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GE M5Sc-D Matrix Array Ultrasound Transducer Probe Fetal Heart LVO Contrast Medical Instrument

GE M5Sc-D Matrix Array Ultrasound Transducer Probe Fetal Heart LVO Contrast Medical Instrument

Brand Name:GE
Model Number:M5SC-D
Minimum Order Quantity:1
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Product Details
GE M5Sc-D Single Crystal Matrix Array Ultrasound Probe Fetal Heart LVO Contrast Medical Equipment
GE M5Sc-D Single-Crystal Matrix Array Ultrasound Probe/Fetal Heart/LVO Contrast
GE M5Sc-D Single-Crystal Matrix Array Ultrasound Probe
1. Type: Matrix
2. Frequency: 1.5-4.6 MHz
3. Compatible system: Vivid E9, Vivid S70, Vivid e95, Vivid e90
4. Application: Cardiac, Pediatric abdomen, Fetal Heart, TCD, Contrast Low MI, LVO Stress, LVO Contrast
5. Condition: original, in good working condition
6. With 60 days warranty

Parts of GE probes we can offer:

BrandModelCompatible System
GE3.5CLogiq 3/ Logiq 5/ Logiq 7/ Logiq 9/ Logiq A5/ Logiq P5/ Logiq S6/Vivid7
GE3CLogiq 3/ Logiq 5
GE3CbLogic 200 Pro
GE3CRFLogiq S6
GE3CRF-DLogiq S8/ Logiq E9
GE3Sp-DVoluson E6/Voluson E8 / Bt08 & Higher version
GE3Svivid & Logiq series
GE3S-RSLoqigbook/XP/ Vivid-I
GE3S-SCvenue 40
GE3S-RCLogiq C5/ Logiq C2/ Logiq C3
GE3SC-RSVivid S5/ Vivid iq/ Vivid i
GE3.8CALogiq P3
GE3V-DVivid E9
GE3.8C-RCLoqig C2/Logiq C3/ Logiq C5/ Logiq premiums
GE4CLogiq & Vivid Series
GE4C-RCLogiq C2/Logiq C3/Logiq C5/Logiq Premium
GE4C-RSVivid i Square/ Logiq e/ Vivid e
GE4C-SCVenue 40
GE4C-AVoluson 730
GE4C-DVoluson E6/ E8 and Vivid E9
GE4D3C-LLogiq 9/ Logiq A5/ Logiq P5/ Logiq S6
GE4V-DVivid E9
GE4SLogiq and Vivid series
GE5Spediatric cardiac
GE5S-RSVivid q/ Vivid i/Vivid S5/Vivid S6
GE6.5C-RCVivid q/ Vivid i
GE7LLogiq and Vivid series
GE7L-RCLogiq C2/ C5/ Logiq Premium
GE739LLogiq 500 Pro/Vivid 3/Logiq 400 MD/Logiq 500 MD
GE7SLogiq9/ Logiq 7/ Logiq S6/ Logiq 5/ Logiq 3 /Vivid 7/Vivid 3
GE7.5L-RCLogiq C2/Logiq C3/Logiq C5/Logiq Premium
GE8CLogiq & Vivid series
GE8C-RSVoluson i/ Voluson e/ Logiq i/ Logiqbook XP/ Logiqbook/ Vivid i (from rev. 6.1.0)/ Vivid S5
GE8L-RSLogiq e/ Vivid e/ Vivid i and Logiq Book XP
GE9LVivid 7 Pro/Vivid 3/Logiq 9/ Logiq 7/Logiq 5/Logiq 3/ Logiq 400
GE9L-DVoluson E6/Voluson E8/Vivid E9
GE9L-RSlogiq e/ vivid e/ vivid I/ vivid q/ vivid s5/ vivid s6
GE10Lb-RSLogiq book
GE10S-RSLogiq Book/ Logiq e/ Vivid e/ Vivid i/ Logiq i/ Vivid i Square
GE10LLogiq 3/5/7/9/ Vivid 3/4/A5/P5/7 Expert/7 Pro/ Logiq S6
GE11LLogiq P5/A5/A5Pro/ Logiq P6/P6 Pro
GE11L-Dpremium GE ultrasound machines
GE12LLogiq & Vivid series
GE12L-RSLogiq e/ Logiq l/ Vivid e/Vivid I Voluson e/Voluson I/Vivid Q/Vivid S5/ Vivid S6
GE12L-SCVenue 40
GE12S-DVivid E9
GEAB2-7Voluson S6/ Voluson S8/Voluson 730
GEAC2-5Voluson 730
GEBE9CLogiq series

Knowledge Point

The GE M5Sc-D is an advanced-technology XDclear-Active single-crystal Active Matrix Array transducer for the premium Vivid series of ultrasound machines. It provides technology for all the advanced cardiac and abdominal functions on the Vivid series of ultrasound machines. The GE M5Sc-D operates at 1.5-4.6 MHz and has a 30mm footprint.

Ultra-wideband probe

On the basis of the wide-band probe, the ultrasonic signal range that the probe receives and transmits is further expanded. The signal of the ultra-wideband probe is completely carried out at the moment of reception, and is fully digitally coded and amplified to ensure that the signal is not distorted and expand the dynamic range of the signal.

Mechanical probe

A motor drives a rotating head whose shaft is located at the focal point of the probe surface to rotate in one direction. Two focusing transducers are embedded in the rotating head. When the transducer rotates to face the reflector, it emits ultrasonic pulses. After parabolic launching, a row of parallel linear scanning beams are formed, realizing mechanical scanning. Its advantages are that the sector-shaped mechanical scanning probe has a large field of view for far-area exploration, a small contact area for acoustic coupling with the human body, and the same tangential and lateral resolution. It is suitable for ultrasound examination of heart, small organs, ophthalmology, lumen ducts and abdominal organs.

China GE M5Sc-D Matrix Array Ultrasound Transducer Probe Fetal Heart LVO Contrast Medical Instrument supplier

GE M5Sc-D Matrix Array Ultrasound Transducer Probe Fetal Heart LVO Contrast Medical Instrument

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