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Variable Displacement Kawasaki Piston Pump K3X80S-160M-D1

Variable Displacement Kawasaki Piston Pump K3X80S-160M-D1

Brand Name:Kawasaki
Certification:CE certificate
Model Number:M3B280AC280149-XX042A
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Product Details

Kawasaki K3X80S-160M-D1 variable displacement piston pumps material cast iron

Product Description:



Control modeVariable piston pump flow and pressure regulation can be achieved through different control methods. A common control method is manual adjustment, which changes the output flow and pressure by manually adjusting the stroke or speed of the plunger. Another common control method is electric regulation, which uses an electric drive device and corresponding control system to automatically adjust the movement of the plunger to achieve accurate flow and pressure control.
Stability of variable piston pumpsIn some applications, stability is an important consideration. Variable piston pumps usually have high stability and are able to provide stable flow and pressure output under different operating conditions. This is achieved through the use of high-quality materials and precision manufacturing processes
Plunger materialPlunger pump plungers are usually made of wear and corrosion resistant materials to ensure their long-term stable operation. Common plunger materials include hard chromium steel, stainless steel, ceramics and cemented carbide.
Variable piston pump efficiencyVariable piston pumps usually have high efficiency and are able to effectively convert input energy into liquid output energy. This is achieved by optimizing pump design, reducing energy loss and using efficient seals.
Additional FeaturesSome variable piston pumps may have additional features to meet specific application needs. For example, some variable piston pumps may have an automatic load sensing function that automatically adjusts the flow and pressure according to the load demand. In addition, some variable piston pumps may be equipped with hydraulic dampers or shock absorbers to reduce shock and vibration.
Maintenance and maintenanceVariable piston pumps require regular maintenance and maintenance to ensure their normal operation and extend their service life. This includes regularly changing lubricants, checking plungers and seals for wear, cleaning pump cavities and filters, and more.

Technical Parameters:


Variable piston pump






oil hydraulic pump


Cast Iron



Drive mode


Pump shaft position







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China Variable Displacement Kawasaki Piston Pump K3X80S-160M-D1 supplier

Variable Displacement Kawasaki Piston Pump K3X80S-160M-D1

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