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Evaporation Boats for Vacuum Al Metalization Ceramic Evaporation Boat

Evaporation Boats for Vacuum Al Metalization Ceramic Evaporation Boat

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Evaporation Boats for Vacuum Al Metalization Ceramic Evaporation Boat

Product Description

Boron Nitride Ceramics are widely applied in automobile, electronic, electrical engineering, aerospace, medical science, scientific research, for extreme difficult environments such as

electrical insulation, thermal insulation, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, etc.

Optimizing Each Evaporator Boat Application:

A.Resistance-heated boats or crucibles are used in vacuum chambers at ~1500–1650℃ (2732–3002℉) to evaporate various metals, including aluminum (Al), copper (Cu), tin* (Sn), and silver* (Ag).

B.Metallized films and papers are used in the food packaging, capacitor film, decorative, and electronic industries.

Maximizing Evaporator Boat Life

To ensure optimum boat performance and to maximize boat life, the following procedures should be followed:

A.Check alignment and smooth surface of your contacts.

B.Use graphite tape for uniform electrical and thermal contact.

C.Use pieces of aluminium wire for first heat up to determine correct initial boat temperature.

Evaporator Boat – Characteristics and Applications


A.2-Component evaporator boat is the most common product for most evaporation applications

B.Particularly suitable for food package metallization process

C.Good performance in AlOx metallization process

D.High evaporation compared to 3-component family


A.Highest purity in all composition

B.Perfect balance point in thermal shock/high temp mechanical, which could meet special application.

C.Not used for evaporator boat application

D.Use for crucible for OLED/semi-conductor, where purity and high temperature properties are critical for the application

working life12-24hours
Hot Resistivity1200-6000μΩ.cm
Working temperature<1850°C
Evaporation rate(1450°C)0.4-0.5g/min.cm2
Coefficient of (1450°C)(4-6)x10-6k
Heat conductivity (1450°C)>100/40W/mk
Hot bending intensity>150mpa

Wuxi Special Ceramic Electrical Co.,LTD is a high-tech enterprise specializing in development and production of evaporation boats and boron nitride products. We have accumulated rich production experience in vacuum hot-pressing of boron nitride ceramics and have a number of industry experts and engineers.

Our products include evaporation boats in metalizing applications, boron nitride ceramics and the upstream raw materials.

Evaporation boats are used in metalizing applications. It is widely used for packaging film, capacitance film, paper, textile, anti-counterfeiting mark and so on.

China Evaporation Boats for Vacuum Al Metalization Ceramic Evaporation Boat supplier

Evaporation Boats for Vacuum Al Metalization Ceramic Evaporation Boat

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