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Automatic Defrosting Cold Room Evaporator Air Cooler Blast Walk In Freezer

Automatic Defrosting Cold Room Evaporator Air Cooler Blast Walk In Freezer

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Automatic Defrosting Evaporator For Cold Room, Walk In Freezer, Blast Freezer

Selection of air cooler: air cooler is a cooling device for forced air circulation, which can be divided into floor type and ceiling type according to its installation position.

Ceiling-type air coolers can be divided into three series: DL, DD, and DJ according to the applicable temperature range, which are suitable for cold storage with different temperatures.

DL type air cooler is mainly suitable for fresh-keeping cold storage above 0 ℃;

DD type air cooler is mainly suitable for the freezer of frozen objects at around -18°C;

DJ type air cooler is mainly suitable for quick freezing cold storage below -25 ℃.

The structure of the above three types of air coolers is basically the same, but there are differences in the total wind pressure and air circulation volume. The ceiling fan is installed under the flat roof of the warehouse and does not occupy the floor area of the cold storage. It is often used in the freezing room and cooling room.

Air cooler/Evaporator Introduction:

The indoor evaporator of the cold storage often uses cooling equipment such as cooling pipes, air coolers and shelf-type pipes. Whether the selection is reasonable or not is directly related to the cold processing quality and production efficiency of the product, as well as the recurring costs. Factors such as product cold processing process requirements, storage conditions, and warehouse area should be considered. The type of cold storage is different, and the cooling equipment selected is also different. The kitchen cold storage is recommended to use a corrosion-resistant stainless steel air cooler because the storage of goods contains acid and alkali substances.

Evaporator Series for Different Room Temperature

1. Fresh-keeping cold storage room at 0°C: DL air cooler is selected as the cooling equipment. The forced convection cooling method should be used in the cold room, which is mainly used for storing fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs and other organic foods or cooling meat. The uniformity of temperature and humidity in the warehouse is highly required, and a uniform air supply duct should be configured to achieve uniform air supply in the warehouse.

2. Freezer room for frozen objects at -18°C: Generally, cooling pipes are used as cooling equipment. It is also possible to use a DD air cooler with a slight wind speed to replace the cooling exhaust pipe. This cooling method is conducive to shortening the construction period and facilitating automatic control. It is very beneficial for packaged frozen goods.

3. Quick-freezing room below -25°C: use DJ air cooler as cooling equipment. Because meat, fish, and poultry need to be frozen for processing, the cooling method of forced air convection should be adopted. For foods with a small amount of freezing, such as plate-packed foods, bundled rack-type pipe distribution fans or flat-panel freezers should be used.

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Automatic Defrosting Cold Room Evaporator Air Cooler Blast Walk In Freezer

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