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Stretch Type USB Type C Plug Connector 16P Gold Plated Stainless Steel Shell

Stretch Type USB Type C Plug Connector 16P Gold Plated Stainless Steel Shell

Brand Name:Alinta
Model Number:PC-AY1601773-R
Minimum Order Quantity:500
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Alinta Stretch Type USB Type C Plug with Data Board 16P Gold Plated Stainless Steel Shell Type C Plug

What is Type-C Plug?

Type-C plug refers to the connector used in USB Type-C cables and ports. It is a small, oval-shaped connector characterized by its symmetrical design, meaning it can be inserted into a port regardless of its orientation. This reversible design eliminates the frustration of trying to plug in a cable the wrong way.

The Type-C plug has become increasingly popular due to its versatility and capabilities. It supports various protocols, including USB 3.1, Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort, and Power Delivery (PD), allowing it to handle data transfer, video output, power delivery, and more through a single connector.

In addition to its reversible design and multifunctionality, Type-C plugs often feature a compact form factor, making them suitable for use in slim devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. They also offer higher power delivery compared to previous USB standards, enabling faster charging for compatible devices.

Overall, the Type-C plug represents a significant advancement in connector technology, offering users a convenient, versatile, and future-proof solution for connecting their devices.

Alinta USB/Type C connector series includes surface mount type and offset type with different heights, installation covers SMT, SMT(front)+DIP(rear), DIP or flag type. Custom colors, long shell or short shell with different overall lengths are available.

Image of PC-AY1601773-R Type-C Plug

Technical Data

Part NumberPC-AY1601773-R

1. Electrical

Voltage Rating20V AC
Current Rating5A for VBUS (for A4/A9, B4/B9), 1.25A for Vconn and GND(for A1/A12,B1/B5/B12), 0.25A for all other contacts.
Contact Resistance40mΩ Max(initial), 50mΩ Max(After)
Withstand Voltage100V AC/Minute
Insulation Resistance100MΩ Min

2. Mechanical

Mating Force5-20N Max.
Unmating Force8~20N Min.
Peeling Strength100N Min
Twisting Strength0.75Nm
Life Cycle10000

3. Environmental

Operating Temperature-25℃ to 85℃
Salt Spray Test48H at 35℃ with 5%-salt-solution concentration

4. Material

HousingLCP Black
ContactCopper Alloy
LatchStainless Steel T=0.35

5. Plating

Contact3u" gold plating
ShellNi 50u"/Au

Martket and Applicaton:

Portable Power Bank, Fitness Equipment, Power Strip

Dimension of PC-AY1601773-R Type C Connectore/Receptacle/Port

* All the data above for reference only, please contact Alinta Electronics to confirm more detailed and latest informaiton.

Alinta provides our customers with robust, reliable, and long-life-cycle USB connectors. With a strong engineering and quality team, we are qualified to offer customized products at competitive prices. Please feel free to share your drawings or ideas at your convenience, let us realize into physical product.

For a dependable and customizable USB connector solution, reach out to Alinta today! Let us assist you in finding the perfect solution for your needs.

China Stretch Type USB Type C Plug Connector 16P Gold Plated Stainless Steel Shell supplier

Stretch Type USB Type C Plug Connector 16P Gold Plated Stainless Steel Shell

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