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Grinding CNC Vertical Lathe Machine Automatic Multi Purpose Metal Cutting Processing

Grinding CNC Vertical Lathe Machine Automatic Multi Purpose Metal Cutting Processing

Model Number:CK5112
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set
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Product Details
Product Overview:
The CK5112 machine is primarily used for the rough and fine processing, groove cutting, and surface machining of cylindrical and conical parts, as well as flat surfaces. It is suitable for working with ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and some non-metallic materials, using high-speed steel and hard alloy tools.

1.The overall layout
Machine tools mainly by the table, table base, column, beam, vertical knife frame composition. The machine tool base are used HT250 cast iron, the use of resin sand process, cast after the stew fire, rough processing after aging treatment (artificial aging and vibration aging). Casting quality and reliable without cracks, pores, shrinkage and white mouth tissue, castings by stew fire, aging treatment with a stable organization to ensure the use of the machine during the stability of the product quality certificate to provide molten iron chemical composition analysis report, heat treatment Report and heat treatment temperature time curve.

2.The main drive

Main drive main motor, through the gear box 16 gear speed for speed conversion. The gears in the box are quenched and ground to ensure transmission accuracy and efficiency and reduce noise and reduce vibration.


The table consists of table, table base, spindle components and transmission mechanism, table and table base for the overall casting processing. The table guide surface is inlaid with an aluminum alloy guide plate and a pressure oil is injected between the guide rails to form a dynamic pressure rail. So the table carrying capacity, high precision rotation.


The beam moves up and down on the column. The beam consists of a knife feed drive mechanism, a beam clamping mechanism and a hydraulic device. Install a set of automatic lubricating oil pump on the beam, according to the need to lubricate the rail surface.

5.Vertical knife frame

Z-axis, Z-axis by the servo motor drive, through the planetary reducer to increase the torque, by the electromagnetic clutch switch control two axes and locked each other to achieve a variety of complex processing.

6.Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system includes: the table dynamic pressure system, the main drive transmission system, beam clamping and hydraulic system, vertical knife frame hydraulic balance system. Hydraulic system is essential, machine lubrication, dynamic pressure rail stability, to ensure the stability of the hydraulic system and interchangeability.

Machine parameter
Max. turning diameter of vertical tool rest (mm)80012001200160020002600
Working table diameter (mm)70010001000140018002200
Max. height of work-piece (mm)80010001000120012501400
Max. weight of work-piece (kg)150015003200320080008000
Range of worktable rotation speed (rpm)30-26020-1806.3-20015-1603.2-1002.2-70
Feeding seriesSteplessSteplessSteplessSteplessSteplessStepless
Range of tool rest feed (mm/min)0.25-900.25-900.8-860.25-900.8-860.8-86
Cross beam travel (mm)500100065012008901090
Horizontal travel of tool rest (mm)50070070090011151400
Vertical travel of tool rest (mm)450500650750800800
Size of section of cutter bar (mm)30*4030*4030*4030*4030*4030*40
Main motor power (kw)111522153030
China Grinding CNC Vertical Lathe Machine Automatic Multi Purpose Metal Cutting Processing supplier

Grinding CNC Vertical Lathe Machine Automatic Multi Purpose Metal Cutting Processing

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