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Thickness 50-150 Mic Resealable Heat Seal Bags With Zipper Closure

Thickness 50-150 Mic Resealable Heat Seal Bags With Zipper Closure

Brand Name:plastic packaging bag
Minimum Order Quantity:30000pcs
Delivery Time:wthin 15 days
Payment Terms:TT
Place of Origin:china
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Location: Guangzhou China
Address: No. 85 Fenghuang Nan Road , Room 406 Aofeng Business Centre , Huadu District , Guangzhou, China
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Product Details

Product Description:

Our premium-grade plastic packaging bag offers an unparalleled packaging solution that stands out for its versatility and durability. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, these bags feature advanced closure options, including a user-friendly zipper, a secure heat seal, and a convenient spout, ensuring that contents are kept fresh and protected. Whether for food items, snacks, cosmetics, or household products, our packaging provides an excellent barrier against moisture, oxygen, and contaminants.

Our plastic packaging bags are tailored to meet the aesthetic preferences of our clients and the visibility needs of their products. We offer a wide range of colors utilizing both CMYK and PANTONE systems, supporting up to 10 vibrant colors. This variety allows for high-impact visual appeal and brand consistency, ensuring that your products catch the consumer's eye on the shelves. The color precision and richness elevate the package design, making it a powerful tool in marketing and consumer engagement.

In addition to color options, we provide various surface handling choices to cater to different brand images and customer tactile experiences. Our offerings include a glossy finish that imparts a sleek and modern look, a matte finish for a sophisticated and elegant appearance, and an embossed texture that adds depth and a premium feel to the packaging. These options allow our clients to customize their plastic packaging bags to reflect the quality and character of the products within.

The printing quality of our plastic packaging bag is second to none, thanks to the advanced gravure printing method we employ. This printing technique is renowned for its ability to produce sharp, vivid, and consistent images, which are essential for maintaining brand integrity and for the clear display of product information. Gravure printing ensures that every bag from the first to the last off the press is of uniform quality, with no loss in detail or color fidelity.

Application-wise, these plastic packaging bags are incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of products. They are an excellent choice for packaging various food items, providing the necessary barrier properties to maintain freshness and protect the contents from spoilage. Snacks retain their crunch and flavor, thanks to the airtight seals. For cosmetics, the bags offer a protective layer against external elements, ensuring that the products remain in pristine condition. As for household products, the durability and resilience of our bags protect against leaks and spills, ensuring safe storage and ease of use.

To summarize, our plastic packaging bag is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. The combination of closure options, color customization, surface handling, and advanced printing method makes it an outstanding choice for businesses looking to enhance their product presentation and preserve the integrity of their goods. Whether for everyday items or specialty products, our plastic packaging bags provide a reliable and effective solution that supports our clients' success in the competitive retail environment.


  • Product Name: Printing plastic packaging
  • Surface Handling: Glossy, Matte, Embossed
  • Color: CMYK/PANTON, Up To 10 Colors
  • Application: Food, Snacks, Cosmetics, Household Products
  • Material: PET/PE; PET/CPP; PET/VMPET/PE; PET/AL/PE Customized
  • Features: Moisture-proof, Durable, Eco-friendly
  • Key Product: plastic packaging bag

Technical Parameters:

Technical ParameterDescription
Printing MethodGravure Printing
ApplicationFood, Snacks, Cosmetics, Household Products
Surface HandlingGlossy, Matte, Embossed
ClosureZipper, Heat Seal, Spout
ColorCMYK/PANTON, Up To 10 Colors
FeaturesMoisture-proof, Durable, Eco-friendly
Thickness50-150 Mic Or Customizable


The plastic packaging bag , with its origin from China, is an exemplary product for a wide array of applications and scenarios. Certified by the FDA, these bags ensure the utmost safety and quality standards. Our company, with a minimum order quantity of 30000pcs, offers these bags at a competitive price range of $0.01-$0.03 per piece. We ensure that our plastic packaging bag orders are meticulously packed in cartons, with a swift delivery time of within 15 days from the confirmation of an order.

Payment for these plastic packaging bags can be conveniently made through TT (Telegraphic Transfer), and customers can rest assured of a continuous supply with our capability to produce up to 10000000pcs. These bags boast a range of features such as being moisture-proof, durable, and eco-friendly, making them an ideal choice for environmentally conscious consumers and businesses alike.

