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120db 192 KHz 24 Bit ADC DTS AC3 Digital Audio Decoder

120db 192 KHz 24 Bit ADC DTS AC3 Digital Audio Decoder

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Product Details

Digital Audio Decoder

Ⅰ: Introduction

Digital Audio Decoder: Used 24-bit audio DSP, 96 KHz digital receivers, and 192 KHz/24bit ADC and DAC. Support Dolby Digital AC-3 Dolby Pro Logic, DTS, PCM and other digital audio format source decode, a variety of sound field and the replay results of two listening modes, 5.1 analog audio output, will auto work with different amplifier and speakers to get different sound effects, easy to connect many entertainment devices which with optical and coaxial digital signal and analog output signals (such as: set-top boxes, HD players, Blu-ray DVD, PS2, PS3, XBOX360)

. Features

1. Convert DTS/AC3 source digital audio to analog 5.1 audio or stereo audio output
2. The analog stereo (L / R) signals after digital processing chip handle convert it to analog 5.1 channel output

3. Multi-channel audio input (SPDIF , Coaxial, Stereo)
2 x SPDIF input, 1 x Coaxial Input, 1 x Stereo
4. Analog 5.1-channel or Stereo output
5. USB 5V Output

6. Dimension: 105*75*25 mm

:Technical Data

1. Signal to Noise: 120db

2. Degree of Separation: 85db

3. Frequency Response: (20Hz ~ 20 KHz) +/- 0.5db

4. Max Output Volt: 2.2V

5. Power Supply DC/9V 1A, (outlay 110V~240V broadband convert DC9V Power)

.Package and Accessory

Products NameQuantityRemarks
Digital Audio Decoder1 unit
DC9V Power Adapter1 unitAC100~240V/50~60HZ
Optical Cable1 unit
User Manual1 unitEN

. Product Interface Schematic

DC/9V------------- Power input

S ------------------- SOURCE short, switch

Input channels (SPDIF, COX, AUX,

While D1/D2 /D3 corresponding LED lights)

OPT1 --------------- SPDIF1 input interface

OPT2 --------------- SPDIF2 input interface

COX ----------------- Coaxial input

AUX ------------------ Analog stereo input

Optical fiber cable or coaxial connection PS3/XBOX360 / HD players

Power --------------- Power indicator, power post-Always

D1 -------------------- When you press the S key, switch to the OPT1, D1 lights

D2 -------------------- When you press the S key, switch to the OPT2, D2 lights

D3 -------------------- When you press the S key, Switch to the COX, D3 lights

(When switch to only POWER light is on, the input is the AUX(stereo) channel)

CEN ----------------- Connect Amplifier CEN interface

SW ------------------- Connect Amplifier SW interface

FL/FR--------------Connect Amplifier FL/FR interface

SL/SR-------------- Connect Amplifier SL/SR interface

: Failure Check:

  1. No sound output
    A. Check whether the power 5.1 AUDIO DECODER power is on or not.

B. Check whether the input channels and output connections on the same channel (please use "S 'key to change, OPT1 --- D1 lights, OPT2-D2 lights, COX --- D3 lights)

C. Make sure the output device (PS3/XBOX360/DVD Player / HD Player) is set to digital audio output.

D. Make sure the 5.1 amplifier power on, and switch to the 5.1 audio input, turn on the volume.

If connect 5.1 headphones, make sure connect USB-power access, and turn on the volume.

2. Noise
A. Make sure the cable is good

B. Are there unusual audio input

C. Check this noise is weather from 5.1 amplifier or headphones.



1. Do not expose this apparatus to rain, moisture, dripping or splashing
and make sure that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, are placed
on the apparatus.

2. Do not install or place this unit in a bookcase, built-in cabinet or in

another confined space. Ensure the unit is well ventilated.

3. To prevent risk of electric shock or fire hazard due to overheating, do

not obstruct the unit's ventilation openings with newspapers,

tablecloths, curtains and similar items.

4. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers,
Stoves or other apparatus.

5. Do not place sources of naked flames, such as lighted candles on the unit.

6. Clean this apparatus only with dry cloth.

7. Unplug this apparatus during lighting storms or when unused for
long time

8. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched, particularly at plugs.

9. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacture

10. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.

China 120db 192 KHz 24 Bit ADC DTS AC3 Digital Audio Decoder supplier

120db 192 KHz 24 Bit ADC DTS AC3 Digital Audio Decoder

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