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12V190 Cylinder Speed Sensor Electronic Governor Assembly for Jichai Shengdong Engine

12V190 Cylinder Speed Sensor Electronic Governor Assembly for Jichai Shengdong Engine

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Model NO.:12V190
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Location: Jinan Shandong China
Address: No.16 of wenhua east road,jinan city,Shandong province,China.
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Product Details
Model of gensetModel of engineRated Power(KW/KVA)Rated Voltage(V)Rated Frequency(HZ)Overall Dimension L*B*H(mm)Net weigh(KG)Fuel
700GF-TK2A12V190ZLT-2700/875400/230505620*2180*252016000natural gas
800GF-WAD12V190ZLW-2800/1000400/230507040*2335*252020200coal mine gas
1000GF-TK1AD12V190ZLT11000/1250400/230505375*2312*2776.516500natural gas
1000GF-TK2AD12V190ZLT21000/1250400/230505375*2312*2776.516500natural gas
1000GFZ-TK2AD12V190ZLT31000/1250400/230505375*2312*2776.516500natural gas
1000GF-TAD12V190ZLT21000/1250400/230506660*2335*252019800natural gas
1000GF-T3AD12V190ZLT21000/1250400/230506660*2335*252019800natural gas
1000GF-T4AD12V190ZLT21000/1250400/230506660*2335*252019800natural gas
1100GF-WKH16V190ZLW-21100/1375400/230505920*2180*220017200coal mine gas
Main specification for gas engines
ModelRated Power(KW)Rated Speed(r/min)Compression ratioSpecific heat consumption(kj/kw.h)Specific oil consumption(g/kw.h)Overall Dimension L*B*H(mm)Net weigh(KG)FUEL
AD12V190ZLT11100150012:01≤11000≤1.62979*2312*24719300natural gas
AD12V190ZLT21100150010:01≤9500≤1.02979*2312*24719300natural gas
AD12V190ZLT31100150010:01≤9500≤1.02979*2312*24719300natural gas
AD12V190ZLW-2900100010:01≤9500≤1.02979*2312*24719300coal mine gas
H12V190ZLT1500150012:01≤9500≤1.03830*1792*23159300natural gas
H16V190ZLT-21200100010:01≤9500≤1.03692*2516*240513000natural gas
H16V190ZLW-21200100010:01≤9500≤1.03692*2516*240513000natural gas
Main technical data
No. and arrangement of cylinders:12,60.Vee
Type:Four stroke,water cooled,turbocharged and aftercooled,direct injection
Compression ration:14:1
Direction of rotation:Counter-clockwise engine(facing to flywheel)
Starting method:electric motor
Lubricating method:Pressure and splash lubrication
Stable speed regulating rate:0-5%adjustable

Jinan Guohua Green Power Equipment Co.,Ltd(JNGH),is a high-tech sales &service company of Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. Established in 2010,JNGH has formed a complete system in sales and after-sales of 190 series engine(jichai brand:6L190,8V190,12V190.16V190)
Main business scope:
Early stage:Consultation,designation, supply and erection of engine-based power plants,including diesel generator,natural gas generator,coal gas generator and biogas generator.
Mid stage:Parts supply of jinan diesel engine(jichai/chidong brand).JNGH has two warehouses.One located in Jinan which supply the domestic north and south market.One located in Xinjiang province which supply the west market.Thus could delivery parts fast and guarantee the quality.
Later stage:JNGH also offer engine overhaul and maintenance service.With experienced engineer and professional skills,the problems could be easy solved.Not only the domestic China,Ghana,Kazakhstan,Vietnam and Myanmar also could see the trace of JNGH.
Later stage:Overhaul and maintenance service offered.

Water Pump Assembly
Water pump assembly 129.22.00B,water pump assembly 206L.22.00 water pump assembly 206LR.22.00,jichai water pump assembly 208L.22.00,water pump assembly 6312.22.00,water pump assembly 6612AR.22.00,jichai water pump assembly 816LCT.22.00,chidong water pump assembly B3012H.22.00 jinan diesel engine water pump assembly 511.22.00A jichai water pump assembly marine engine 225.22H.00,water pump assembly 223.22.00,jinan diesel engine water pump assembly 223.22.00,12V190 engine water pump 224L.22.00A,water pump assembly 225.22.00,12V190 diesel engine water pump 226L.22.00,12V190 marine engine water pump 236L.22.00,jichai marine engine water pump 264L.22.00A water pump assembly 266L.22.00,water pump assembly 274L.22.00,jinan diesel engine 12V190 engine parts 276L.22.00,water pump assembly 3012.22.00,16V190 diesel generator parts 4012.22.00.
JICHAI 6190 oil pump,jichai instrument panel assembly,jichai water pump.
2012.32.00jichai 12v190 instrument panel assembly 2008.32.00 jinan diesel engine 206LZ.32.00 chidong 8190 instrument panel assembly 208LB1.32.00 jichai ED211G
2012H1.32D.00 G12V190ZLC1 diesel engine 206L.32.00
corrugated pipe sub assy 206L.09.10,cylinder head gasket 206L.01.31,dynamo chargerJF.1000N,fuel return pipe /leak pipe 12VB.14.30.10,Belektric fuel pre-supply pump355.54.00,cylinder liner511.01.51A,digital control panel monitor YD908-8L,seal gasket 12VB.01.146,compresion ring sets12VB.05.09B-6Jwater pump using gear206L.22.00,star buttonTLA-2(24V-45A)gasket intercooler512.08.03AnozzleZCK150S840

JI Chai SJ150 Series supercharger is mainly used in generators, marine engines, matching power up to 750kw, can be a combination of multiple combinations to meet the high power requirements. The series of superchargers in many years of market applications continue to optimize and improve, its performance has been continuously improved, optional water-cooled intermediate shell for gas engines. Accessories Jinan Diesel Engine Factory 190 series ship machine use, jichai 6190 boat turbocharger, JIchai 8190ZLC Marine engine supercharger.
JIChai 12v190 Original Supercharger accessories 15053106981 Features: SJ135TB Supercharger sj158 Reliable machined impeller for higher pressurization ratio and work efficiency of the engine.
Sj160-1 runoff Supercharger sj170c2 JIChai 8190zlc-3 Diesel engine (right turn) sj168-3 A variety of compressor solutions can be selected to meet more machine requirements. G12v190zldt-2 natural gas engine supercharger SJ161TB g12v190zldt1-2 Fuyuan SJ161TBG Supercharger, Sj162zb wide flow, high efficiency, high pressure than compressor, symmetrical double-channel vortex shell can meet the requirements of higher wiring. A8v190zl-3 high pressurized diesel Engine JIChai 3000 Series 190 Supercharger sj146-3

For Chai 12v190 ignition coil, altronic 591010 high-voltage coil original import.

Altronic Ignition coil 591010 supporting the use of JI Chai 190 gas generator. Motortech m8601-0200 and other Chai engine accessories complete Welcome inquiry. Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. 400gf-t JiChai 12v190dt2-2 biogas machine. JiChai gas generator Unit 500GF18-TK Engine 12v190zdt-2 natural gas. JiChai natural gas generator Unit 500GF-T1 Engine G12v190zldt1-2 natural gas altronic. Diesel unit 500GF-WK2 Engine g12v190zlwd2-2 gas generator set altronic ignition coil.

China 12V190 Cylinder Speed Sensor Electronic Governor Assembly for Jichai Shengdong Engine supplier

12V190 Cylinder Speed Sensor Electronic Governor Assembly for Jichai Shengdong Engine

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