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GL60 Sliding Multi Purpose Loaders Mechanical Model Shinchai 36.8KW

GL60 Sliding Multi Purpose Loaders Mechanical Model Shinchai 36.8KW

Brand Name:GL
Model Number:GL60 Multifunctional Sliding Car Finished car
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GL60 Multifunctional Loader Engineering Car Mechanical Model, Finished Product Whole Car

GL60 Multi-function sliding vehicle complete -Mechanical mode

We are a professional manufacturer of multi-function slip loader and various auxiliary tools, is the domestic professional R & D, manufacturing and sales as one of the small and medium-sized machinery manufacturers.Sliding loader, also known as multifunctional engineering truck, is a special wheeled chassis equipment that makes use of the linear speed difference of wheels on both sides to realize vehicle steering. It is mainly used in the occasions where the working site is narrow, the ground is uneven, and the operation content changes frequently. It is widely used in infrastructure construction, industrial application, loading and unloading of warehouse, urban streets, residential buildings, barns, livestock barns, airport runways, etc.It can also be used as auxiliary equipment of large engineering construction machinery;Advanced design, excellent manufacturing, strive to make the products reach the international advanced level, can provide users with more different supporting solutions.We adhere to the quality of survival, credibility and development, welcome to buy!!

1.Wide range of uses: suitable for different working scenarios (infrastructure construction, cargo handling, warehouse loading and unloading, street cleaning, sand loading and unloading, etc.)

2. Working accessories, convenient replacement, simple, joint connection can be removed to complete the installation and disassembly

3. Professional team: professional R & D, manufacturing and sales as one of the manufacturing factory

4. Face the demand: according to the different needs of customers customized installation, refit

5. Good cost performance: factory price, small profits and quick sales, quality of survival, reputation for development

6. Good materials: The core parts adopt the world famous brand, the quality is more guaranteed

7. Convenient maintenance: Easy maintenance and maintenance, open the back cover can complete all inspection and maintenance

8. Flexible and light: can be in situ 360 degree turn operation, flexible and light

A multi-function sliding loader is a type of heavy equipment that is designed to perform a variety of tasks using a sliding loader bucket. In addition to the basic functions of a sliding loader bucket, such as digging and loading, a multi-function sliding loader may also have attachments or tools that can be used for tasks such as grading, leveling, and compacting.

Some common attachments for multi-function sliding loaders include:

Forks: used for lifting and moving pallets or other materials
Grapple: used for picking up and moving large or irregularly shaped objects
Hydraulic hammer: used for breaking up concrete or other hard materials
Auger: used for drilling holes in the ground for fence posts or other purposes
Sweeper: used for cleaning up debris on job sites or streets
Multi-function sliding loaders are commonly used in construction, landscaping, and agriculture, as well as in industries such as mining and forestry. They are versatile machines that can save time and labor by consolidating several tasks into one piece of equipment.

Complete parameters of GL60 slip loader
NO.Configuration parameterConfiguration descriptionNO.Configuration parameterConfiguration description
1Mode of operationMechanical operationAMaximum operating height4058 mm
2engineShinchai 36.8KWBThe bucket is higher than the pin3077 mm
3Traveling pumpSa (USA)C"Cab top height without air conditioning."2007 mm
4air conditionerHeating&cooling air conditioningD"Top height of air-conditioned cab"2177 mm
5Liquid-controlled valveHeide (Italy)E"Maximum horizontal height of bucket bottom"2908 mm
6Balancing valveHeide (Italy)FNo bucket length2700 mm
7Rated load800 (kg)GWith bucket length3413 mm
8Overturning load1600 (kg)HMaximum unloading height2303 mm
9Operating weight3000 (kg)IUnloading distance675 mm
10Tire standard10-16.5 barJwheelbase999 mm
11Maximum travelling speed10-12 km/HKDeparture Angle23°
12Working flow (small)66 L/minLGround clearance185 mm
13Working pressure180 barMTire edge width1740 mm
14Standard bucket capacity0.41m³NEdge width of the bucket1800 mm
15Diesel tank capacity70 LOHighest Angle of the bucket99°
16Hydraulic tank capacity70 LPUnloading Angle38°

China GL60 Sliding Multi Purpose Loaders Mechanical Model Shinchai 36.8KW supplier

GL60 Sliding Multi Purpose Loaders Mechanical Model Shinchai 36.8KW

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