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(8B) Sewing M/C Bevel Pinion Circarc Gear For High Post Sewing Machine (8B)

(8B) Sewing M/C Bevel Pinion Circarc Gear For High Post Sewing Machine (8B)

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(8B) Sewing M/C Bevel Pinion Circarc Gear For High Post Sewing Machine (8B)

In a high post sewing machine, the bevel gear plays a significant role in transmitting power and facilitating the movement of various components. Here are some common roles of the bevel gear in a high post sewing machine:

  1. Power Transmission: The bevel gear is responsible for transferring the rotational motion from the sewing machine's motor to the various moving parts of the machine. It helps transmit power from the motor to drive components such as the main shaft, feed mechanism, and needle bar.
  2. Change of Direction: Bevel gears are often used to change the direction of rotation between two intersecting shafts. They have teeth cut in a conical shape, allowing the power transmission to occur at an angle. This change in direction is often necessary to align the drive mechanism with the needle bar and the feed mechanism in a high post sewing machine.
  3. Torque Conversion: Bevel gears can also be used to convert torque between different shafts. By altering the gear ratio between the driving and driven shafts, the bevel gear can increase or decrease the torque applied to the moving components. This feature is important for controlling the sewing machine's power output and ensuring smooth and consistent operation.
  4. Synchronization: In some high post sewing machines, multiple bevel gears are used to synchronize the movement of various components. By interconnecting different shafts through bevel gears, the machine can ensure precise coordination between the needle bar, feed mechanism, and other moving parts. This synchronization is crucial for achieving accurate stitching and seam quality.

A high post sewing machine is a type of industrial sewing machine that is designed with a high sewing head or post. This design allows for increased clearance between the sewing machine bed and the sewing head, enabling the operator to work with bulky or large materials more easily. High post sewing machines are commonly used in industries that require the handling of thick fabrics, upholstery, leather, or other heavy-duty materials.

Here are some key features and characteristics of high post sewing machines:

  1. High Sewing Head: The sewing head of a high post sewing machine is positioned higher than that of standard sewing machines. This elevated position provides more space and clearance for working with bulky or thick materials.
  2. Increased Throat Depth: High post sewing machines typically have a larger throat depth, which refers to the distance between the needle and the vertical support of the machine. This extra space allows for easier maneuvering and handling of large fabric assemblies or bulky materials.
  3. Heavy-Duty Construction: High post sewing machines are built with a sturdy and robust construction to handle the demands of sewing thick or heavy materials. They often incorporate reinforced frames, powerful motors, and durable components to ensure stability and longevity.
  4. Specialized Presser Feet: Some high post sewing machines come with specialized presser feet or attachments designed for specific tasks. These may include walking feet, roller feet, or other mechanisms that aid in feeding and controlling heavy materials during sewing.
  5. Versatility and Stitching Options: High post sewing machines can offer a range of stitching options, including straight stitching, zigzag stitching, and other decorative or functional stitches. They may also have adjustable stitch lengths and thread tensions to accommodate different fabric types and thicknesses.
  6. Customizable Features: Depending on the specific model, high post sewing machines may have adjustable sewing speed, needle position, and other customizable features that allow operators to fine-tune the machine to their specific sewing requirements.

High post sewing machines are commonly used in industries such as upholstery, automotive, marine, and heavy-duty garment manufacturing. They are suitable for tasks such as sewing furniture, cushions, bags, tents, awnings, and other applications that involve working with thick or bulky materials.

ProductsHigh Post Sewing Machine (8B) Gear
Drawing NumberWP21/21A/21B/22/21S/22S
Transmission Efficiency98.0-99.5
Module (M)≤4
Number of Teeth (Z)Z=28/14
Teeth Accuracy GradeISO 6-7 Grade
Heat TreatmentCarburization and quenching/Carbonitriding/High frequency/Quenched and tempered......
China (8B) Sewing M/C Bevel Pinion Circarc Gear For High Post Sewing Machine (8B) supplier

(8B) Sewing M/C Bevel Pinion Circarc Gear For High Post Sewing Machine (8B)

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