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Grey 4-30mm Waterproofing Cement Board , 2440mm Perforated Fiber Cement Board

Grey 4-30mm Waterproofing Cement Board , 2440mm Perforated Fiber Cement Board

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Certification:EN 1090-2-2018; ISO3834
Model Number:OWN
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Waterproofing Fiber Cement Wall Heat Insulation Wall System Board

Product description:

Fiber cement board is an environmentally friendly fireproof board, which does not contain asbestos, and is healthy and green for decoration and building materials. Different from the fiber cement board of most other manufacturers, the board is processed by equipment such as cement, mineral fiber and adhesive. The color is gray. It is a kind of building material generated by copying and forming and high-pressure curing. . Used in civil and industrial buildings. It can be used for building floor slabs, interior wall panels, exterior wall panels, ceiling panels, curtain wall lining panels, composite wall panels, edge materials, roofing and other parts. Fiber cement board is also called cement pressure board. It is a board developed to meet market demand. The length and width are 2.44*1.22 meters, 3*1.22 meters, and the thickness of the board is 0.5cm, 0.6cm, 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.4cm. , 3cm and other thicknesses, in addition to custom-made sheets of any specifications. The fiber cement board has excellent thermal insulation performance, which can reduce the loss of air conditioning and heating of the building, reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning and heating, and save the use cost of the building. The flat surface of the board can improve the decorative effect of the building. In addition to being suitable for use in various new buildings, it is also suitable for refurbishment of old buildings; non-combustibility A1, fully meets the requirements for safe use of buildings, and guarantees users' fire safety.


1. Green and eco-friendly
None of the products contain asbestos, benzene or formaldehyde.

2. Fire resistance
The products has Class A1 safety and fire-proof features. It has a strong resistance to acid and alkali.

3. Types are deversified
Offer mutiple choice, like promotive color panel, pure color panel, hear-preservation panel, ecological stone panel, grain panel and so on.

4. Self-cleaning function
Adopting the internationallly-advanced fluorocarbon coating, which is resistant to dir staying. After 20 years of use, it is still splendid as if new. So that post-building maintance expenses are effectively saved.

5. Rich in color
Provides rich color choices and colorful and varied decoration pattern designs. The shade is gracefull and its temperament is reserved and not showy.


Apparent densityg/cm31.4<D≤1.7
Surface adhensive strengthMpa≥0.6
Surface wear resistanceg/100r≤0.10
Wet expansion%≤0.2
Surface resistance against heat/coldness circulation/No Cracking
Surface resistance against scratch/1.2N, no whole circle of continuous scratch on the surface
Surface resistance against cracking/No cracking
Surface resistance against pollution and corrosion/No pollution or corrosion
Modulus of rupture (Air dried condition)Mpa21-27
Asbestos%100% asbestos free
Lengthmm2440mm, maximum 4880mm


Fiber-reinforced cement boards are mainly used in partition walls, suspended ceilings, floors, exterior walls, etc. The use places include:

1. Commercial buildings: commercial buildings, places, shopping malls, hotels

2. Residential buildings: residential buildings, decoration and renovation

3. Public places, theaters, stations

China Grey 4-30mm Waterproofing Cement Board , 2440mm Perforated Fiber Cement Board supplier

Grey 4-30mm Waterproofing Cement Board , 2440mm Perforated Fiber Cement Board

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