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PDLC Film Switchble Tinting Smart Window Film Factory

PDLC Film Switchble Tinting Smart Window Film Factory

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Model Number:Youguang
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PDLC Film Switchble Tinting Smart Window Film Factory

Product Description:

PDLC Film Switchble Tinting Smart Window Film Factory is also known as PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) film, electronic dimming film, electronic curtain, etc.

It is based on film technology. The rod-shaped polymer liquid crystalls mixing with prepolymer stick to transparent conductive base material, so that it simultaneously possesses charateristics of liquild and crystal. When powering off, polymer comes to the atomization of disorder. With polymer powering on, it is orderly arranged along with the direction of the electric field, which enables the film to have transmittance of the light.

By controling the electric switch, It can be converted between transparent and opaque state.


ItemPerformance / UnitTesting Method and Standard
Rated VoltageON36/48/60(AC50HZ)Multimeter
Power ConsumptionON4-6w/(SQM)Multi-parameter Electrical Measuring Instruments
Total Light TransmittanceON>83%GB/T 2410-2008GB/Spectrophotometer
Directional Light TransmittanceON>80%GB5137.2-2002
HazeON<4%GB/T 2410-2008GB/Spectrophotomete
Response TimeON<40(MS)Liquid Cystal Mutl-prareter. Measuring Instrument
Operating Temperature/-30~70℃Constant Temperature and Humidly Testing Machine
LifetimeON>100000(H)GB18910.5- 2008


It consists of 5 layers. Two layers outsides are protective films, they protect smart

film when transport and installation. The adhesive layer, it will application on glass.

For ITO films, they are conductive layers. The LC+Polymer, it can make the film

from transparent and opaque state.


The film is composed of PET film,ITO film,polymer and liquid crystal molecules.

When the film is under off state, the randomly aligned liquid crystal molecules

stay along on the walls of capsule, the reflection of liquid crystal molecules and

polymer makes light disperses then it is opaque. While electricity supplied,

these molecules arrange themselves in a specific direction then parallel light

can pass through the film makes it transparent.

China PDLC Film Switchble Tinting Smart Window Film Factory supplier

PDLC Film Switchble Tinting Smart Window Film Factory

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