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Epoxy Glue Potting Smd Silicone Desktop Automatic Machine for Electronic Potting Machine

Epoxy Glue Potting Smd Silicone Desktop Automatic Machine for Electronic Potting Machine

Minimum Order Quantity:1
Delivery Time:5-8 days
Payment Terms:T/T 、Western Union、Money Gram
Type:Gluing Machine
Applicable Industries:Glue Potting Machine
Showroom Location:Turkey, Viet Nam, Thailand
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Location: Guangzhou China
Address: Room 301-306, Building D, No. 15 Wenyong Road, Xindun Village, Zengcheng City,Guangzhou,China
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Product Details
Automatic Potting Smd Silicone Desktop Automatic Machine Led Glue Dispensing Robot For Electronic potting machine
Althoug this is small size glue potting machine, but it is consist with two meter mix pumps and resin materials store in two separete barres(3L,5L,6L) for your option which suppost your mini shot products. Other optional function also support, heating, tanks stirring with agitator, vacuum for degassing bubbles, and auto cleaning the mixing pipe and nozzle after using it !So just feel free to conact with me!
We offers an automatic dosing machine for degassing, proportioning, mixing and high precision dosing of two component resins (epoxy, polyurethane, silicone..) in the atmospheric environment.
Machine Picture
Machine Working principle
Compound materials A & B are kept in two tanks separately. There are two sets of metering pumps inside the machine for metering A and B resin by setting ratio, draining out material individually from tank A & B. Liquid A & B mix with each other in the mixer pipe and dispensed out according to the programmable data.
Main features:
• Automatic loading of resin and hardener from barrels
• Servomotor controlled design ensures smooth acceleration has the ability to move precisely to prevent jerking
• High-low material qunatitiy level sensor in the tanks
• Automatic dosing feature allows the operator to take a break and return to operation again.
• Can be memorized 99 different loaded programme
• Dosing quantity and speed even smallest amounts can be precisely settable in the 7'' touch screen.
• Easy and fast programming capability with joystick
• After the operation, static mixer or dynamiccleaning equipment prevents the waste of static/dynamic mixer.
• Resin tank heater, Metering Pump heater, Resin Tube heater
Machine Prameter
KPD-331Automatic Multifunctional Glue Potting Machine
Suitable process:
It can be used as a stand-alone machine or with the customer’s original assembly line to achieve on-line gluing.
Proportion of glue:
10:1 – 1:1
hybrid approach:
Dynamic stirring mixing/static
Machine Stroke:
X,Y axle 400mm/s
Programme stock:
Teach-In Programming
High precision metering pumps
control method:
input method:
Touch screen + buttons + IO
Appearance Material:
Industrial square tube welding + 6061 alloy + cold rolled plate
Drum size:
A barrel 30L, B barrel 10L (can be customised)
External Dimensions:
1100×1350 X1600mm
Gum flow rate:
1–80g/5sec (customised large glue volume available)
Punching points, walking straight lines, curves, drawing circles, arcs, squares, and other irregular shapes.
Supply Voltage:
• Dispensing with Dozing nozzle or Static mixer/dynamic mixer
• Constant or Variable resin:hardener mixing-ratio
• Single or Multi Dispenser Potting
• Fixed or Moveable dosing nozzle (Dispensing)
(X-Y-Z axis movement or interpolation)
• Automatic Loading & Unloading of Trays
• Ability to dosing different quantities of raw materials to different locations in one program
• Automation: pre-heating and curing oven with conveyor
• Extra degassing tanks for uninterrupted production
Dosing Pumps
• Very precise even at very low volumes
• Constant mixing ratio ensures faultless dosing
• Metering pumps ensures minimal amounts of reactive mix
• Temperature controlled design
• Resistant to abrasion even when filled with high abrasive casting resins and does not require maintenance
Vacuum Tank Agitator
• Full homojenization
• No sedimentation
• Perfect degassing
Static Mixer /dynamic mixinng
• Perfect homogenization without dead space
• Abrasion resistant & low maintanence
• Temperature controlled design
• Ensures optimal viscosity of reactive compounds at constant temperature
• Provides very long service life with a closed cleaning system

Technical Specifications
Vacuum PumpUp to 1mbar

Nozzle Movement Motor: AC servomotor Linear X,Y,Z axis
Nozzle Movement DistancesX:700mm, Y:700mm, Z:100mm
Control SystemPLC
Power SupplyTriple Phase 220V +/-10%, 50 / 60Hz
Air Pressure6 Bar
Touch Screen7 inch
Barrel size: 10L,25L,40L for optional
Machine Application in Industry
Potting&isolation &Casting: electronics componnets , PCB board, Capacitor, power supply, transformer, ignition coil, reverse sensor, circuit board, filter products ,underwater parts, electronic ballast ,aviation parts, aerospace parts....
Dispensing&Dosing : LED strip , led lamp , led bulb , aluminum,led screen , display module ,medical parts,medical liquid filling ....
Bonding&doming : LCD screen ,LOCA bonding,ABS plastic,different types of stickers , badge , keychains , souvenirs ,arts , photo frame , and other arts graphics.... Transformer , capacitance , power module , regulating plate ,protection module , generator , pressure package , soli relay ,fault indicator , Sensors , junction box , clutch , wave filter , water meter , boattery cover , rectifier and so on ..
Suitable Glue model
1K and 2-component polyurethanes, epoxies, acrylics, silicones, temperature, humidity and UV curing materials. Two component potting materials , 2-part compound materials, AB part compound materials , 2K silicones ,2K epoxies resin, Bi-component PU, Ployerster, Polyurethane, UV materials and so on
China Epoxy Glue Potting Smd Silicone Desktop Automatic Machine for Electronic Potting Machine supplier

Epoxy Glue Potting Smd Silicone Desktop Automatic Machine for Electronic Potting Machine

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