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Wall-Mounted 48V 100Ah Lithium Solar Energy Storage Battery For Renewable Energy Systems

Wall-Mounted 48V 100Ah Lithium Solar Energy Storage Battery For Renewable Energy Systems

Brand Name:YUNFAN
Model Number:YF51100LP-HES-WM
Minimum Order Quantity:1Pieces
Delivery Time:7-30 Days
Payment Terms:T/T,PAYPAL
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Location: Shenzhen Guangdong China
Address: Room 506, Building B12, Yantian Industrial Zone, Yintian Community, Xixiang Street, Bao 'an District, Shenzhen,China
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Product Details

Product Description:

A residential wall-mounted energy storage battery, often referred to as a home wall-mounted battery, offers a streamlined and effective energy storage solution tailored for household use. These compact units are commonly affixed to a wall, whether inside or outside the home, and seamlessly integrate with the home's electrical setup.
The main function of these batteries is to accumulate surplus energy produced by renewable sources like solar panels or wind turbines. This stored energy becomes invaluable during peak demand times, when electricity rates typically surge, or as a reliable backup during power interruptions.
Primarily composed of lithium-ion technology, these batteries boast high energy density, extended lifespan, and efficient charge and discharge rates. They also come with built-in monitoring and management systems, empowering homeowners to monitor energy consumption and fine-tune their energy strategies.
In essence, a home wall-mounted energy storage battery grants homeowners enhanced energy autonomy, adaptability, and resilience. It allows them to decrease their dependence on the conventional grid, curtail energy expenses, and contribute to a greener energy landscape.


Advanced Safety Features: With the use of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, these batteries prioritize safety. They effectively guard against overcharging, overdischarging, and high currents, ensuring reliable and secure operation.
Integrated Battery Management System (BMS): The built-in BMS optimizes battery performance and lifespan by preventing overcharging, overdischarging, and excessive current flow. It also ensures cell balancing for extended battery longevity. Furthermore, the RS485 and CAN communication interfaces enable smooth interaction with a variety of devices, promoting compatibility and easy system integration.
User-Friendly LCD Display: The battery features an LCD display that offers real-time insights into crucial battery parameters like voltage, current, temperature, and remaining capacity. This gives users the tools they need to effectively monitor and manage their energy storage system.
Broad Compatibility: Engineered to work seamlessly with a diverse range of inverters in the market, these lithium batteries can easily integrate into both existing and new home energy storage setups, ensuring flexibility and straightforward installation.
Adaptable Applications: While primarily designed for home energy storage systems, these batteries also support OEM/ODM customization. This flexibility allows for bespoke solutions tailored to specific needs. Whether used as a standalone energy storage unit or as part of a comprehensive renewable energy setup, these lithium batteries deliver consistent performance and versatility across various applications.

Technical Parameters:

Product NameWall Mounted Lithium Battery
Shell material
Sheet metal chassis
Battery size600(L)*460(W)*225(H)mm
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current100A
BMS Discharge Voltage Cut-off43.5V[2.8±0.08vpc][100±50ms]
Charge Temperature0℃ to 55℃
Discharge Temperature
-20℃ to 60℃
High Temperature Cut-off Charge129.2℉[54℃][Customized]
Installation Method
Wall mounted


Household wall-mounted lithium batteries stand out as adaptable energy storage solutions, offering homeowners a range of advantages and practical applications. Here's a story that illustrates their role in everyday use:
Meet John and Sarah, an eco-conscious couple who recently installed solar panels on their roof to tap into the sun's clean energy. Eager to maximize their solar benefits and lessen their grid dependency, they opt to incorporate a household wall-mounted lithium battery into their energy setup.
Energy Self-Sufficiency: By adding a wall-mounted lithium battery to their system, John and Sarah can bank surplus solar energy produced during sunny days for use during nighttime or overcast periods. This shift reduces their reliance on the grid, allowing them to fine-tune their energy consumption and achieve greater self-sufficiency.
Reliable Backup: The lithium battery doubles as a dependable backup during grid failures or emergencies. Should the power go out, the battery seamlessly takes over, keeping essential appliances running and ensuring John, Sarah, and their family remain comfortable and safe.
Time-of-Use Efficiency: Thanks to its smart battery management system, the battery optimizes energy utilization. It charges during low-demand, cost-effective periods and discharges during peak times when electricity rates spike. This strategy helps John and Sarah trim down their electricity bills and amplify the returns from their solar investment.
User-Friendly Monitoring: An intuitive LCD display on the battery offers John and Sarah real-time updates on energy consumption, battery health, and performance metrics. This feature allows them to keep a close eye on their energy habits and tweak settings for peak efficiency and savings.
Scalable and Tailored: As their energy needs grow, John and Sarah can effortlessly expand their energy storage by adding more wall-mounted lithium batteries. The system's compatibility with a wide range of inverters ensures they have the flexibility to adapt and scale according to changing needs.
In conclusion, the addition of a household wall-mounted lithium battery amplifies John and Sarah's solar energy setup. It equips them with increased energy autonomy, resilience during outages, and cost savings, all while shrinking their environmental impact. This technology empowers them to manage their energy proactively and embrace a sustainable lifestyle with confidence.


