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PVC Pipe Processing Machine Plastic Pvc Pipe Production Line for Hotels

PVC Pipe Processing Machine Plastic Pvc Pipe Production Line for Hotels

Model Number:SJZ51/105,65/132,80/156,92/188
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KE CHENG DA pvc pipe making machine pipe processing machines plastic extruders pipe production line

The PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe production line is a combination of equipment and processes used to manufacture PVC pipes. PVC pipes are widely used in fields such as construction, water supply and drainage, power, communication, and farmland irrigation. The following is a general introduction to the PVC pipe production line:

1. Raw material preparation: The first step in the PVC pipe production line is to prepare the raw materials. The main raw materials are polyvinyl chloride resin powder (PVC resin), as well as additives such as stabilizers, lubricants, fillers, etc. These raw materials are mixed and pre-treated according to specific formulas.

2. Extruder: The mixed PVC raw materials are heated and plasticized through an extruder, resulting in an extruded molten state. The extruder is composed of a feeding section, a screw, a cylinder, and a die head. The screw pushes the molten PVC into the mold head, forming the desired pipe shape.

3. The extruded pipe enters the cooling device through a conveyor belt or roller to quickly cool and solidify. Then, enter the sizing machine and control the outer diameter and wall thickness of the pipe through molds of different specifications.

4. The final step of the production line is to conduct quality inspection and packaging of the finished product. Inspect the dimensions, appearance, mechanical properties, and other aspects of the pipes to ensure that the products meet quality standards. Then, the pipes are usually packaged in a form suitable for transportation and storage.

Supporting ExtruderSJZ51/105SJZ665/132SJZ51/105SJZ65/132SJZ65/132SJZ80/156SJZ80/156SJZ92/188
Pipe Range(mm)16-5016-2520-11050-16050-250110-315160-400315-630
The length of vacuuum calibration tank(mm)40004000600060006000600060006000
Haul-off speed(m/min)1.2-121-100.6-60.5-50.4-40.3-30.2-2.50.2-1.5
Installed capacity(kw)6785678595125135255
Total length(mm)1700018000170001800020000205002800030000

In addition to the basic process steps mentioned above, some PVC pipe production lines may also include other processes, such as vacuum straightening, wire cutting, thread processing, etc., to meet the needs of different pipeline applications. In addition, some production lines may integrate automated control systems to improve production efficiency and product quality.

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China PVC Pipe Processing Machine Plastic Pvc Pipe Production Line for Hotels supplier

PVC Pipe Processing Machine Plastic Pvc Pipe Production Line for Hotels

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