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Apple MFi Certification Apple'S Made For IPhone / IPod / IPad Logo Usage License Granted

Apple MFi Certification Apple'S Made For IPhone / IPod / IPad Logo Usage License Granted

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Certification:Apple's "Made for iPhone", "Made for iPod", "Made for iPad"
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Product Details

Apple MFi certification is a kind of logo usage license granted by Apple Inc. to its authorized accessory factories. It is the English abbreviation of Apple's "Made for iPhone", "Made for iPod", "Made for iPad".

Product Range

The parts Apple sells are:

Lightning connector, authentication chip, headphone wire control, LAM module, iWatch wireless charging module...

MFi Certified Technologies (Product List):

1. Lightning and 30-pin Connectors (Apple data cable, car charger, travel charger, mobile power supply, back clip power supply, wireless charger, extended memory, etc.);

2. HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP) (smart home);

3. Authentication Coprocessors (for products that require identification, such as navigation, printers, Bluetooth headsets, etc.);

4. iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP), the protocol used to communicate with iPhone, iPad and iPod Wait);

5. AirPlay Audio Technology (smart speakers and other audio products);

6. Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC) Feature (wireless smart products);

7. Headphone Remote and Mic Feature (headphone and microphone);

8. Lightning Communication Module LAM (audio headset);

9. Car Play Technology (car navigation products);

10. MFi Game Controller Technology (MFi gamepad);

11. MFi Hearing Aid Technology (hearing aid).

The value of certification

1. MFi certified companies are members of Apple. Members have the qualifications to purchase Apple accessories (lightning, headset wire control, wireless smart IC, etc.) from Apple's agent AVNET, and can use the MFi LOGO on certified products;

2. In today's fierce competition, MFi certification is the only opportunity for 3C accessories companies to upgrade their products and increase their profits; it is also a pass for all traditional electronic and electrical companies to enter the field of smart products;

3. It is an important way for enterprises to enhance their brand image and product value, and it is also the primary condition for foreign buyers and retailers to choose suppliers.

WPC Wireless Power Consortium

In the field of current commercial wireless charging of mobile phones, the qi standard of the WPC Alliance occupies an absolute advantage. As of August, 628 companies around the world have joined qi members, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Haier and other internationally renowned companies.

The "qi" logo belongs to the WPC Alliance. To use this logo on wireless charging products, you must first obtain the authorization of WPC. If it is used without authorization, it will be punished by WPC or face the removal of the product. In addition, after wireless charging products are certified by qi, all indicators meet the requirements of qi standards, which is also a guarantee of the quality of the product itself. Consumers using products that have passed qi certification are obviously safer and more reliable than those that have not passed.

To apply for qi certification for a product, the company first needs to register as a WPC member and pay membership fees. Members include small business members, ordinary members, fully qualified members and founding members. Different members pay different membership fees and obtain different rights. . After the company applies to become a WPC member and pays the annual fee, it can apply for the authorization to use the "qi" logo, and send the corresponding documents of the company to the qi headquarters. After the approval, the authorization can be obtained.

qi Test Content

1. Compliance test

ATL (Authorized Test Lab), a conformity testing laboratory, currently has many choices in China. One of the at least 5 prototypes sent for testing will first be arranged for conformity testing, and the conformity test samples will be retained after the test is passed. ATL. The main test contents include:

A. The timing of the communication protocol between the transmitter and the receiver;

B. Test the power output capability through the translation of the XYZ axis;

C. The maximum supply capacity of energy transmission;

D. Foreign Object Detection FOD (Foreign Object Detection).

2. Compatibility test

There are only two IOC (Interoperability Test Center) in the world, namely Belgium in Europe and South Korea in Asia.

After passing the compliance test, ATL will divide the other four samples into two groups and send them to laboratories in Belgium and South Korea for compatibility testing projects. The two samples are kept in the main IOC laboratory, and the other Two remain in the secondary IOC laboratory. After the compatibility test is completed in the IOC laboratory, the inspector can perform the action of "confirming completion" on the official website, and the product will be included in the WPC official website. Enter the product ID number on the official website to query, and the tested product will be retained. On the Test Bed.

According to WPC requirements, all test samples need to be tested for compatibility with all previously certified samples. For example, the tested product is a wireless charging transmitter, then it needs to be tested with all WPC certified receivers (including mobile phones). Compatibility testing. According to the qi test process, the submitted product must be sent for compatibility test after the compliance test is passed. If the compatibility test fails, the sample needs to be brought back for rectification. After the rectification, it cannot be directly sent for compatibility testing, but needs to be re-tested for compliance testing and compatibility testing.

China Apple MFi Certification Apple'S Made For IPhone / IPod / IPad Logo Usage License Granted supplier

Apple MFi Certification Apple'S Made For IPhone / IPod / IPad Logo Usage License Granted

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