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Rotomolding Machine

Rotomolding Machine

Brand Name:Tianyang Rotational Molding
Delivery Time:60day
Place of Origin:China
Warranty:1 Year
Structure:Rotary Type
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Location: Huzhou Zhejiang China
Address: Beishan Industrial Zone, Xiaoyuan Street, Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province
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Product Details

Product Description:

Tower type rotary molding machine


Product features

The Tianyang series tower rotary molding machine is divided into two forms: oven fixing and oven moving. This machine is efficient, flexible, energy-saving, and has a high degree of automation. Its production efficiency can be improved by 30% compared to other models. This model carries 3-4 arms and a small car on a central axis, with a total of 4-6 workstations.

Product details:

Mechanical part

·Modular design and manufacturing of fully assembled equipment;

·The anti deformation design of the oven door improves safety;

·Real time monitoring of oven temperature to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency;

The nozzle of the top air duct of the oven is made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and long-lasting;

combustion system

The combustion engine adopts Italian Riyadh, with stable temperature control and good product molding. It can be used for natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel, and electric heating.

control system

PLC system: Adopting Siemens PLC control system, each arm can be individually set with three different heating temperatures, times, arm and core shaft speeds

Cooling function: The cooling air cooling time, cooling delay time, and water mist cooling time can be set separately;

Storage function: It can store the corresponding production process parameters of the product;

Disassembly and assembly process: equipped with wireless remote control device, convenient, safe and efficient disassembly and assembly of molds;

China Rotomolding Machine supplier

Rotomolding Machine

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