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Eco Friendly And Weather Resistant Flexible SPUA Flooring For Classroom / Office

Eco Friendly And Weather Resistant Flexible SPUA Flooring For Classroom / Office

Certification:RoHS,ISSS,CE,ITF2,ITF5,IAAF, ISO9001 and ISO14001,SGS, ASG
Model Number:CN-C02
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Why choose Flexible SPUA Flooring——Stone pattern type

The safe flooring material combined with SPU technology is optimum.

The unique micro ball and texture surface provides the most comfortable non-skid effect for the ground.

Combined the crystal micro ball with the flexible rubber,the product performs perfectly in non-slip.

Whatever the surface is dry or wet,it can still provide effective non-skid effect.

The suitable non-skid effect adds comfortable foot feeling when people walking.

The micro ball non-skid surface doesn‘t affect the beauty and daily clean.

Why choose Flexible SPUA Flooring——Stone pattern type


  • The safe flooring is odorless and non-toxic and special for schools.
  • Environmental materials:The product is odorless and toxic to ensure the health and safety of high crowed places.
  • Anti-bacteria:Effective antibacterial performance ensures public health security of the dense crowds.
  • Safely use:Passed multiple environmental certifications,the product is worth using safely.
  • To create truly environmental protecting and safe flooring obeying the high standards.
  • Using environmental protection formula and passing multiple international professional certification.
  • No MOCA
  • No benzene solvent
  • Heavy metal limited


  • SPU material
  • Outstanding durability performance
  • Wearable
  • Impact resistant
  • Weatherable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Color durable


  • Construction without seam,it combines the beauty with function perfectly.
  • Seamless flexible flooring with stone pattern.
  • Transparent SPUA wearable surface layer protects wholly.
  • First creates stone pattern process.It is fashionable and beautiful.
  • Multi-functional elastic floor that is integral seamless formed.
  • Create stone pattern process on flooring;the gorgeous flooring can be made through simple construction.
  • The flexible flooring can be painted to creative pattern with seamless color.
  • It is economical and convenient to renovate and maintain later.


  • The ideal choice for the flooring.
  • Light structure,renovation and reconstruction without adding floor load.
  • The comprehensive cost is low;it's more effective by seamless roll coating at once.
  • Simple construction and short period.


  • Effective protection against falling
  • Effective anti-skid function
  • Effective silencing function


Pencil hardness(scratch)≥2H
Tensile bond strength/mpaStandard condition≥2.0
After soaking≥2.0
Artificial weathering ageing resistance d(400h)No bubble,no peeling,no crack;powered≤1 grade,△e≤6.0
Impact resistance(1)Steel ball,500g,100cm.No crack,no peeling
Shock absorption≥4%
Compression strength≥50Mpa
Skid resistance(dry friction coefficient)≥0.50
Skid resistance(wet friction coefficient)≥0.70

Water resistance(168h)

No bubble,no peeling,no discoloration
Chemial resistanceoil resistance(1203gasoline,72h)No bubble,no peeling,no discoloration
resistance to alkali(20%naoh,72h)No bubble,no peeling,no discoloration

acid fastness(10%h2so4,48h)

No bubble,no peeling,no discoloration
Fire resistance(gb8624-2012)B1-class(retardant materials)
Cigarette ignition resistance(gb/t15102-2006)No spots,crack,blister and other changes



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China Eco Friendly And Weather Resistant Flexible SPUA Flooring For Classroom / Office supplier

Eco Friendly And Weather Resistant Flexible SPUA Flooring For Classroom / Office

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