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UNS N06625 Inconel Alloy Inconel 625 Rod Alloy 625 Tube 625 Nickel Sheets

UNS N06625 Inconel Alloy Inconel 625 Rod Alloy 625 Tube 625 Nickel Sheets

Brand Name:KAIXIN
Model Number:KX-Alloy IN625
Minimum Order Quantity:200KG
Delivery Time:45~60days
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
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Product Details

KX Inconel 625 Nickel Alloy Wire Round Bar Tube Steel Sheet Light Rod on Inconel Alloy

Product Description and Application

Inconel 625 is also known as the UNS N06625, Nr.2.4856, N06625, NC22DNb

Inconel 625 is a Ni-Cr base solid solution reinforced deformation superalloy with chromium, molybdenum and niobium as the main sosoloid strengthened elements. The maximum operating temperature is 950℃. The alloy has good tensile strength and fatigue resistance from low temperature to 980℃ and has good processing and welding technicality. The alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and stress corrosion resistance in salt spray atmosphere. Alloys have been used in the manufacture of aerospace engine casings, guide blades, mounting edges and barrels, fuel pipelines and etc components. The corrosion rate of the alloy is very low in both Marine and non-marine atmospheres and its corrosion resistance to seawater is very good. The alloy is resistant to the corrosion of various salting and has good resistance to the corrosion of nitric acid and phosphoric acid. It also has considerable resistance to the corrosion of hydrochloric acid and low concentration sulfuric acid when heated below boiling point. The aging hardening of the alloy after long-term use at 550℃~700℃ can lead to a decrease in the alloy plasticity . The main products are sheet, bar, pipe, wire, strip and forgings.

Process Performance and Requirements

  • Product Fusion Process

Vacuum Induction Furnace(VIM) and Electroslag Remelting Furnace(ESR)

  • Product Chemical Composition

Inconel 625MinRem2083.15

  • Product Physical Property

Melting point1290-1350℃
Magnetic PropertyNil

  • Product Mechanical Property

Standard NumberVarietyHeat TreatmentRoom-temperature Property815℃ Durability

GJB 3165A

Liao Xin 7-0023

Hot rolled and forged rod(950~1030)℃/AC or WQ830


GJB 3317AHot rolled plate(950~1030)℃/AC83041030MVHV3051142315
Liao Xin 7-0038Cold rolled sheet(950~1030) or (1090~1200)℃/AC83041030--HV3051142315
Q/3B 4080Pipe(960~1030)℃/AC or WQ82541535--HRC25------

  • Product Heat Treatment Institution

Rod and forgings, (1090~1200)℃x(1.5~2)h/WQ;

Wire, (1090-1200) ℃/≥ air cooling rate,

d≤3mm, insulation (9~15)min;

d3mm~5mm, insulation (15~20)min;

Hot rolled sheet, (950~1030)℃/AC,HB≤305hV;

Pipe, (960~1030)℃/AC or WQ

  • Professional Customization

Cold-drawn Wire¢0.3~¢18mm(Delivery in rolls or trays)
Hot-Rolling Wire¢5.5~¢20mm(Delivery in rolls)
Stripthickness 0.1~4.5*width 6~350mm(Supply in rolls or straight strips)
Smooth Forged Rod on a Lathe


Hot-rolled Burnishing¢20~80mm,L1000-5000mm
Cold Drawn and Burnishing¢2.5~18mm,L1000-8000mm
Seamless Tube¢1~275mm,wall thickness 0.2~30,L1000-8000mm

China UNS N06625 Inconel Alloy Inconel 625 Rod Alloy 625 Tube 625 Nickel Sheets supplier

UNS N06625 Inconel Alloy Inconel 625 Rod Alloy 625 Tube 625 Nickel Sheets

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