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Automatic Inline Overflow Liquid Filling Machine For Foamy Liquid

Automatic Inline Overflow Liquid Filling Machine For Foamy Liquid

Brand Name:NPACK
Model Number:NP-OF
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NP-OF Automatic inline Overflow filling machine for foamy liquid

Overflow Filling Machine with Enhancing Precision and Efficiency

The Shanghai Npack NP-OF Overflow Filling Machine represents the pinnacle of liquid packaging technology, combining precision, efficiency, and versatility. Designed by Shanghai Npack, a leader in the packaging machinery industry, this automatic overflow filling machine is tailored to meet the diverse needs of sectors such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals, delivering unparalleled accuracy and consistency in the filling process.

Automatic overflow filling machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed to streamline the liquid filling process, particularly for products prone to foaming. The mechanism involves creating a seal over the bottle opening, allowing the nozzle to dive in and release liquid through a fill port. As the liquid reaches the desired level, it recirculates through an overflow port, maintaining a consistent liquid level. This unique technique makes the machine an ideal solution for foamy products, as any foam generated during filling is forced out by the liquid being added.

Application Industry and Fields

used to fill bottles of various sizes with liquid, ensuring precise filling same levels,such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals.

Advanced Pneumatic Valve with Backflow Filling Head:

  • The machine utilizes an advanced pneumatic valve for precise filling.
  • The backflow filling head is instrumental in sucking back foam and excess liquid, preventing overflow and ensuring a consistent liquid level.
  • This feature not only prevents dripping but also contributes to the overall accuracy of the filling process.

Low-level Liquid Storage Cylinder:

  • The adoption of a low-level liquid storage cylinder enhances the machine's hygiene.
  • The design facilitates easy cleaning and disinfection of the entire machine, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness.

Bottle Mouth Device for Accurate Positioning:

  • The machine incorporates a bottle mouth device for accurate positioning.
  • After the filling bottle mouth is precisely located, the filling head extends into the bottle, ensuring precision in the filling process.

Convenient Filling Volume Adjustment:

  • The overflow filling machine is designed for user convenience, allowing easy adjustment of the filling volume.
  • Its user-friendly operation enables quick filling of various bottle specifications.

Integrity Requirements for Bottle Mouth:

  • The machine imposes certain requirements for the integrity of the bottle mouth, ensuring a secure seal during the filling process.

The linear overflow defoaming liquid filling machine is great for filling liquids that tend to create foam. It works well for both foamy and non-foamy liquids. This machine not only prevents overflowing foam but also maintains a consistent liquid level. You can use it by itself or connect it to other equipment. In China, it's considered the top choice for defoaming liquid surface filling. The machine uses advanced technology from both China and other countries. It's controlled by a PLC, electronic optical fiber sensor, and a microcomputer for precise operation. This filler can efficiently fill bottles and stops filling when there are no bottles.

The machine uses an overflow filling mechanism. When filling, the filling head pushes down on the bottle mouth, sealing it shut. As the filling head closes the bottle mouth, the filling valve automatically opens to fill the material into the bottle. Once the filling is done, the filling head lifts, automatically closing, and preventing any material from dripping. The bottle's surface after filling remains clean and hygienic, with no liquid overflowing from the bottle mouth.

This equipment is suitable for filling various liquids in industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pesticides, food and beverages, cosmetics, and more. Both the equipment's surface and the material contact surface are made of 316L stainless steel, ensuring no dripping and easy cleaning. There are no dead ends in the design, meeting national health standards completely.


1.Capacity1000-3600 b/h
2.Filling Volume100-5000ML
3.AccuracyLiquid level error range ≤2mm
5.Power1500W, 220VAC
7.Air compressor≤0.8Mpa

China Automatic Inline Overflow Liquid Filling Machine For Foamy Liquid supplier

Automatic Inline Overflow Liquid Filling Machine For Foamy Liquid

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