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Power Cables Cu/XLPE/CAS/PVC XLPE Insulated Underground Power Cable

Power Cables Cu/XLPE/CAS/PVC XLPE Insulated Underground Power Cable

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CU/XLPE/CAS/PVC 66KV XLPE Insulated Underground Power Cable

Voltage grade is up to 220kv, cross-section area can be up to 2500 sqmm (copper or aluminiun conductor). Conductor long-time operating temperature is 90 degrees. In short circuit, conductor highest temperature should be not more than 250 degrees.

2. Brief Construction:
Single core
Copper or aluminium conductor
XLPE insulation

Corugation aluminum sheath
PVC or PE sheath

3. Laying conditions: For lyaing under ground with large different altitude, be able to bear external machanical force and moderate pulling force


The conductor shall be round compact stranded copper or aluminum wires. The resistance of each conductor at 20ºC shall be in accordance with IEC 60228 standard. The surface of the conductor shall be clean and free from any foreign particles, which may contaminate the insulation or cause high electrical field stress in the conductor screen.
Conductor screen, Insulation and Insulation screen
Extrusion of conductor screen, insulation and insulation screen shall be by single pass, triple extrusion method. Conductor screen, XLPE main insulation and insulation screen shall be produced by triple extrusion and dry curing.
Conductor screen shall consist of semi-conducting tapes applied over the conductor and a continuous layer of extruded semiconducting XLPE compound covering the entire surface area of the conductor and firmly bonded to the inner surface of the insulation.
The insulation shall be XLPE and shall be applied by extrusion and cross-linked to form a compact and homogeneous layer in accordance with the Standards specified. The insulation material shall be of Super Clean polyethylene mixture suitable for cross-linking (XLPE).
Insulation screen shall consist of a layer of extruded non-strippable semi-conducting thermosetting compound.

After triple extrusion, the insulated cores shall be degassed to remove the by-product in the core from the cross-linking process.

Semi-conducting water-blocking tapes (swellable tapes) over the insulation screen shall be applied to prevent longitudinal water penetration between insulation screening and metallic sheath. The swellable tape shall cover the entire surface area of the insulation screen.

Metallic sheath
Corrugation Aluminum sheath shall be applied over the semi-conducting water blocking tape to accommodate the required radical water tightness and protect the insulation core.

Outer sheath
The outer-sheath shall be of an extruded layer of black color PVC.It shall be highly chemical resistance and withstand the mechanical force during fabrication, transit,installation and operation.
Outer conductive layer
A coating of Graphite shall be applied over the over sheath to carry out D.C. Voltage Test.

1. The products are mainly complying with IEC 60840 standard, also can be produced according to OEM requirements and other standards, such as bs standard, DIN standard, ASTM standard, etc.

QUALITY ASSURANCE Effective Quality Assurance procedures are essential to ensure QIFAN Cables of the consistency and long term reliability and performance of all products. QIFAN CABLE has always recognized the importance of Quality Assurance and this commitment is reflected in the company's accreditation. At QIFAN Quality Assurance is an integral part of production and supply process and maintained at all stages from order entry and manufacture through testing, packaging and shipping. All Quality Assurance procedures, and systems are regularly audited against International Standards.

XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) insulated cable refers to an electrical cable that has conductors insulated with XLPE material. XLPE is a thermosetting polymer known for its excellent electrical properties, making it a popular choice for various applications in the power transmission and distribution industry.
Insulation Material: XLPE is a type of polyethylene that is chemically cross-linked. This cross-linking process improves the thermal and mechanical properties of the insulation, making it more robust and durable compared to non-cross-linked materials.
Electrical Performance: XLPE insulation offers high dielectric strength, low dielectric losses, and excellent insulation resistance. This allows for efficient power transmission while minimizing energy losses.
Thermal Properties: XLPE insulation can withstand higher operating temperatures than traditional PVC (polyvinyl chloride) insulation. This makes XLPE cables suitable for applications that require higher temperature ratings.
Environmental Resistance: XLPE insulation provides good resistance to moisture, chemicals, and environmental stresses, such as UV radiation. This makes XLPE cables suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.
Low Smoke and Halogen-Free Options: XLPE cables are available in low smoke and halogen-free variants. These cables are designed to minimize the release of smoke and toxic gases in the event of a fire, enhancing safety in critical applications.
Wide Range of Applications: XLPE insulated cables are widely used in power distribution networks, industrial installations, commercial buildings, underground and overhead installations, renewable energy projects, and more. They are suitable for both low voltage and high voltage applications.
International Standards: XLPE insulated cables are manufactured in accordance with various international standards, such as IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), and BS (British Standards). Compliance with these standards ensures the quality and performance of the cables.

China Power Cables Cu/XLPE/CAS/PVC XLPE Insulated Underground Power Cable supplier

Power Cables Cu/XLPE/CAS/PVC XLPE Insulated Underground Power Cable

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