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F Type Lock Cylinder Mandrel Slickline Wireline Nickel Alloy

F Type Lock Cylinder Mandrel Slickline Wireline Nickel Alloy

Brand Name:Ruixin
Model Number:BAKER-2.75
Minimum Order Quantity:1
Delivery Time:3-4 weeks
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Location: Baoji Shaanxi China
Address: Room 1901, Block A, Saigao District Building, Feng Cheng Five Road, Xi 'an Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shaanxi Province
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F Type Lock Cylinder Mandrel Slickline Wireline Nickel Alloy

F Lock Mandrel Wireline Running Tool


F-type lock cylinder is a kind of downhole device which is seated in the preset mandrel (seated joint) and used to control the flow rate downhole, such as plug, downhole safety valve, downhole choke, packer sleeve, etc. It can be selected to sit in the working cylinder at a predetermined position according to needs.

II.The commonly used technical parameters:

Specification: 2.75 ";

Internal fishing neck: 3 ";

Applicable seating joint specification: Baker-F type 2.75 ".

See attached drawings for detailed technical parameters.

III.Structural characteristics:

When the F-shaped lock cylinder goes down, the positioning claw is retracted and will not sit still; When descending to the preset position, the F-shaped lock cylinder cannot move down, and the shear pin of the GS fishing tool is shaken down, and the GS fishing tool is lifted up, and the lock cylinder key will be opened under the action of the supporting sleeve and the spring; Continue to lift the fishing tool to make the positioning claw fully open. When F-type lock core is recovered, lower GS fishing tool and M-type probe rod, and M-type probe rod pushes down the supporting sleeve to make the positioning claw in a suspended state, lift the fishing tool, and then pull out the lock core after the positioning claw is recovered.

IV.Matters needing attention:

1. Before each trip, check whether the mandrel can move freely, and the lock cylinder key can shrink freely without jamming.

2. Check the seal assembly to ensure that it is intact.

Tools Can Be Manufactured To Any Size Required.Welcome to contact us at any time.

About Baoji RuiXin Slickline Tools

Baoji Ruixin Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is an IS0: 9001-2015 and API Q1 system certified technology research and development organization specializing in the design and manufacture of steel wire, cable and coiled tubing tools. With strong new product research and development capabilities, it has obtained 12 national utility model patent certificates and 1 invention patent certificate. Undertook two prefecture-level and provincial-level scientific research projects. Our products include wireline wireline wellhead blowout prevention equipment, wireline downhole tools and coiled tubing downhole tools. At present, we have provided professional equipment and technical support to more than 50 oilfield service companies in various regions at home and abroad.

Strict quality control system

Steel wire working tools are certified by API, and all manufacturing are strictly in accordance with API system, including quality control management, environmental management and occupational health and safety management. For each wire working tool and each part, we have achieved traceability from raw materials, production process to product shipment.

Hard work, after-sales service

On-site technical guidance exchanges with each other. Our sales and technical personnel communicated well with front-line engineers and technical experts on the job site, and solved technical problems such as material selection, sealing structure optimization, and accident handling in complex environments. And carried out many technical exchanges and friendly cooperation. We have done a good job of product after-sales service for customers, and we provide customers with more satisfactory services. We would like to thank more and more customers for their support and trust. In the future, we will do better.

China F Type Lock Cylinder Mandrel Slickline Wireline Nickel Alloy supplier

F Type Lock Cylinder Mandrel Slickline Wireline Nickel Alloy

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