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Regenertive Type End Fired Furnace Glass Production Devices 60Ton Capacity

Regenertive Type End Fired Furnace Glass Production Devices 60Ton Capacity

Brand Name:JEFFER
Certification:ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001
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Regenertive Type End Fired Furnace Glass Production Devices Capacity 20-60Ton

1. Brief Description

JEFFER Engineering has designed and supplied a variety of glass melting furnaces for the customers in China and aboard, ranging from the end fired furnace to the electric furnace; from very small scale pot furnace to large float glass furnace and constructions.

Glass melting is a very complex process, it includes physical, chemical and physicochemical phenomena and reaction. These phenomena and reaction lead the mechanical mixed raw materials to complex melting glass liquid.

The Glass furnace is a key melting device, which is the most necessary and important equipment for the glass industry.

Glass melting is the most important process in glass production, it is a forming process where the batched materials form a qualified liquid evenly with no bubbles under high temperature heating.

2. Type of Furnace
Fired furnaceThe combustion fuel can be natural gas, heavy oil, diesel oil…… for this kind of furnace.
Electric furnaceElectricity is the fuel for this kind of furnace.
Fired-electric furnaceThis kind of furnace is mainly using combustion fuel, electricity is used as a supplementary heating source.

3. Heating Energy of Furnace

We can supply different kinds of heating type furnace. Including:

  • Natural gas
  • Heavy oil
  • Electricity
  • LPG
  • Coal gas
  • Light diesel oil for stand-by

4. Furnace Structure

  • Glass melting section

It is the part which melts batched materials and Clearing and homogenizes glass liquid. In the upper space of the melting section is referred to as the flame space, the lower part is melting tank. The flame comes from the burner through the port, which feds in preheated air to increase the flame effiency.

  • Heat source supply section

The heated air and gas flow into the pre-combustion room for mixing via this access after they flow out of the regenerator. This is also an access for the flue gas to flow into the regenerator from the flame space.

  • Dog house

Batched materials feed into the furnace through dog house, the heat is transferred via flame space to the glass liquid.

  • Cooling section

It is a part for cooling and homogenization of the glass liquid, which is also an access for glass liquid distribution.

  • Waste heat recovery section

A waste heat recovery device is designed for improving the flame temperature of furnace, which could heat the combustion air and gas by using the waste heat and then to increase the flame temperature and save energy.

  • Gas supply and waste gas exhaust

A gas supply and waste gas exhaust system is designed to ensure the continues, regular and efficient operation of the furnace, which includes double deck reversal unit, air and gas flue channel, middle flue channel, blower, main flue channel and chimney.

5. Supply Equipment and Materials


Refractory materials


Combustion equipment


Mechanical equipment

4Electric equipment, Instrument, and automatic control equipment

6. FAQ

Q: Who we are?

A: JEFFER Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd is a professional engineering company specialising in project design, engineering technology consulting, engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), and project operation management.

Q:Can you offer design service?

A: Yes, we could design full solution drawings as per your requirements.

Q: How can I get the price

A: For product line, please provide the detailed specfication of the production you want to product, then we will privode an economic plan for your reference. For engineering service, please provide your requirement, we will provide the detailed schedule and plan for your reference.

China Regenertive Type End Fired Furnace Glass Production Devices 60Ton Capacity supplier

Regenertive Type End Fired Furnace Glass Production Devices 60Ton Capacity

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