor W3185A

Permanent Magnet Ferrite Produced By Automated Equipment For Fan Motor W3185A

Brand Name:XINHENG
Model Number:W3185A
Minimum Order Quantity:1000pcs
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Permanent Magnet Ferrite Produced By Automated Equipment For Fan Motor W3185A

What does Xinheng offer to customers?

Our company manufactures an-isotropic ceramic strontium ferrite magnet made by means of wet compression molding.

What's the feature of ceramic strontium ferrite magnet made by wet compression molding?

  • Composition - Contain strontium ferrite (SrFe12O19) as the primary magnetic material. Strontium ferrite has good magnetic properties and is inexpensive to produce.

  • Density - Have a high relative density of around 95% or more after sintering. This gives good mechanical strength.

  • An-isotropy - Exhibit strong magnetocrystalline an-isotropy due to their hexagonal crystal structure. This results in a preferred direction of magnetization along one axis.

  • Particle shape - The strontium ferrite powder used typically has a hexagonal platelet morphology which helps promote magnetic an-isotropy during molding and sintering.

  • Molding method - The powder is mixed with a liquid binder and compression molded into a dense green compact using high pressures. This orients the an-isotropic particles.

  • Firing process - The compact is then sintered at high temperature to develop density while preserving the induced magnetic anisotropy orientation from molding.

  • Remanence - Have a maximum magnetic flux density or remanence along the axis of anisotropy, but little/no remanence perpendicular to it.

  • Coercivity - Usually have medium to high coercivity depending on additives, density, and anisotropy level achieved.

What's the key advantages of ceramic strontium ferrite magnets made by wet compression molding?

  • Low cost - Strontium ferrite is inexpensive and the wet molding process is relatively simple. This makes them cheaper than rare-earth magnets.

  • High magnetic property-Even without heavy rare earth element additions, strontium ferrite magnets can achieve coercivities of 700-1000 kA/m, making them suitable for many applications.

  • Dimensional consistency - The compression molding process allows for close dimensional tolerances and uniform magnet shapes to be produced consistently.

  • Temperature stability - Strontium ferrite magnets have high Curie temperatures, typically around 450-470°C. They maintain good magnetic properties over a wide operating temperature range.

  • Resistance to corrosion - Being fully dense ceramic materials, they are not prone to corrosion like bonded magnets containing additives.

  • Mass production capability - The molding process is amenable to automated high-volume manufacturing of complex magnet geometries.​​


UnitsSintered Ferrite (Ceramic)
Curie TemperatureºC450
Maximum Operating TemperatureºC350
Densityg/cm34.8 – 5.0
Relative recoil permeabilityμrec1.05-1.1
Temperature Coefficient Br%/ºC-0.18
Temperature Coefficient iHc%/ºC0.11-0.40
Anti-Bending StrengthN/m2(0.5-0.9)×108
Anti-Compressive StrengthN/m2≥6.9×108
Anti-Tensile StrengthN/m2(0.2-0.5)×108
Specific HeatJ/kg·K600-900

What's the application of Xinheng's permanent ferrite magnets?

Xinheng mainly manufactures the following types of ceramic arc segment magnets:

  • Automotive motor magnet including automobile starter motor magnet, automobile wiper motor magnet, automobile rolling window motor magnet, automobile heating and cooling fan motor magnet, automobile seat motor magnet, automobile sunroof motor magnet, automobile powsteering motor magnet, automobile tailgate motor magnet, automobile oil pump motor magnet, automobile ABS anti-lock motor magnet, etc.
  • Inverter home appliance magnet including inverter washing machine motor magnet, inverter refrigerator motor magnet, inverter air-conditioner motor magnet,etc.
  • Fan motor magnet including ceiling fan motor magnet, floor fan magnet, etc.
  • Motorcycle motor magnet including motorcycle starter motor magnet, motorcycle flywheel magneto magnet, etc.
  • Electrical tool motor magnet including cutting machine motor magnet, electric sawing machine motor magnet, lawn mower motor magnet, gasoline generator magnet, etc.
  • Actuator motor magnet including medical bed actuator motor magnet, TV lifting bracket actuator motor magnet, desk lifting actuator motor magnet, smart home appliance actuator motor magnet, etc.

How Xinheng fabricates its permanent strontium ferrite magnet?






1W11868.160.725257.50Y33H1KW inverter motor
2W018F72.560.727.93511.80Y402KW inverter motor
3W005A72.560.529.54211.80Y33H2.3KW inverter motor
4W050E87.378.524408.80Y33H2.6KW inverter motor
5W15974.165.528.86478.60Y402.8KW inverter motor
6W017F86.578.524.0517.90Y33H-23KW inverter motor
7W08786.578.524.0647.80Y33H-25KW inverter motor
8W138C10190.224.56510.8Y407KW inverter motor
9W019B11210028.56011.90Y409KW inverter motor

Introduction Of Fan Motor:

Rotor Magnet: Permanent magnet ferrites are used as magnets in the rotor of fan motors. The rotor is the rotating part of the motor that is connected to the fan blades. Ferrite magnets provide a strong and stable magnetic field when an electric current passes through the stator coils, creating a force that causes the rotor to rotate.
Motor Efficiency: Permanent magnet ferrites contribute to the efficiency of fan motors. They offer high magnetic properties, such as a high coercivity and strong magnetic field, which allow for efficient energy conversion from electrical to mechanical energy. This results in improved motor performance and energy efficiency.

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China Permanent Magnet Ferrite Produced By Automated Equipment For Fan Motor W3185A supplier

Permanent Magnet Ferrite Produced By Automated Equipment For Fan Motor W3185A

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