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Side Arm Heat Exchanger Air Fin Heat Exchanger Shower Waste Water Heat Recovery

Side Arm Heat Exchanger Air Fin Heat Exchanger Shower Waste Water Heat Recovery

Brand Name:BAODE
Certification:CE UL
Model Number:SA38
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Unit
Delivery Time:14-18 work days
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Shower Waste Water Heat Recovery Air Fin Heat Exchanger Sidearm Heat Exchanger

BAODE Plate Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. Is a Chinese Plate Heat Exchanger manufacturer specialized in development,Production and global marketing of pasteurizer heat exchangers. Since the very start in 2004 BAODE has grown to one of the leading companies in China Plate heat exchanger market and has developed a big range of pasteurizer heat exchangers for any task
Our main products are Brazed pasteurizer heat exchanger & Gasket pasteurizer heat exchanger & Air cross pasteurizer heat exchanger (Flat pasteurizer heat exchanger and frame and pasteurizer heat exchanger, welded pasteurizer heat exchanger). Braze pasteurizer heat exchanger include Copper brazed pasteurizer heat exchanger and Nickel brazed pasteurizer heat exchanger.
Our mission is to help you to achieve the optimum solution with regards to performance efficiency, payback and energy conservation, whatever the application. This is based on a marketing orientation concept which makes us a highly valuable partner. Our combined experience in the pasteurizer heat exchanger industry, allow us giving the best technical recommendation for our customers and end users for applications such as:Refrigeration Systems that includes,HVAC includes,Other Industrial applications.

Outdoor wood boiler domestic hot water tie in Boiler tie into domestic hot water
Solar thermal heat dump to domestic hot water

The Fin Enhanced side arm heat exchanger, using a fin design adds more surface area giving us an surface area five to eight times larger than traditional tube & shell side arms.

Fin Enhanced Advantages:
Highly Efficient Better Heat Transfer
Takes up less space due to compact design Faster recovery time
Made from stainless steel

Domestic water heating
As the Domestic Water is being heated, it is being drawn up the center of the water to water heat exchanger by convection, Both fluids are exchanger heat in separate chambers insuring that the two fluids do not mix This convection process is constantly working as long as the boiler system is circulating the preheated water through the jacket of the Side Arm heat exchanger

Shower Waste water heat recovery
By applying the fin shower save the cold water going to the water heater and the shower's mixer tap will be preheated. The water heater needs to work less then half of it's capacity during a shower. For dwellings savings over 200m³ gas a year can be achieved.
The fin sidearm shower save can be used in dwellings that have the shower on the first floor.
Besides dwellings the Fin sidearm shower save can also be used in hotels, apartments, nursing homes, swimming pools, hospitals, industrial applications, etc.


Fin Side Arm316L / 304
Copper Side ArmCopper
Connection type
Fin Side ArmNPT Female
Copper Side ArmSolder


China Side Arm Heat Exchanger Air Fin Heat Exchanger Shower Waste Water Heat Recovery supplier

Side Arm Heat Exchanger Air Fin Heat Exchanger Shower Waste Water Heat Recovery

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