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16A 380V Waterproof Oil Proof High Current BRI Three Phase DC Motor Thermal Protector

16A 380V Waterproof Oil Proof High Current BRI Three Phase DC Motor Thermal Protector

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16A 25A 35A 250V 380V Waterproof Oil Proof High Current BRI Temperature Switch Three-Phase DC Motor Thermal Protector

Description of BRI Thermal Protector

The BRI series thermal protector are temperature and current protectors, which made of thermal bimetal, a high-quality thermal sensitive material imported from Japan. This product is mainly used for overheat overload protection of motors and electric appliances. There are these features: quick temperature sensing, sensitive action and reliable performance.Versatility and no need maintenance.

Specifications of BRI Thermal Switch

1. rated break temperature: 105 ℃-150 ℃( ±5 ℃)
2. reset temperature: break temperature -30℃ (±15 ℃)
3. rated voltage: 250V 380V
4. contact resistance: ≤50m Ω
5. Max passing current: 50A max
6. electrical strength: AC 1500V/min
7. durability: > 2000 times
8. wire diameter: 1.5 mm²
9. range of application : <3000 W

Characteristics of BRI Temperature Switch

1. Pure temperature design, small current effect
2. Epoxy sealing to ensure vacuum paint, waterproof and oil proof
3. The fully enclosed structure can prevent the components from being polluted by dust or magazines and damaged by external forces
4. The temperature is preset before leaving the factory for the control of a single temperature range
5. Each part strictly implements the environmental protection standard of European ROHS
6. Shell overcurrent can be used with external casing insulation

Structure and Working Principle of BRI Temperature Protector

This product is produced according to the thermal bimetal material heated bending force characteristics, the butterfly double metal components for special treatment, with the increase of temperature, butterfly storing energy device, when the temperature reaches thermal protector rated breaking temperature, the effects of butterfly element force moment reverse action, disconnect contact, to cut off the circuit of protected, so as to achieve protection function;When the temperature drops to the automatic reset temperature of the thermal protector, the contact closes the connection circuit and the power is restored.When the current of the protected body exceeds the rated current, the butterfly element generates heat energy due to the current. When the temperature of the thermal protector is reached, the acting force generated by the butterfly element will reverse in an instant and cut off the circuit, thus achieving the protection function.

Applications of BRI Temperature Protector

Pump, high power motor

Heating tube

Electric tool, battery packs

Drawing of BRI Temperature Protector

Motor Protection Can Be Referred to The Following Table

Motor insulation gradeCDEFGHI

Higher Current BRI Series Thermal Protector

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China 16A 380V Waterproof Oil Proof High Current BRI Three Phase DC Motor Thermal Protector supplier

16A 380V Waterproof Oil Proof High Current BRI Three Phase DC Motor Thermal Protector

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