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15V 3A GaN PD45W Fast Charger USB A Type C Adapter Charger Dual Port

15V 3A GaN PD45W Fast Charger USB A Type C Adapter Charger Dual Port

Brand Name:GEO(GEAO Technology)
Certification:CE, UKCA, ETL, GS, FCC, TUV, ROHS, CB, KC, SAA, UL, PSE
Model Number:15V 3A GaN Fast Charger (GaN PD45W)
Minimum Order Quantity:100pcs
Delivery Time:7-25 Days
Payment Terms:L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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15V 3A GaN PD45W Fast Charger USB A Type C Adapter Charger Dual Port


1.Smart Charging Mode Switching

Experience intelligent charging with our adaptable charging modes, dynamically adjusting to different battery levels. This feature not only reduces charging temperatures but also ensures optimal battery saturation, ultimately prolonging battery lifespan.

2.Advanced Safety Measures

Equipped with a PD protocol module and an intelligent safety chip, our charger can adeptly recognize fast-charging protocols. This ensures a stable output of high-power currents, safeguarding your device throughout the charging process.

3.Comprehensive Protection

Benefit from a range of protective features including input and output overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, anti-interference protection, and fireproof flame-retardant casing. These functions effectively shield your phone battery, promoting longevity and compatibility across various phone brands and models.

4.Dual-layer Insulation

Crafted with durable materials and a fire-resistant inner layer, our charger offers dual insulation for both the shell and power plug. This enhances safety, particularly in damp environments or with aging insulation materials, preventing electric leakage or other potential hazards.

5.Full Spectrum IC Chip

Experience true PD fast charging with our IC chip, ensuring efficient and safe charging without overheating or device damage. Compatible with a range of mobile phones and digital devices, it optimizes battery charging for maximum efficiency and longevity. Multiple protection mechanisms further extend battery life and ensure safe charging.

6.Efficient Cooling Technology

Our charger incorporates high-performance components such as transformers, MOS tubes, and capacitors, ensuring high energy conversion efficiency and minimal heat generation during charging.

7.Compact and Lightweight Design

Enjoy the convenience of our sleek and portable charger, designed for easy handling and carrying. Its minimalist design ensures a comfortable grip and stylish appearance.

8.Universal Voltage Compatibility

With a wide voltage design accommodating 100-240V power supplies, our charger is perfect for international travel, eliminating charging concerns wherever you go.

9.Versatile Compatibility

Compatible with a wide range of mobile phone brands including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO, as well as laptops and tablets, our charger ensures hassle-free charging for all your devices.

10.Rapid Multi-protocol Charging

Experience the convenience of PD+QC+PPS fast charging, automatically identifying multiple voltage modes for efficient charging. Our charger meets international environmental standards, boasting a 92% conversion efficiency and exceptional quality and durability.

11.Exploring the forefront of gallium nitride technology

Our product offers lightning-fast charging for your mobile device, efficiently saving precious time. With its advanced design, it minimizes heat generation while charging, ensuring a secure and steady charging experience.

Technical Parameters:

Output Voltage (V)5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V
Output Current (A)3A, 3A, 3A, 3A, 2.25A
Output Power (W)45W
Input Voltage (V)100-240VAC
Bending TestMore than 1,000 times
Temperature Up With Typical Load
Test at surface of the case with typical ac input and typical load in output 50/60hz
VibrationOne minute X, Y, Z axis vibration
Hi-Pot TestFrom input to output, gradually rising from 0VAC-3000VAC
Insulation ResistancInput To Output,DC 500v
Operating Temperature0℃-40℃
Storage Temperature-20℃-85℃
Operating Humidity5%Rh-90%Rh
Storage Humidity5%Rh-90%Rh

Product Description:


Business Mobility: Professionals on the move can optimize their charging routine with the 20V2.25A GaN Fast Charger, ensuring swift replenishment of electronic devices like smartphones. This efficient charging approach guarantees sufficient power to sustain a full day of business activities.

Discoverer's Companion: Travel enthusiasts can maximize their adventures by utilizing the 20V2.25A GaN Fast Charger to rapidly charge a variety of electronic companions, including smartphones, cameras, and tablets. This quick-charging capability enhances the convenience of exploring diverse destinations.

Home Charging Hub: Within the confines of home, family members can simplify the charging process by using the 20V2.25A GaN Fast Charger. Particularly beneficial for nightly charging sessions involving multiple devices, this solution efficiently saves time for everyone in the household.

Emergency Power Boost: When faced with a low battery situation and unable to charge promptly, the 20V2.25A GaN Fast Charger acts as a timely savior. Its fast-charging ability ensures uninterrupted daily life, preventing inconveniences caused by low battery levels.

On-the-Go Charging: Car users can utilize the power of the 20V2.25A GaN Fast Charger to seamlessly charge electronic devices within the vehicle. From GPS navigators to speakers, this charger becomes an essential companion for maintaining device functionality during travels.

Mobile Power Solution: Users can convert the 20V2.25A GaN Fast Charger into a portable power supply, offering charging support for various devices on the move. This versatility allows users to recharge electronic companions anytime, anywhere, providing an instant energy boost.

