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Industrial remote controller for underground coal mine

Industrial remote controller for underground coal mine

Brand Name:Lang Tai
Model Number:BYS-100S
Minimum Order Quantity:1
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Place of Origin:Changyuan, China
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Location: Xinxiang Henan China
Address: Weier Road, Weizhuang Industrial Zone, Changyuan, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China
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Product introduction

According to MT / t154.10-1996, this remote control receiver is named as fys-100s flameproof and intrinsically safe remote control receiver.
F Y S 100S

Main technical parameters
Working power supply: AC220 V;
Working current: ≤ 100mA;
Communication mode: wireless simplex receiving;
Antenna impedance: 50 Ω;
Receiving carrier center frequency: 433MHz;
Receiving sensitivity: ≤ - 60dbm;
Wireless remote control distance: ≥ 100m (when used with supporting equipment);
The receiver receives the radio operation signal from the remote control transmitter, demodulates the signal and outputs it in the form of relay.
When the receiver is used with fyf35 mine intrinsically safe remote control transmitter, it has the following remote control operation functions:
"East down", "West up", "south up".
Explosion proof type: explosion proof and intrinsically safe type, explosion proof mark: Exd iict4 GB ex IBD 21 t135;

Specific application areas
Crane, crane. Hydraulic crane, concrete pump truck, roller coaster, mining machinery, crown block, crane, tipper, lifting locomotive, lifting machine and other large heavy industrial machinery.

Installation steps:
The installation procedure is very simple. The required tools are as follows:
Cable wiring and material of electric drill for three purpose electric meter
(a) Please make sure that the original by wire operation of the crown block is normal.
(b) Be sure to cut off the main power supply of crown block before installation.
(c) Choose a stable and easy to see receiver location within the operating range.
(d) Please keep away from the protruding objects in the workshop, or the equipment of motor, relay, cable and high voltage wiring, and there is no barrier that may block the transmission of radio waves.
(e) Do not install a remote control with the same frequency within 50 meters.
(f) Make sure the wiring is secure and correct.
(g) After installation, the action output of the test transmitter is consistent with the original control by wire.
(h) After fixing the original control by wire, the installation is completed.

China Industrial remote controller for underground coal mine supplier

Industrial remote controller for underground coal mine

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