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High Visibility Adhesive Traffic Marking Tape BOPP Road Safety Reflective Tape

High Visibility Adhesive Traffic Marking Tape BOPP Road Safety Reflective Tape

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Certification:ISO9001 SGS CE ROHS
Model Number:N-119120
Minimum Order Quantity:10000 rolls
Delivery Time:15 work days
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T
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Printed White and Red Warning Marking Tape BOPP Tape


Road traffic warning tape made from BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) is a specialized type of tape used for marking and signaling purposes in traffic and road safety applications. Here are the key features and benefits of road traffic warning tape made from BOPP:

  1. High Visibility: Road traffic warning tape is designed with bright, highly visible colors, such as yellow, orange, or red. These colors stand out against the road surface and surrounding environment, providing clear visual cues and warnings to drivers and pedestrians.

  2. Reflective Properties: Many road traffic warning tapes incorporate reflective elements, such as microprismatic or glass bead technology. These reflective materials enhance visibility during low-light conditions, such as at night or in inclement weather, improving the tape's effectiveness in alerting road users.

  3. Conspicuity Markings: Road traffic warning tape often includes standardized markings, such as diagonally striped patterns or chevrons. These markings help indicate potential hazards, delineate lanes, identify work zones, or provide guidance to drivers, promoting safer navigation on the road.

  4. Durable and Weather-Resistant: BOPP tape used for road traffic warning purposes is engineered to be durable and resistant to environmental conditions. It can withstand exposure to sunlight, moisture, temperature fluctuations, and general wear and tear, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness in outdoor settings.

  5. Adhesive Properties: Road traffic warning tape features a strong adhesive that adheres well to various road surfaces, including asphalt and concrete. This ensures secure installation and prevents the tape from lifting or peeling off due to traffic or weather conditions.

  6. Easy Application: The tape is typically designed for easy application. It can be applied by hand or with specialized application equipment, allowing for efficient installation on roads, highways, construction sites, or other relevant areas.

  7. Regulatory Compliance: Road traffic warning tape often conforms to relevant traffic safety standards and regulations set by transportation authorities. This ensures that the tape meets the necessary requirements for use in road traffic applications, providing confidence in its reliability and effectiveness.

Below is standard Specifications for Tape:


Initial Tack

(#Ball test)

Peel Adhesion


Tensile Strength


Elongation at Break (%)Application
36-60WaterbasedBOPP Film≥13≥5≥24≤180General Packing

Used for cartons packing and sealing in various industries: the objects banding etc.

Material Components:
The transparent polypropylene (BOPP) film as the backing material coated the water-based acrylic adhesive on single side. The color is divided into light white.transparent color and yellow.etc.

Available to produce the BOPP Tape with solvent pressure sensitive adhesive to meet the special requirement for some industries.


1. Tape common thickness : 36μ/40μ/45μ/50μ/55μ/60μm etc. Also available to produce the tape with other different thickness and adhesiveness according to customer requirements.
2.The tape common width : 24mm/36mm/42 mm / 45 mm / 48 mm / 50 mm 1 55 mm / 58 mm / 60mm /72mm etc; Also available to produce other width according to customer requirements.
3.The tape length commonly is within 20m to 1000m that can meet the different length requirement in the manual and automatic mechanical operation.
4.High cost performance.
Especially suitable for the packing and sealing of packaging boxes of expensive and precious goods; and the use in the quiet environment etc.


Can you custom the bag for me?
Yes, as leading factory in line of package, we can custom make the bag exactly based on your requirement(Style, Size, Printing, etc).

How can I get samples from you?
Actually, some FREE samples similar to your request can be provided for checking, you only need to pay for the freight. If you want to make a sample, we'll also charge for the sample fee.

How Long can I get the samples?
Stock samples within 1 or 2 days Normally within 5-10 work days for customized samples.

What specifications do we need in a quotation?
We can quote in your production size details, width, thickness, color, printing method, quantity and so on.

China High Visibility Adhesive Traffic Marking Tape BOPP Road Safety Reflective Tape supplier

High Visibility Adhesive Traffic Marking Tape BOPP Road Safety Reflective Tape

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