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FRP Bracket Cable Bearer Yellow 600mm Robust Support For Heavy Duty Cable

FRP Bracket Cable Bearer Yellow 600mm Robust Support For Heavy Duty Cable

Brand Name:ELITE
Certification:CE / SGS / TUV
Model Number:CCB-008
Minimum Order Quantity:50 Sets
Delivery Time:20 Days/Container
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T
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Product Details

Elite FRP Cable Bearer Robust Support for Heavy-Duty Cable Applications

ELITE Bracket Cable Bearer Product Details

Product CodeDimension(mm)Weight(kg)Qty/Package
Elite-CCB-008600mm1.3028 pcs

Material: The cable bracket and bearer are manufactured from Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites.

Mounting: The cable bracket and bearer are designed to be mounted on a chamber wall. They are typically attached using bolts, which are usually supplied with the system. The specific mounting method may vary depending on the system and application.

Wall Bearer: The wall bearer is a component that allows for the installation of multiple cable bearers. It is mounted on the chamber wall and provides a secure base for attaching the cable bearers. The wall bearer offers flexibility in the vertical position, enabling adjustments to suit the cable layout or requirements.

Cable Bearers: The cable bearers are used to hold and support cables securely. They are attached to the wall bearer and provide a stable platform for organizing and managing the cables. Cables can be strapped to the cable bearers, ensuring they are held in place and minimizing the risk of entanglement or damage.

Product advantages

1. Efficient Cable Organization: Cable bearers provide a systematic and organized approach to cable management. By elevating cables off the ground or floor, they eliminate cable clutter and tangles, making it easier to identify, trace, and manage cables, leading to improved operational efficiency.

2. Enhanced Cable Protection: Cable bearers offer reliable protection for cables by keeping them safely elevated. This minimizes the risk of damage from foot traffic, vehicles, or environmental factors such as moisture or dust. By safeguarding cables against physical wear and tear, cable bearers contribute to the longevity and reliability of the cable infrastructure.

3. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Cable bearers simplify installation and maintenance processes. With cables neatly positioned on the bearers, technicians can easily access and work on specific cables without disrupting the entire cable network. This streamlines maintenance tasks, reduces downtime, and enhances overall productivity.

4. Improved Cable Accessibility: Cable bearers ensure easy access to cables whenever necessary. By lifting cables off the ground, they eliminate obstacles and reduce the likelihood of tripping hazards. This accessibility facilitates quick identification, troubleshooting, and repairs, leading to faster resolution of cable-related issues.

5. Better Cable Airflow and Cooling: Elevating cables with bearers promotes better airflow and cooling. Adequate airflow prevents heat build-up and helps dissipate excess heat generated by power cables or high-speed data cables. This cooling effect enhances cable performance and reliability, reducing the risk of overheating and potential system failures.

6. Scalability and Flexibility: Cable bearers offer scalability and flexibility to accommodate evolving cable management needs. They come in various sizes, materials, and configurations, allowing for easy customization and adaptation to different cable types, quantities, and installation requirements. This flexibility future-proofs cable infrastructure, enabling seamless expansion and modifications as business needs evolve.

In summary, cable bearers provide a range of benefits, including efficient cable organization, enhanced protection, easy installation and maintenance, improved accessibility, better airflow and cooling, and scalability. By incorporating cable bearers into cable management strategies, organizations can optimize efficiency, reduce downtime, protect cables, and ensure a reliable and well-organized cable infrastructure.

China FRP Bracket Cable Bearer Yellow 600mm Robust Support For Heavy Duty Cable supplier

FRP Bracket Cable Bearer Yellow 600mm Robust Support For Heavy Duty Cable

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