Convenient Public Charging: Public spaces like airports, cafes, and libraries can improve user experience by offering accessible 20V2.25A GaN Fast Charger stations. This considerate setup facilitates convenient device charging while individuals wait or take a moment to rest.

Industrial Efficiency: In industrial settings, the 20V2.25A GaN Fast Charger serves in scenarios requiring fast charging, such as automation equipment and robots. Its efficiency contributes to the rapid operation of industrial processes, ensuring seamless productivity.


Tailored Color Choices: Tailoring to your individual taste, we offer a spectrum of color options for your adapter, whether through spraying or printing, ensuring a bespoke hue to match your style.

Global Versatility: Engineered to seamlessly transition across various regions and countries, our adapters guarantee universal functionality wherever you go.

Diverse Shell Materials and Finishes: From an array of materials to different finishes, our adapters offer versatility in design, allowing you to pick the perfect combination to suit your preferences.

Tailored Specifications: We have the capability to customize voltage, current, and power settings of the adapter to precisely align with your equipment's requirements.

Seamless Brand Integration: Elevate your brand presence by integrating your company or product logo onto the adapter shell, amplifying visibility and brand recognition.

Support and Services:

As a premier provider of power adapter solutions, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch products and outstanding support to our esteemed clientele. Our foremost goal is to guarantee a hassle-free user experience while boosting productivity.

Tailored Advisory Services Before you commit to a purchase, benefit from our personalized pre-sales advisory services. Our seasoned sales professionals will furnish you with in-depth insights on product options, usage recommendations, and competitive pricing. Moreover, we excel in crafting customized solutions tailored to your precise requirements, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup.

Dependable Technical Assistance Count on our adept technical support team equipped with years of industry experience. Whether it's product installation, operational guidance, or routine maintenance, we've got you covered. Should you encounter any technical glitches, our proficient technicians stand ready to deliver swift resolutions, ensuring minimal downtime.

Efficient Maintenance Strategies Safeguard the peak performance of your power adapter with our comprehensive maintenance programs. Our skilled maintenance staff swiftly pinpoint and rectify any issues, restoring your equipment to optimal functionality. Furthermore, we offer proactive maintenance services to preemptively tackle potential concerns and uphold uninterrupted operations.

Rest assured, we are steadfast in our commitment to providing the necessary assistance to maximize the efficiency and dependability of your equipment.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for 15V 3A 20V 2.25A GaN Fast Charger:

As dedicated manufacturers of power adapters, we recognize the vital role that meticulous packaging and dependable shipping play in ensuring customer satisfaction. Here's how we go the extra mile to guarantee that each unit reaches its destination securely and in top-notch condition:

To start with, we employ top-grade packaging materials engineered to withstand moisture, impacts, and compression, safeguarding the power adapter from any external harm. Our packaging is customized based on various factors such as model type, quantity, appearance, and weight to ensure maximum protection during transit.

Moreover, we've established a robust transportation network geared towards swift and secure delivery of our power adapters. Whether it's by air, sea, or ground, we adapt our transportation methods to factors like ventilation, shock resistance, and fall prevention to uphold the adapter's integrity throughout its journey.

Additionally, our packaging is comprehensively labeled with crucial information such as brand names, model numbers, quantity counts, and warranty periods. These labels complement our packaging and transportation strategies, making it easy for customers to access product details and usage instructions. Plus, we prominently feature our company's contact details and addresses on the packaging for swift customer support.

In essence, our utmost priority lies in ensuring the safe and flawless delivery of every power adapter to our customers. If you'd like to learn more about our packaging and transportation practices, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.


Q&A about 15V3A 20V 2.25A GaN Fast Charger:

1.Should I explore other manufacturers for a power adapter compatible with my device?

Response: It's recommended to stick to a power adapter specifically tailored for your device or one endorsed by the manufacturer. Opting for a different manufacturer's adapter may impact performance and compromise device safety.

2.What steps should I take to maintain my power adapter?

Response: To keep your power adapter performing at its best, avoid bending or twisting its cables, shield it from exposure to liquids, and store it in a cool, dry place when not in use. Regularly inspect the adapter and cables for any signs of damage, replacing them as necessary.

3.Why are voltage and current ratings crucial for a power adapter?

Response: Voltage, measured in volts, denotes the electrical potential difference, while current, in amperes or amps, indicates the flow of electric charge. The voltage and current ratings on a power adapter determine the amount of power it can supply to your device.

4.Is it safe to use a power adapter with a higher voltage rating than required for my device?

Response: It's not recommended to utilize a power adapter with a higher voltage rating than what your device needs, as it could lead to damage. Always use a power adapter with the correct voltage rating specified for your device.

5.What sets a power adapter apart from a power supply?

Response: A power adapter is a specialized form of power supply designed to connect to electronic devices and provide the necessary electrical power. In contrast, power supplies encompass a broader array of devices supplying electrical power for various purposes.

China 15V 3A GaN PD45W Fast Charger USB A Type C Adapter Charger Dual Port supplier

15V 3A GaN PD45W Fast Charger USB A Type C Adapter Charger Dual Port

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