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12 Tons RGV Rail Automated Guided Transfer Vehicle

12 Tons RGV Rail Automated Guided Transfer Vehicle

Brand Name:RMK
Model Number:KPX
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12 Tons RGV Rail Automated Guided Transfer Vehicle

The 12 ton RGV trolley is a fully automated intelligent track handling vehicle that operates on the track. It plays a positive role in intelligent warehousing, assembly line operations, and the docking and matching of intelligent equipment, with high safety.

RGV cars can be accurately decelerated and parked by sensors such as photoelectric devices, proximity switches, or limit switches. The RGV car does not require a driver to drive, and its speed can be set. Safety protection generally includes laser radar, safety contacts, mechanical protection, etc.

RGV has the following characteristics:

1. Efficient and economical: RGV guided vehicles can achieve efficient execution of material transportation and warehousing operations. Compared with traditional manual handling, RGV carts have higher transportation speed and accuracy, significantly improving the efficiency and accuracy of material flow.

2. Strong adaptability: RGV cars can be customized and configured according to different work scenarios and needs to meet the needs of different logistics and warehousing environments. By cooperating with other intelligent devices, a flexible and efficient logistics and warehousing system can be formed.

3. Intelligent management: Through linkage with the central control system, the operation status monitoring and data collection of RGV guided vehicles can be achieved, enabling real-time monitoring and management of RGV vehicles. Through remote control and data analysis, it is possible to monitor and analyze the working status, running trajectory, cargo position, and other information of the RGV car, timely discover and solve possible problems, and improve operational efficiency and accuracy.

4. Comprehensive safety guarantee: During the design and manufacturing process of RGV guided vehicles, safety factors have been fully considered. Equipped with various safety devices, such as obstacle avoidance devices and emergency parking devices, to ensure the stability and safety of the RGV car during operation. At the same time, RGV cars can also intelligently avoid and automatically stop according to actual scenarios, avoiding collisions and accidents.

RGV plays an important role in modern logistics and manufacturing.

China 12 Tons RGV Rail  Automated Guided Transfer Vehicle supplier

12 Tons RGV Rail Automated Guided Transfer Vehicle

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