The versatility of our plastic packaging bag is further enhanced by the variety of surface handling options available. Whether you prefer a glossy finish for a high-end look, a matte finish for a sophisticated touch, or an embossed texture for a tactile experience, these bags can be tailored to your specific needs. The closure mechanisms are also diverse, including options such as a zipper, heat seal, or spout, which provide convenience and security for the contents within.

Our plastic packaging bags feature state-of-the-art gravure printing, which allows for vibrant and precise reproduction of your desired artwork. With the option to use CMYK or PANTONE color systems, and the ability to print up to 10 colors, the visual appeal of your product is limited only by your imagination. These printing capabilities make the bags perfect for branding and marketing purposes, as they can vividly showcase your company's logo and product information.

In conclusion, whether you are in the food industry looking for moisture-proof packaging, a retailer seeking durable bags for your merchandise, or any business aiming for an eco-friendly packaging solution with a high-quality print finish, our plastic packaging bag is the optimal choice. The customization options, combined with our reliable delivery and production capabilities, make these bags a go-to for a wide range of packaging needs.


Brand Name: Plastic Packaging Bag

Place of Origin: China

Certification: FDA

Minimum Order Quantity: 30000pcs

Price: $0.01-$0.03/pcs

Packaging Details: Carton Packaging

Delivery Time: Within 15 days

Payment Terms: TT

Supply Ability: 10000000pcs

Printing Method: Gravure Printing

Material: PET/PE; PET/CPP; PET/VMPET/PE; PET/AL/PE Customized

Surface Handling: Glossy, Matte, Embossed

Color: CMYK/PANTON, Up To 10 Colors

Closure: Zipper, Heat Seal, Spout

Support and Services:

Our Product Technical Support and Services for the Printing Plastic Packaging product are designed to ensure that you get the most out of your packaging solutions. We provide comprehensive support for any technical issues that may arise during the use of our products. Our dedicated team is well-versed in all aspects of our plastic packaging range, from material specifications to printing techniques. We offer troubleshooting advice, guidance on best practices, and tips for maintaining the quality and longevity of your packaging. Our services also include assistance with customization options to meet your specific branding and design needs. For any technical inquiries or support needs, please refer to the documentation provided with your product or access our online resources for further assistance.

Packing and Shipping:

Our printing plastic packaging products are carefully packaged to ensure their safe arrival to your destination. Each item is wrapped in a protective film that shields it from dust, moisture, and scratches during transit. The packaged products are then placed in sturdy, corrugated boxes that are sealed and reinforced to maintain the integrity of the contents inside.

To further secure the products, packing materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts may be used to fill any voids within the boxes, preventing movement and reducing the risk of damage. We adhere to all standard shipping protocols, including labeling and documentation, to facilitate a smooth delivery process. Whether being shipped locally or internationally, our packaging and shipping methods are designed to deliver your printing plastic packaging products in perfect condition.


Q1: What is the brand name of the plastic packaging bags you offer?

A1: The brand name of our plastic packaging bags is "Plastic Packaging Bag".

Q2: Where are your plastic packaging bags manufactured?

A2: Our plastic packaging bags are manufactured in China.

Q3: Do your plastic packaging bags have any certifications?

A3: Yes, our plastic packaging bags are FDA certified, ensuring they meet the safety standards for food packaging.

Q4: What is the minimum order quantity for your plastic packaging bags?

A4: The minimum order quantity for our plastic packaging bags is 30,000 pieces.

Q5: How are your plastic packaging bags priced?

A5: Our plastic packaging bags are priced between $0.01 and $0.03 per piece.

Q6: What are the packaging details for your plastic packaging bags?

A6: Our plastic packaging bags are packaged in cartons for delivery.

Q7: How long is the delivery time for an order of plastic packaging bags?

A7: The delivery time for our plastic packaging bags is within 15 days after the order is confirmed.

Q8: What are the payment terms for purchasing your plastic packaging bags?

A8: The payment terms for our plastic packaging bags are TT (Telegraphic Transfer).

Q9: What is the supply ability of your plastic packaging bags?

A9: We have the supply ability to produce 10,000,000 pieces of plastic packaging bags.

China Thickness 50-150 Mic  Resealable Heat Seal Bags With Zipper Closure supplier

Thickness 50-150 Mic Resealable Heat Seal Bags With Zipper Closure

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