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Video Camera Vibration Isolator Film Cinema Helicopter Drone UAV Camera

Video Camera Vibration Isolator Film Cinema Helicopter Drone UAV Camera

Brand Name:Hoan
Certification:ISO9001:2015 Certificate
Model Number:GRY-200A
Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China
Price:$185.00/pieces 1-99 pieces
Application:Camera, Film, Cinema, Helcopter, Drone
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Product Details

Film Cinema Helicopter Drone UAV Camera Shock Vibration Insulation GRY-200A Stainless Steel Vibration Mount

Product Description

The maximum static load of GRY-200A is 200N (20.41kg), which is handmade and indeed exquisite. For the special structure of the GRY-200A, this type vibration mount is more special and indeed unique.

The spring function is created by the elasticity inherent in the flexing of a cable preformed into a loop. The damping function is the result of the relative friction between the cable’s individual wire and strands. The cables, which are made of stainless steel, had the characteristics of superb water-proof, corrosion resistantance and steady in use.

The GRY-200A vibration mount can be used in the fields of astronavigation, helicopters, motors, defense systems, missiles, satellites, shipping, ocean and offshore platforms, high buildings, industrial systems and equipments as well as the various motive power machines for the professional vibration isolation.

This new model vibration mount is more smarter and smaller than any other models, which will bring you into another news idea of the field of vibration isolation than ever.

Technical Parameter
  • Model Number Code Ordering of GRY-200A:
  • Structural Diagram of GRY-200A:
  • Dimension of GRY-200A:
  • Technical Parameter of GRY-200A:
Mounting Bars

* Material of Mounting Bars *
Stainless Steel or Aluminum can be selected

* Surface Treatment Selection of Aluminum Mounting Bars *

  • White Anodizing: The surface treatment to make the aluminum surface harder than itself. The color of the white anodized aluminum mounting bars keep the same color as the aluminum itself. It is the normal surface treatment of the aluminum mounting bars;
  • Hard Anodizing: The surface treatment to make the aluminum mounting bars much more harder than the white anodized way. The color of the hard anodized aluminum mounting bars is more darker than the white anodizing way. Special use for complex or special requirements of the working conditions of the using of wire rope isolators.

* Unique Characteristics of Xi'an Hoan's Vibration Isolators *

  • No creep or ageing.
  • High internal damping.
  • Very wide temperature range.
  • Wide variety of possible fittings.
  • Rapid and economical prototyping.
  • Extremely rugged construction and long lifespan.
  • Excellent combined shock and vibration isolation.
  • Not affected by chemical agents, seawater, ozone, UV rays,...

* Main Applications of Vibration Mounts *


Typical Equipment

Protection From

Operational Advantages


Electronics, Computers,

Explosive blast,
Inherent vibration, Storms

Long life, Maintenance-free,
Temperature extremes,
Corrosion resistance,
All axes protection

Rough Terrain Vehicles

Instrumentation, Generators,

Rough terrain,
Poor road conditions,

Long life, Maintenance-free,
Temperature extremes, Ozone,
Radioactivity, UV Radiation


Electronics, Computers

High-G maneuvering,
Hard landings, Turbulent air

Temperature and altitude extremes, Lightweight

Shipping Containers

Optics, Instruments, Missiles, Electronics

Transit, Handling drop,


Long life, Maintenance-free,

Exposure to moisture, Repeated use

Industrial Equipment

Centrifuge, Dryers, Pumps

Unbalanced dynamic loads,

Fluid hammer, Inherent vibration, Foundation weakness

Long life, Maintenance-free,

Corrosive environments

Ordnance Equipment

Missile launchers, Tank

artillery, Computer controls, Electronics

Rough terrain, Railroad humping, Transit

Maintenance-free, Temperature extremes, Nearby blast

Medical Equipment

Mechanical equipment

necessary for patient care

Vibration from moving parts, Mobile carts-Transport shock

Maintenance-free, No out gassing, Can be sterilized


Chimneys, Scrubbers,

Measuring devices

Wind causing resonant

frequencies, Stack gas causing turbulence near scrubber, etc.

Maintenance-free, Temperature extremes, Corrosive environments

* Applications Show *

Company Information

Xi’an Hoan Mirowave Co. Ltd., the professional manufacture of vibration isolators and mounts, provides top quality energy absorption and vibration isolation solutions to a variety filed of military, defense, commercial and heavy industry.

Our products cover a wide range, which are not only vibration isolators, vibration mounts, friction dampers and also shock absorbers as well as LC filters. Established in 2005, with the fast development of decades, we have been grew with more than 500 employees including more than 100 experts.

Now, we are the best seller for more than 31 provinces in China and almost 25 oversea countries for areas of motor, fans, punch machine, elevator, compressor, chemical equipment, subway train, bridge, mechanical equipment, large scaled construction, studios, theaters, vehicles, vessels, and machines.

Contact us today to see how our products can benefit your specific equipment application needs or alternatively you may find one of our many representatives to help you meet your product requirements!


China Video Camera Vibration Isolator Film Cinema Helicopter Drone UAV Camera supplier

Video Camera Vibration Isolator Film Cinema Helicopter Drone UAV Camera

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