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Silver Waste Water Treatment System Stainless Steel Frame

Silver Waste Water Treatment System Stainless Steel Frame

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Model Number:KL-WRS
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Waste Water treatment System

​Technical Parameters

Capacity: 4m³/hour : $1400/setCapacity: 10m³/hour : $3000/set
4 steps processing4 steps processing
(sand filter+carbon filter+bag filter+precision filter )(sand filter+carbon filter+bag filter+precision filter )
Raw water pump Leo 1104Leo brand 10-50 raw water pump
400 * 1650 filter * 2750 * 1900 filter tank * 2
Center rod water distributor * 2Center rod water distributor
Runxin 67B multi way valve * 2Runxin 75A automatic valve head * 2
Quartz sand filter material * 415 bags of quartz sand filter material
Activated carbon filter material * 412 packs of activated carbon filter material
No.1 bag filterNo.2 single bag filter
7-core 20 inch precision filtration10 core 40 inch precision filter
Electric control boxElectric control box
Stainless steel frameStainless steel frame

  • The water recycling system equipment for car washing waste water is designed to treat the insoluble solids of oil, water, and turbidity in the car washing wastewater through a comprehensive physical and chemical treatment method based on sedimentation treatment.
  • The device is designed using a comprehensive filtration method and water physics process.
  • It passes through large particle filtration and microfiltration, with coarse to fine treatment microfiltration in the fine layer, coarse to fine treatment microfiltration in the fine layer, and coarse to fine treatment microfiltration in the fine layer, The fine layer has coarse to fine treatment and micro filtration, while the fine layer has coarse to fine treatment to meet the standard of recyclable water.


1. Environmental concerns: Using a water recycling machine reduces the amount of water that is consumed, making it an environmentally-friendly option. It also helps prevent water pollution, as wastewater can be treated and reused rather than being released back into the environment.

2. Cost savings: By recycling water, a business can save money on their water bills. It also reduces the need to purchase and transport new water, which can be a significant expense.

3. Consistency: Recycling water ensures that the quality of the water used in a process is consistent. This is especially important in industrial settings, where consistency can impact the quality of the products being produced.

4. Compliance: In some industries, there are regulations that require businesses to conserve water or to treat their wastewater before it is discharged. A water recycling machine can help businesses comply with these regulations.

Packing and Shipping:

The water recycle system is packaged in a secure cardboard box.

The system is shipped with a reputable carrier and requires a signature for delivery. Tracking information will be provided to the customer once delivery is initiated.


Q: What is a water recycling system?
A:A water recycling system, also known as a water reuse system, is a system that collects, treats, and reuses water for various purposes. It involves processes such as filtration, disinfection, and purification to remove contaminants and make the water suitable for reuse.
Q: How does a water recycling system work?
A: A water recycling system typically consists of several components, including collection systems, treatment units, storage tanks, and distribution systems. The system collects wastewater from various sources, such as sinks, showers, and laundry, and treats it through filtration, disinfection, and other treatment processes. The treated water is then stored and used for non-potable purposes like irrigation, toilet flushing, or industrial processes.
Q: What are the benefits of a water recycling system?
A: Conservation of water resources: Water recycling systems help conserve water by reusing treated wastewater instead of relying solely on freshwater sources.
Q: Is the recycled water safe to use?
A: Yes, the water from a properly designed and maintained water recycling system can be safe for its intended uses. Advanced treatment processes, such as membrane filtration and disinfection, are employed to remove contaminants and ensure the water meets quality standards for its designated purpose. However, it's important to note that recycled water is typically not suitable for drinking unless it undergoes additional treatment.
Q: What are the maintenance requirements for a water recycling system?
A: Water recycling systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and water quality. This includes monitoring and adjusting treatment processes, inspecting and cleaning filtration systems, and conducting routine system checks. It's recommended to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and consult with professionals for proper maintenance procedures.
Q: Are there any regulations or guidelines for water recycling?
A: Yes, regulations and guidelines for water recycling vary by region and depend on the specific application of the recycled water. Local authorities and water management agencies often establish guidelines for water quality standards, treatment processes, and permitted uses of recycled water. It's important to comply with these regulations to ensure the safe and responsible use of recycled water.
Q: How to contact you?
A:Whatsapp/Mb.: +86-18964350873 Email: zoe@koloncarwashing.com ; +86-17765180874( WhatsApp, Wechat ) cici@koloncarwashing.com
China Silver Waste Water Treatment System Stainless Steel Frame supplier

Silver Waste Water Treatment System Stainless Steel Frame

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