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Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Enhanced ABS For Power Plant

Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Enhanced ABS For Power Plant

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Chinese Suppliers Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen Sensor For Power Plant

The optical dissolved oxygen sensor uses the principle of fluorescence quenching oxygen to measure the oxygen content in the solution. The product design of the optical dissolved oxygen sensor is to monitor the blue LED of the sensor through a light-emitting diode. The specific luminous body is excited by blue light and produces luminescence (fluorescence). The light-emitting diode with a red light filter is used to measure the luminescence produced Red light is used to judge and count the number of oxygen molecules.

Specification of Dissolved Oxygen sensor


Measuring Range

Oxygen content: 0.00~20.00 mg/L
saturation: 0~200%

Resolution0.01mg/L 1%
Accuracy0.1 mg/L 1%
Response TimeT90 less than 60s
Temperature CompensationAutomatic, built-in temperature unit
Calibration MethodZero position/slope/deviation
Work Pressure0~3Bar
Operating Temperature0.0~50.0℃
DimensionsDiameter: 35mm Total length: 260mm
Installation Size

1"NPT at both ends of the installation thread;
insertion depth 100 (including cleaning plug 115)

Protection GradeIP68

Features of the dissolved oxygen sensor

● No calibration required
● Without consuming oxygen
● All-in-one package
● RS485 interface, Modbus RTU
● The protection grade is IP68
● Internal storage of calibration data
● Automatic temperature compensation

◇ Sewage
◇ Surface water monitoring
◇ Aquaculture water bodies
◇ Urban sewage treatment
◇ Industrial wastewater treatment
◇ Aquariums

Polarographic dissolved oxygen electrodes have been widely used in the past ten years, but they have certain limitations:

1. Stable and accurate output measurement data cannot be guaranteed when performing micro-measurement.

2. When the amount of dissolved oxygen remains constant, the sensor has no current flowing and cannot display the results dynamically.

3. When the cable fails, the displayed result will remain unchanged, making it difficult to find the fault.

Compared with the polarographic dissolved oxygen electrode, the optical dissolved oxygen sensor is suitable for real-time dissolved oxygen monitoring. It is durable, accurate, and easy to maintain:

1. The optical dissolved oxygen sensor has strong resistance to pressure shocks, sudden temperature changes, and cut-off effects that can cause false alarms on electrochemical electrodes.

2. The optical sensor has no electrolyte, no polarization, and only needs to replace the membrane module regularly. The replacement process only takes one minute, and the maintenance convenience of the optical dissolved oxygen sensor has established a new benchmark for similar equipment.

3. On the other hand, plug and test start, all sensor data, including calibration history, are stored in the sensor. After performing maintenance and calibration, the online installation operation is very simple. Due to the "plug and measure" function, after the sensor is connected, all relevant data are automatically uploaded to the transmitter, and the oxygen content reading is displayed immediately without polarization. The sensor can even be pre-calibrated and the curve calibrated for easy use at any time, so that the sensor can be replaced faster and more conveniently.

In summary, the optical dissolved oxygen electrode has great advantages compared with the traditional polarographic electrode, and the optical dissolved oxygen sensor is more suitable for real-time dissolved oxygen monitoring.


1. Is your company a manufacturer?
We are a manufacturer. We have our own R&D team and production workshop to ensure the quality and quantity of products.

2. How is the price of the product determined?
The price of the product is ordered according to the purchase quantity. If your purchase is large and will have a long-term cooperation, then we will give you a special price.

3. What does this dissolved oxygen analyzer include?
There is a controller and a sensor. The sensor's wire is 10 meters by default. Please communicate if necessary for installation accessories.

China Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Enhanced ABS For Power Plant supplier

Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Enhanced ABS For Power Plant

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