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Low Noise High Performance Actuator Linear Voice Coil Motor For First Aid Medical

Low Noise High Performance Actuator Linear Voice Coil Motor For First Aid Medical

Certification:ce, ISO9001
Model Number:VCAH0253-0120-00A
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Linear Voice Coil Actuator For First Aid Medical Research Low Noise High-Precision

Product Description

The Linear Voice Coil Actuator for First Aid Medical Research: Low Noise, High-Precision represents a cutting-edge advancement in the field of medical research and emergency response. This actuator combines the capabilities of voice coil technology with exceptional precision and minimal noise generation, making it an ideal choice for applications in first aid and medical research.

Designed with a focus on delivering reliable and controlled linear motion, this actuator plays a critical role in various medical scenarios. Its low noise operation ensures that medical procedures or research activities can be conducted without unnecessary distractions or disturbances.

The high precision of this actuator is particularly important in medical research where accuracy is paramount. Whether used in automated laboratory equipment or first aid devices, the actuator's ability to achieve precise linear movement guarantees consistent and repeatable results, contributing to the reliability of experimental outcomes or emergency interventions.

In first aid applications, the actuator's controlled motion can be utilized for tasks such as administering medications, adjusting medical equipment, or ensuring proper alignment during immobilization procedures. The quiet operation is essential in critical situations, allowing medical professionals to focus on patient care without being hindered by noisy mechanical components.


The VCMH series breathing precision voice coil motor has a high efficiency of operation, breathing precision voice coil motor and high power actuator, ensuring high speed (speed) and superior protection, and has the characteristics of light weight, short response time, high precision wear resistance, in addition, its low noise, making it a reliable and quiet choice for any application. The actuator constant is 2.6 N/W, allowing for greater accuracy and control,High-performance actuators are the perfect solution for any application that requires reliable high-speed motor performance and long-lasting durability.

The VCMH series Actuators may be readily adapted to a housed/sealed unite with bushings or bearings.

VCMH Series of linear type voice coil motor
ModelPeak force(N)Continuous force25℃(N)Maximum travel(mm)Voltage(V)Back EMF constant(V/m/S)Stator diameter(mm)Length(mm)


It is widely used in BOAT, Car, UAV,3D Printing,Microscope,Robot,Medical ventilator.

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1.Travel: effective travel, used to calculate the the total travel of value force.

2.The direction of movement: horizontal or vertical installation 90 degree.

3.Load force: constant in the reverse direction of force on the motor, such as springs, etc.

4.Load weight: the total quality part of movement, including the quality slider

5.Movement Type: 1.point to point movement; 2.the reciprocation of the rule (e.g. scanning).

6.Velocity curve: 1.a trapezoidal speed curve; 2.triangular speed curve; 3.sine speed curve.

China Low Noise High Performance Actuator Linear Voice Coil Motor For First Aid Medical supplier

Low Noise High Performance Actuator Linear Voice Coil Motor For First Aid Medical

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