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Three-sided smart sound speaker active speakers with wireless microphones for use in classrooms and conference rooms

Three-sided smart sound speaker active speakers with wireless microphones for use in classrooms and conference rooms

Brand Name:AC3
Model Number:A3-M
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Pieces
Delivery Time:5-15 Working days
Payment Terms:Western Union, T/T
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
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Location: Guangzhou Guangdong China
Address: 3 / F, No.8, Nanyang South Street, Chadong Village, Shiji Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
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Product Details

Functional features

1. Adopt the modular clasp structure to support the superposition of functional modules. Different modules can be selected according to the user's demands for functional realization;

2. The connection between the modules is carried out through the low impedance 12K gold connector, the single needle through the current up to 2 amperes

3. the use of FCS communication technology, easy to achieve convenient management and flexible control

4. the box adopts a unique sound surface sound structure design, sound direct Angle >
240°, the sound source coverage area is not less than 100m², the recommended use area of 80m²

5. Adopts 3 class D amplifiers with independent configuration and preprocessing to complement each other with the same cavity sound source, which can effectively improve sound efficiency and improve sound quality.

6. Built-in network module, access to switch network, provide data link information upload.

7. The system uses microcomputer technology to cooperate with FCS to complete a variety of complex logic, and provides priority processing authority for manual priority, automatic priority and network priority in three different working environments.

8. the box can be extended access to all modules in the FCS protocol: with one division and one mike module, to achieve at least 2 microphone wireless sound amplification and 1 Bluetooth two-way audio amplification, support echo cancellation;
With network audio decoding function, to achieve the classroom IP network broadcast function, support listening broadcast double backup function;
With ZigBee IoT control function, it provides the classroom with IoT gate;
With the docking function, support the wireless expansion of the number of 1 to 4 speakers, to meet the needs of large multimedia classroom sound amplification, to meet the needs of 300 square sound amplification;
Expansible environmental monitoring module, to achieve real-time monitoring of classroom air quality, temperature and humidity, illumination and other environmental data;
Extensible wireless projection module to achieve the application of wireless projection of computers, mobile phones and tablets in the classroom;
Extend all functional modules that support the FCS protocol.

9. Built-in IC card information backup card slot, support all function modules of the speaker configuration information backup and automatic restoration of configuration information;

Box interface: DC12V6A;
LINE, 100 constant voltage audio, LC card socket, RJ45 network port

Physical parameters:
Unit combination: 15W3.25 inch full frequency ×3;
Sensitivity: 85dB;
SNR: 70dB;
Frequency response: 90Hz ~ 16KHz;
Power amplifier no signal delay silence period: 0.5 seconds;
Effective projection Angle: 280°;
Effective projection distance: installation height 2.5 ~ 3.2 meters

Interface configuration
1. Ergonomic design, in line with adult palm grip curve, environmentally friendly surface treatment, good hand feel, fully reflects the designers' full respect for teachers.
2, The microphone adopts infrared close range automatic frequency calibration, the frequency speed is no more than 1s, the frequency calibration process is not interfered by the high-frequency driving light source;
3, using passive fixed frequency technology to lock the communication frequency band, so that it has no external crosstalk ability;
4, using digital U segment professional performance audio wireless transmission technology,
High noise reduction degree;
5, the use of digital U segment transmission technology software PPT page turning function, with the use of building block speakers without adding hardware can achieve synchronous page turning function;
6, using USB-C standard charging interface
7, any wireless microphone can be used in any classroom, fully realize one teacher and one mic;
8, Support external audio source/MIC access, easy access to headgear, collar clip, shoulder microphone
9, Adopt touch control design, with vibration feedback system, convenient to achieve volume, page turning and channel switching functions
10, The internal 1000mA lithium battery power supply, continuous working time up to eight hours
11. The microphone uses the right-click wake-up function, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of accidental touch
12, the right button sluggish shutdown function, avoid the storage of accidental extrusion boot, effectively protect the life of the battery
13, provide volume, power alarm, audio channel, and other display functions
Packing size: 32×22×18CM
Weight: 5 kg

Company information
packaging and shipping
Question 1: What kind of packing can you provide?
Answer:We will use carton packaging for power timing device products, color neutral without any product LOGO. Distribution cabinet
products are packed in airmail boxes or cartons. Of course, if you have special requirements, we can also pack the products
according to your requirements, the cost is calculated separately.
Question 2:What are your payment terms?
Answer:T/T is 30% of the deposit, and pay 70% of the balance before delivery. Before you pay the balance, we will show you the
pictures of the products and packaging.
Question 3:How long will it take to finish production?
Answer:Generally speaking, distribution cabinet products need 5 to 10 days after receiving the advance payment. The exact delivery
time depends on the items and quantity of the order. The power timing device will be produced in 3-10 days, we will negotiate the
Question 4:Can we produce according to the sample?
Answer:Yes, our company supports customization, so we can produce through your samples or technical drawings. We also have our own
technical designers.
Question 5:Do you accept custom orders?
Answer:You can. Our company is an OEM manufacturer, so we welcome custom orders. We will customize it according to your
Question 6:What is our company's advantage over other companies?
Answer:Our company has always been a audio industry power products manufacturers, including:
1. The production of various types of portable distribution box; 2. Power timing device;
3. Specialized in producing peripheral products of power supply;
4.HIFI power cable.
China Three-sided smart sound speaker active speakers with wireless microphones for use in classrooms and conference rooms supplier

Three-sided smart sound speaker active speakers with wireless microphones for use in classrooms and conference rooms

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