Customization Benefits at Yunfan Lithium Battery Factory:
Branded Logo Integration: Understanding the significance of brand identity, Yunfan Lithium Battery Factory offers bespoke logo design services. Clients can seamlessly incorporate their corporate logo, brand name, or emblem into our battery products. Our dedicated design team collaborates closely with clients to ensure their branding is captured with precision and flair.
Tailored Aesthetic Choices: Clients partnering with Yunfan enjoy the flexibility to personalize the appearance of their battery products. We provide a spectrum of customization options, from color palettes and surface textures to casing designs. Whether clients prefer a contemporary or industrial aesthetic, our factory accommodates diverse preferences to bolster product differentiation and brand recognition.
Voltage Customization Flexibility: A standout feature of collaborating with Yunfan Lithium Battery Factory is our capacity to offer tailored voltage settings. Recognizing that specific applications demand precise voltage levels for optimal performance, we provide voltage customization services. Clients can specify standard or unique voltage configurations, trusting our factory to meet their voltage requirements with accuracy and dependability.
Adaptable Capacity Choices: We understand that battery capacity needs can vary based on application and usage. To cater to these diverse needs, Yunfan offers adjustable capacity options. Clients can customize battery capacity to align with their specific requirements, whether prioritizing extended runtime or space efficiency.
In Summary:
Yunfan Lithium Battery Factory stands out by offering comprehensive customization benefits. From branded logo integration and aesthetic personalization to flexible voltage and capacity options, we empower clients to shape their battery solutions to exact specifications. Committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we go the extra mile to exceed client expectations, delivering bespoke lithium battery solutions that resonate with their preferences and needs.

Support and Services:

24/7 Online Support: Committed to customer convenience and satisfaction, Yunfan Lithium Battery Factory offers round-the-clock online support. Our knowledgeable customer service team is available anytime to address inquiries, offer technical guidance, and provide product details. Whether you're curious about our offerings, need help with customization, or seek troubleshooting assistance, our experts are on standby to deliver timely and reliable support.
Factory Tours: We invite clients to visit our advanced manufacturing facilities. Our factory tours showcase our cutting-edge production techniques, rigorous quality checks, and testing protocols. During these visits, clients can engage with our specialists, discuss project specifics, and gain insights into our capabilities. We believe in transparency and aim to instill confidence in our manufacturing prowess through these tours.
End-to-End After-Sales Support: Our commitment to excellence doesn't end at the point of purchase. We provide robust after-sales support, including warranty services, technical assistance, maintenance, and repairs. Our dedicated after-sales team ensures quick and effective solutions to maintain product performance and uphold customer satisfaction.
Bespoke Customization: Yunfan specializes in tailoring solutions to meet individual client needs. From custom battery designs to branding options, we collaborate closely with clients to develop personalized lithium battery solutions. Our skilled engineering team employs innovative technologies to deliver products that meet stringent quality, performance, and reliability benchmarks.
Technical Consulting: We offer expert technical advice to help clients navigate their lithium battery requirements. Whether you're initiating a new project or enhancing an existing system, our seasoned professionals are here to offer guidance. Leveraging our industry know-how, we provide insights, recommend optimal solutions, and address any queries to ensure informed decision-making.

In Conclusion:

Yunfan Lithium Battery Factory is dedicated to providing top-notch services to our clients. From 24/7 online support and immersive factory tours to comprehensive after-sales assistance, customization options, and expert technical advice, we aim to exceed expectations at every turn. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, excellence, and building enduring partnerships underscores our approach, fostering trust, reliability, and shared success.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging Solutions:
Carton Packaging: Our lithium battery products are securely housed in robust carton packaging designed for durability during shipping. These cartons are engineered to endure the challenges of transportation, ensuring products reach their destinations intact and undamaged.
Wooden Crate Packaging: For larger or fragile orders, we offer wooden crate packaging to provide enhanced protection. Crafted from premium materials, our wooden crates are built to withstand the demands of long-haul shipping. Each battery unit is carefully nestled and cushioned within the crate to safeguard against potential transit-related damages.
Transportation Services:
Sea Freight: Yunfan Lithium Battery Factory facilitates sea freight services tailored for customers seeking cost-efficient shipping solutions for bulk or sizable orders. Collaborating with trusted shipping partners, we guarantee punctual and dependable deliveries worldwide. Our team manages the end-to-end logistics process, encompassing packaging, loading, customs procedures, and final delivery, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shipping journey.
Air Freight: Catering to urgent or time-critical orders, our air freight services offer accelerated shipping options. Through our alliances with major airlines, we provide swift and efficient air transport solutions for customers prioritizing quick deliveries. We oversee all facets of air freight logistics, from documentation to cargo handling and customs clearance, ensuring timely product arrivals.
Express Delivery: Yunfan Lithium Battery Factory extends express delivery services for customers prioritizing swift and direct shipping. In collaboration with premier courier services, we deliver fast and dependable express shipping options for mid-sized shipments. Our express delivery service includes real-time tracking capabilities, offering customers transparency and insights throughout the shipping journey.
In Summary:
Yunfan Lithium Battery Factory takes pride in offering comprehensive packaging and transportation services. From robust carton and wooden crate packaging to sea and air freight solutions, as well as express delivery options, we ensure products are shipped securely, efficiently, and on schedule. Our commitment to quality packaging and reliable logistics underscores our dedication to customer satisfaction and product integrity.


A1: YUNFAN Wall Mounted Lithium Battery Model Number FY-19201 is a CE,UL,RESH certified high-capacity lithium battery with a minimum order quantity of 1Pieces and a delivery time of 14Days.

A2: YUNFAN Wall Mounted Lithium Battery Model Number FY-19201 is available at a bargain price.

A3: We accept T/T, PAYPAL payments for YUNFAN Wall Mounted Lithium Battery Model Number FY-19201.

A4: Delivery of YUNFAN Wall Mounted Lithium Battery Model Number FY-19201 takes 14 days.

A5: YUNFAN Wall Mounted Lithium Battery Model Number FY-19201 has a supply capacity of 10000/Days.

China Wall-Mounted 48V 100Ah Lithium Solar Energy Storage Battery For Renewable Energy Systems supplier

Wall-Mounted 48V 100Ah Lithium Solar Energy Storage Battery For Renewable Energy Systems

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