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Two - Component Epoxy Water Based Paint For Transmission Shaft Anti - Corrosion Protection

Two - Component Epoxy Water Based Paint For Transmission Shaft Anti - Corrosion Protection

Brand Name:KINTE
Certification:ROHS, ISO90001, ISO14000, Reach
Model Number:AE-29003A
Minimum Order Quantity:1000kg
Delivery Time:10 working days
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, D/P
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Product Details

Two-component Epoxy Water-based Paint for Transmission Shaft Anti-corrosion Protection


AE-29003A is composed of water-based modified epoxy resin, polyamine curing agent, deionized water, water-based additives, co-solvents, environmental protection pigments, fillers, etc.
It is widely used in the coating of the surface of metal substrates used in transmission shafts, shock absorbers, steering columns and other products. It plays a very good role in decoration and anti-corrosion protection. It is suitable for manual spraying and DISC electrostatic spraying.


No irritating smell.
It meets the DISC electrostatic spraying process and has good construction adaptability.
After curing, the paint film has excellent abrasion resistance, stacking resistance, neutral salt spray, impact resistance and chemical resistance.
The products meet the standards of toxic and harmful substances in auto parts.

◎Film Properties:

Test ItemResult
Drying time (25℃)

Surface dry time: 1h;
Ultimate dry time: 24h

Fully cured in 7 days
Using drier: 80-90℃×30min
Adhesive (scratch)Grade 1
Pencil hardness (HB)H
Impact (50kg•cm)Pass
Corrosion resistance>360h
Water resistance>300h



Component A (black liquid) Specific gravity 1.33±0.05
Component B (brown liquid) Specific gravity 1.01±0.03

Mix proportion

12:1 (Weight ratio)
4.5:1 (Volume ratio)

Mass solid content (105℃×3h)45±5%
Mix methodAfter mixing component A, add component B and fully mix evenly
Coating thickness

Dry film thickness 30-50μm;
Wet film thickness 180μm

DiluentDeionized water, add about 0~10%
Curing period(25℃)--
Recoating interval

Minimum 4h
Maximum 48h

Pretreatment of substrateWhen directly applied to the surface of the substrate, the substrate should be treated with phosphating, vitrification, and silanization, and it must be clean, dry, rust-free, and oil-free.
Substrate temperatureSubstrate temperature should be higher than dew point by 3℃
Construction Conditions

The construction temperature is 10-35℃, the humidity is 30-75%, and the ventilation conditions are good.
For construction in winter, it is recommended to preheat the workpiece and use hot air circulation to increase the surface temperature of the workpiece. Infrared heating can be used.

ProcessSubstrate - Rust removal, degreasing, dust removal, phosphating, silane, vitrification treatment - Moisture drying - Spraying water-based paint - Leveling at room temperature for 5-10 minutes - Gradient heating, 90-100 degrees 30 minute artifact - Off-line packaging
Coating method

DISC electrostatic spraying:
Spraying voltage: 50 ~ 60 kV
Spraying pressure: 0.35-0.45Mpa
Construction viscosity: 16~20s (25-30℃)
Hand spraying:
Construction viscosity:35-43 seconds (25-30°C)

Applicable substrate:Suitable for cast iron, galvanized sheet, carbon steel, cast aluminum and other metal substrates
CleanWash tools and equipment with clean water immediately after construction
Storage lifeThe storage period of the paint is six months, please be sure to use it up within the storage period, so as not to affect the quality; the paint (including curing agent, thinner) should be sealed and stored in a cool place, waterproof, leakproof, sunscreen, high temperature, and away from fire.

Component A: 18kg/barrel
Component B: 3.0kg/barrel

Company Profile:

Kinte Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is subordinate to China Machinery Industry Corporation (a key state-owned enterprise directly managed by SASAC, ranking 284 among the world's top 500 in 2021). It is a national high-tech enterprise under China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 688128), a listed enterprise on the SSE STAR MARKET. Focusing on the R & D, production, and sales of environmentally friendly coatings (powder coatings, waterborne industrial coatings) and powder coating resins, the company is committed to improving the global market competitiveness of China's environmentally friendly coating industry. Now it has become the leader and promoter in China’s technological development of environmentally friendly coatings as well as polyester resins for powder coatings!

We have gained ISO9001 and ISO14000, ISO18001, RoHS, UL certification and QUALICOAT Certificate. Due to the excellent and stable quality, our products always enjoy high reputation at home and oversea, and were sold to more than 30 countries. Our clients include many top air conditioning manufacturers in the world such as GREE, Midea, TICA, TRANE, etc.

We unremittingly stick at the business principle of “Quality is the life, adhere to first-class technology, first-class quality, first-class cost and first-class brand”. We would like to provide a complete set of services and solutions for both domestic and abroad customers and would like to go forward to brilliant future with you together.

China Two - Component Epoxy Water Based Paint For Transmission Shaft Anti - Corrosion Protection supplier

Two - Component Epoxy Water Based Paint For Transmission Shaft Anti - Corrosion Protection

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