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Cnc Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine For Stainless Steel 3000 X 1500Mm

Cnc Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine For Stainless Steel 3000 X 1500Mm

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Product Details

3000 X 1500 Mm Cnc Heavy Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine For Stainless Steel

Product Information:

Plasma arc cutting machine is the use of plasma cutting technology for metal materials processing machinery.Plasma cutting is the use of high temperature plasma arc heat to make the workpiece cut metal part or local melting (and evaporation), and by the momentum of high speed plasma to eliminate the molten metal in order to form a cut of a processing method.Plasma cutting machine with different working gas can cut a variety of oxygen cutting difficult to cut metal, especially for non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) cutting effect is better;Its main advantage is that when cutting the thickness of the metal is not big, the plasma cutting speed is fast, especially when cutting ordinary carbon steel sheet, the speed can reach 5~6 times of oxygen cutting method, cutting surface smooth, small thermal deformation, almost no heat affected zone.

Product Datas:

X,Y working area
Z working area
Lathe bed
Very thick steel structure
Machine Power
Working voltage
380V three phase 60hz
Reposition precision
Processing precision
Maximum cutting speed
Torch Height control mode
Cutting thickness
Max 25mm carbon steel
Plasma power supply
Control system
Stepper motor
Plasma Air Pressure
Working Temperature
-10°C-60°C. Relative Humidity, 0-95%.
LCD Display Dimension
7 Inches

Why choose us

Software auto-correction function

Our software has automatic correction function, that mean if the board put slant,

software can automatically correct, so that can effectively ensure good cutting results, if the large gantry cutting large sheet or precious plate, if no with this function, in case one parts bad cut, it will cause the whole metal sheet waste,this is a larger Loss; However, other manufacturers' machines do not have this feature.

Our machines support hand-held cutting

In the cutting of multiple parts, the software can automatically row number, the best combination, in the shortest possible time to complete the cut, save time, the same time can cut more work; but other manufacturers do not have this feature.

We all use super soft shielded cable to ensure that the plasma power supply does not affect the motor when the work.

Product Application:

As we all know, high-precision plasma cutting machine can be used for cutting stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, carbon steel and other metal materials. Energy saving effect.

1. Shipbuilding CNC cutting machine is an important equipment in the process of ship hull construction. The thermal cutting of steel plate, section steel and steel pipe with it is a main process of ship hull construction. The thickness of steel plates used in shipbuilding is mostly 6-32mm. In order to ensure cutting efficiency and quality, most shipyards choose flame cutting and plasma cutting. The high-speed and high-precision cutting machine produced by Aixit can meet the production requirements of
various ships. It can not only improve the quality of hull construction and shorten the construction period, but also increase the utilization rate of steel and reduce production costs.

2. Steel structure As it involves a large number of plate and profile cutting processing, CNC cutting machines and cutting lines have been widely used in the steel structure processing industry and have become its powerful arm. Aixite adopts flame and plasma cutting methods. The computer is fully automated, and the cutting is high-speed and effective. It can also be equipped with multiple cutting torches at the same time to complete multiple parts at the same time. It is especially suitable for mass
processing; it can be designed according to cutting. Complete the cutting and processing of various graphics, and can fully meet the requirements of its parts for steel structure processing in a variety of environments;

3. With the continuous upgrading of agricultural machinery products and the development of new products, agricultural machinery has put forward new requirements for new processing methods, such as high-precision plasma cutting, laser cutting, etc. There are many types of sheet metal processing parts for agricultural machinery products, and they are updated quickly. If the processing still stays in the traditional way, it will seriously restrict the rapid upgrading of products and technological development. At this time, the advantages of CNC cutting machine processing will be reflected. Aixite provides cutting technology and equipment required for professional processing for the agricultural machinery industry. The cutting machine's cost-effective and high performance is unique in the agricultural machinery industry and is favored by agricultural machinery manufacturers.

China Cnc Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine For Stainless Steel 3000 X 1500Mm supplier

Cnc Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine For Stainless Steel 3000 X 1500Mm

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