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Beryllium Copper CuBe2 In Wire Form Used In Electrical Industry

Beryllium Copper CuBe2 In Wire Form Used In Electrical Industry

Certification:ISO ROHS
Model Number:CuBe2
Minimum Order Quantity:30kg
Delivery Time:10~15 Working days
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Location: Hangzhou Zhejiang China
Address: No.126 Jincheng Rd., Xindeng Industral Area,Fuyang Dist. ,Hangzhou,Zhejiang Prov.China
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Product Details

Beryllium Copper CuBe2 in Wire Form Used in The Electrical Indsutry

Product Description:

Name: Beryllium copper wire

Grade: CuBe2

Specification: Diameter 1.4mm

Surface: Bright

State: A(TB00), 1/4H(TD01), 1/2H(TD02), 3/4H(TD03, H(TD04)

Features: High strength and elestivity

Application: For electrical industry

Chemical Composition of Beryllium Copper CuBe2 Alloy:

Product Grade: CUBERYLLIUM ®-172(UNS. C17200)

Beryllium(Be): 1.80-2.00%

Cobalt(Co) + Nickel(Ni): 0.20% Min

Cobalt(Co) + Nickel(Ni) + Iron(Fe): 0.60% Max

Lead: 0.02% Max

Copper(Cu): Balance

Note: Copper plus additions equal 99.5% Minimum.

Typical Physical Properties of Beryllium Copper CuBe2 Alloy:

Density (g/cm3):8.36
Density before age hardening (g/cm3):8.25
Elastic Modulus (kg/mm2 (103)):13.4
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20 °C to 200 °C m/m/°C):17 x 10-6
Thermal Conductivity (cal/(cm-s-°C)):0.25
Melting Range (°C):870-980

Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Beryllium Copper CuBe2 Wires:

AlloyTemper (*)Heat TreatmentTensile Strength MpaElongation percentElectrical Conductivity percent IACS
1/4 H/570~7953~2515-19
1/2 H/710~9302~1515-19
3/4 H/840~10702~815-19
AT3 hr 315℃1050~13803 min22-28
1/4 HT2 hr 315℃1150~14502 min22-28
1/2 HT1.5hr 315℃1200~14802 min22-28
3/4 HT1.0 hr 315℃1250~15852 min22-28
HT1.0hr 315℃1300~15851 min22-28

International Specification of Beryllium Copper CuBe2 Alloy:

Product TypeTemper Type
BarASTM B196
Military Mil-C-21657
RodASTM B196
Military Mil-C-21657
WireASTM B197, AMS4725, SAE J461,463, RWMA Class 4
European StandardsCuBe2, Alloy 25, BrB2, DIN.2.1247, CW101C to EN


ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials

SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers

AMS: Aerospace Materials Specification(Published by SEA)

RWMA: Resistance Welder Manufacturers' Association

Note: Unless otherwise specified, material will be produced by ASTM.

Product Photo:

Process of Copper Beryllium Wires:

Contact Us:

Contact Person: Yomi Xu(Sales Manager)

Email ID: sales@cuberyllium.com

Mobile/Wechat: +86-17376550856


Q1: Could you produce Beryllium Copper strip by Mill Hardened process.
A1: Yes, we could produce AM(TM00), 1/2HM(TM01).HM(TM04) XHM(TM06) XHMS(TM08).,we are the only factory could do harden strip in China.

Q2: What’s the advantages the Beryllium Copper of CUBERYLLIUM®.
A2: 1: The Biggest Coil weight could be reach 1200kg/Coil

2: We are the only one who melting by Vacuum semi-Continuous Furnace.

3: Surface further polishing for top clients.

Q3: Why you melting by Vacuum semi-Continuous Furnace.
A3: Could be get the Cast ingot without gas,smaller segregation, Grain Refinement

Q4: What's the payment terms?
A4: We accept T/T, L/C, Paypal etc. It can be negotiated when the amount is different.

China Beryllium Copper CuBe2 In Wire Form Used In Electrical Industry supplier

Beryllium Copper CuBe2 In Wire Form Used In Electrical Industry

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